Last minute … Esenyurt police are continuing to investigate the death

Esenyurt police are still investigating the death

The trial of Biral Yদldিরrিমm, a company security manager at the Istanbul Essenর্t police station, is ongoing. “My child was kicked in the body,” said Meliha Yildirim, the mother of the slain Biral Yildirim, who made a statement at the hearing.

Biral Yদldিরrিমm, a company security manager, died on June 6, 2021 at Essenyurt, where he went after his detained employees. The chargesheet prepared in the incident demanded maximum 12 years imprisonment of 12 police officers including the deputy commissioner. The hearing of the case continues.

During the hearing in Bakırköy 13th High Criminal Court, the arrested defendant was connected to the police through 8.AS audio and video information system. Nine accused, plaintiffs and party lawyers were present at the hearing.

Attila Vulcan, who was called as a witness at the hearing, said she was working as a 112 technician and explained that they went to the scene 5 minutes after the report was filed, the man was lying face down on the floor and on the floor. Wet. “We turned him over. We took an EKG. The line was straight. He was dead. I didn’t see any signs of beatings on his body. The wounds started. He started hitting his stomach. There is no blood. I saw something like a blood stain on his earlobe. I didn’t see anything else on his body. “

Eyewitness AK, a police officer, said that when the announcement came that the police officer was beaten on the day of the incident, he was working as a support team and they went to the police station and then to the scene. The victim’s son, complainant Alihan Wisal, who took her to the floor, said, “I saw this man beating my father. We did not recognize this man in Geretpe. We did not identify 3-4 people. He is one of those people.”

Eyewitness BEY said that he had just started working at the police station on the date of the incident. “I went in a few times. I didn’t. I didn’t see anything else. I was in the radio room when I was told that Biral Yildirim had died. 112 came and said that Biral Yildirim had died.”

Complainant Meliha Yildirim, the mother of the promised victim Biral Yildirim, said: “My child has been kicked in the body. I am the plaintiff from that person. I want my child’s belongings.”

Detained defendant Ismail AS said they were trying to get to the death of a man who died of natural causes and said, “I am being sentenced to an additional life sentence for performing my duties in the room where I stayed for a total of 4 minutes.” The person we didn’t hurt or touch. God have mercy on him. I do not accept torture at all. “

The court board has decided to detain the accused Ismail AS.

From the complaint

The allegations made by the Büyükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office say that on June 5 there was an argument between shopkeepers and security guards at a site in Essienert, where Biral Yildirim was acting head of security. They were brought to the police headquarters. The indictment states that Biral Yildirim went to the police station to get information about the security guards. The indictment further states that Yildirim, who had an argument with the shopkeepers of the estate in front of the police station, resisted taking him into the building and was taken to the police station kitchen shortly afterwards. Security guards Barish Wisal and Alihan Wisal, whose statements were included in the complaint, said they were in the kitchen, police officers beat Rare Yildirim, and although Yildirim said, “I have heart disease, I have a stent in my heart,” the police continued to beat him. On the other hand, security officials also claimed that they and the rare Yildirim were soaked in water. Birol Yildirim lost his life in the kitchen where he was held on 6 June. In a report prepared by the Institute of Forensic Medicine, it was stated that there was no traumatic discovery that could have caused Yıldırım’s death and that his death was due to cardiovascular disease. Police, on the other hand, claimed in their statements that they did not take any action as the cause of death. The indictment states that there was a suspicion that Deputy Commissioner Ismail S. By beating Yildirim to death, he was found guilty of aggravated robbery. Deputy Commissioner Ismail S. And other police officers Ismail G., Muhammad S., Muhammad K., Bilal K. And Erdogan has demanded that KK be sentenced to up to 12 years in prison for “death by intentional negligence.” And ‘intentional injury’ was another 6 people were sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of ‘intentionally injuring the population owned by a government official’. Although the case was heard in the first instance criminal court, it was sent to a heavy penalty court for lack of jurisdiction.

Last minute ... Esenyurt police are continuing to investigate the death

Last minute ... Esenyurt police are continuing to investigate the death

Last minute ... Esenyurt police are continuing to investigate the death

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