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Kokeli News – The launch program of the Nature Education Campus, which Izmit Municipality is preparing to enable to create a nature-friendly future generation, was held today at 14.00 with a large participation in the meeting of the Cokeli Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. As part of the launch program, a discussion entitled “Children are growing up with nature” was held with the participation of mountaineer, writer and photographer Nasuh Mahruki.

Intensive participation

Izmit Mayor Atti. In addition to Fatma Kaplan Hurriyat, mountaineer, writer and photographer Nasuh Mahruki, Democrat Party Deputy Chairman Murat Aidogdu, Democrat Party Provincial Chairman Mustafa Nazligul, Association. Dr. Deniz Kahriman Pamuk, President of Izmit City Council Hussein Errol, President of Chemist Thought Association Izmit Branch Ahmet Kavaj and many citizens were present.

Children’s development will be assisted

The Izmit Municipality Nature Education Campus project aims to make parks, gardens, recreation areas, agricultural production gardens, ecological habitats and wild areas more accessible and barrier-free for children. The project, which will include forest school and out-of-class learning practices, aims to help children develop their creativity by contributing to their cognitive, social and physical development through nature-based workshops.

“We are all responsible”

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Izmit Mayor Atti. Fatma Kaplan Hurriyat said, “The future is very important for our whole world, for our city. The future is very important, yes. But we all have a responsibility to make that future better for us. Although this is a very strong statement, the future of Izmit is in our hands. We are all responsible for the good or bad things that will happen in Izmit 50 or 100 years from now. Everyone who lives here has a different responsibility for their level of air, water, nature, life and livability.

“Structure that will respect future life”

Our world, which we will leave for our children, is in such a delicate state and needs protection. As Izmit Municipality, we continue to improve our work in terms of sustainable municipalities. We are increasing our environment and nature-friendly activities with all our might. Instead of giving simple slogans like “Let’s protect our environment” or “Let’s not throw garbage on the ground”, we are building a structure that will strengthen our city’s ability to sustain its own existence and make every life in our city beautiful. Respect the life that will come after that.

“Signature declaration is not enough”

After Paris, Oslo, Porto, Glasgow, Budapest and many more European countries; We are proud to be the 59th member of the European Circular City Declaration and the first signatory municipality in Turkey to continue its efforts to build a low carbon and socially responsible society that uses resources efficiently in Europe. It is not enough just to sign this declaration. It is our responsibility to comply with the signature requirements and to fully implement the work.

“It’s hard to find a playground in nature”

We continue to do this so that our children can breathe in a more livable world and a more livable Izmit. Here today; We are here with the launch of Izmit Municipality Nature Education Campus – Forest School, which will add a different dimension to our children’s communication with the outside world by listening to our children’s desire to discover nature. We all know that very well; Today, children who specialize in kindergarten or elementary education are locked at home at the end of the day through a useful set. Finding playgrounds in contact with nature is getting harder and harder, especially in big cities.

“We offer the opportunity to discover nature”

We, as the municipality of Izmit, follow the vision of our child-friendly, nature and eco-friendly city;
We define it as “nature-friendly child rearing, where our children are integrated with nature, where they develop their social, sensory and personal development with the help of nature, where every child is given equal opportunity to practice nature-based learning”. . Children love nature because nature gives them the opportunity to make new discoveries. Our children should learn to be part of nature, not the masters of nature. We also aim for our children to become part of nature by touching and feeling without observing nature behind closed windows.

“Sensitivity to nature will develop”

Here we have our specialist educators on our nature education campus – Forest School, which consists of 1000 square meters of greenhouse and 2,562 square meters of green space in our Çayırköy neighborhood; It will create sensitivity to nature by enabling our children to connect with nature and understand the cycles of nature. There, our children will learn techniques about reading nature, knowing the soil, understanding the cycles. He will have the opportunity to establish a cause-and-effect relationship with his own observations and information and to develop his social skills and ability to ask questions.

Four departments worked

This is a project that has been working hand in hand with our four different departments. This is a task that we attach great importance to, which the Department of Sports, the Department of Parks and Gardens and the Department of Science have teamed up to implement in our Department of Women and Family Services. I would like to thank my colleagues here in the department.

The teachers gave lessons

Within the scope of the Nature Education Campus project, not only our children but also our teachers receive nature education. So far, nature-based training has been imparted to 17 pre-school and classroom teachers of participating government and non-government organizations on a voluntary basis. At our Yellow Water Youth Camp, our teachers received 5 days of theoretical training and 2 days of practical training. This training; Game-based education and first aid training in environment and ethics, environmental literacy, forest school and out-of-class education, permaculture training, nature and forest education.

“Principles of moving with nature”

Teachers and students who will continue to receive these trainings from us for the next 3 months will complete this process for 6 weeks on our Nature Education Campus. Instructors receiving these trainings will be instructed to conduct permaculture studies, forest school and out-of-class learning exercises together with their students on the “Nature-Based Education Campus”. Thus, we aim to internalize the principle of acting with nature for children, not against it.

“We are waiting for all our parents.”

Also, the project, which is the first for the Marmara region, aims to expand in the Marmara region and later across the country after pilot application in Izmit. There is no gift more precious than nature that we can give to our children. As we see the excitement and joy of our children, we feel that we are on the right track.
We invite all parents to Doga Education Campus and Forest School so that their children can receive education safely and in contact with nature.

She is thankful

I would like to thank our esteemed advisors for their invaluable contributions. I would like to thank Mr. Nasuh Mahruki and his esteemed wife, who will be with us in her interview who did not bother us by accepting our invitation. ”

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