Legendary Sports Gym A Plus has turned down an 8 million offer

The game You need to have a healthy body, not a beautiful body. However, it is known that with the change in working conditions, the traditional way of life has reached a different level. During the day, many employees have to do their work in a specific place, even at a desk or standing.

The inactivity of the body over time causes various pains, first of all. Pain that often starts in the back and neck area, results in hernia-like. Also, factors such as calcification and muscle laziness become painful, excruciating and permanent problems during the day depending on the progression of age. Although human nature should be constantly moving, when we go beyond that, we have to live with a permanent illness that is not suitable for us.

First The game It should be done for health purposes. The game As soon as you do this you will have a healthy body and you can get the look you like. A good sports program, away from the stress of the work area all day, lets your mind rest and your body work. Accordingly, as the pain in your body disappears, a healthy and beautiful appearance will be inevitable.

To get it, you need to use the gym. Thanks to specially prepared work programs, it will be possible to get rid of excess weight by creating a calorie deficit and eating a balanced diet, so that the body works and you can ensure the line you want. IstanbulJim A Plus gives you just this and much more.

Legendary Sports Gym A Plus has turned down an 8 million offer

Together with its trainers, Jim A Plus prepares many programs to suit people’s needs. Located in Beylikdüzü and Bahceşehir, The Gym A Plus is also known as Legend Spor. Jim A Plus, which creates personalized training programs with its coaches and athletes and offers free group exercises such as spinning, plate and jumbo, is a center that has been serving the field for 13 years.

The center, which serves as a complete complex for its clients, offers services through two separate centers of 6,000 and 12,000 square meters, with sauna and steam room, indoor swimming pool, gym and massage parlor and The Gym A Plus. IstanbulFor those who live, it is a great sports center because of its location.

Jim A Plus, suitable for those who want to play with their champion coaches and modern equipment, makes effective use of technology as the number of members increases each year. For more details, you can visit https://www.thegymaplus.com/tr/index.

Tahsin Agarman, chairman of the Jim A Plus executive board, will enable athletes to create an app where they can make friends with each other, the SportVi app they have started creating for sports fans. Through this application, Ağırman will enable those who play sports to share the sport and ensure the development of the project by providing weight, calorie and health information through the application.

The application, which is designed as a friendship application for athletes, will be offered for use by athletes with a continuous renewal framework. Explaining that they are working on the application, Tahsin Arman said that they have received investment offers during the development process of the application.

Tahsin Agirman says Qatari businessmen want to invest primarily in Jim A Plus health centers and that the Torres project they are working on is already in demand. Indicating that they prefer the name Taurus for the use of urban scooters, Ağırman said that they want to create suitable vehicles for the roads of Istanbul instead of the existing scooters on the market and they are working for it.

Tahsin Agirman, who turned down a প্রস্তাব 8 million partnership offer from Qatari businessmen, said his company was continuing on an open path to development. Tahsin Ağırman, who says they want to make their established sports centers user-oriented with the Legend Spor brand, also provides services in the textile sector.

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