Love is the potter actor Elite Andak Kam, Baris Ildiz, F. Tunser: We are a man and a woman out of the coat

Love is gambling কিভাবে how did the project come to you? How does the set process go? Are you satisfied with the work?

Elite Andak Pine: A friend of mine said, I saw your name on the wall of a production company. The next day the script comes. I read the script. Hard to understand at first. Then we observed the core of the project. She had a really interesting style. The discussion started immediately. I believe good things happen all at once. We quickly entered the set.

Efe Tuncer: Seda offers me for the project. Thanks to him, he does this kind of work 🙂 The team consists of all the actors who are in search of comedy. There is a traditional comedy style that we often see in our country. We were after ‘what can be done otherwise’. When I read the script, I had no hesitation. It’s too little for one player. This is a project for me where I said I want to stay in this business. Glad I had it.

Peace star: I agree with Efe. We had a search for comedy. We are people who are in comedy, who have something to do with comedy. As digital media becomes more free, they tend to try new things. This is also an English format. It’s a farce, but it takes 1.5 minutes. It doesn’t look like a farce on stage. It has a bit of a cartoon effect. We all play 15-16 characters in 20 skits and it all happens in 25 minutes. It was a job that broke all molds and tried something new. We were very excited from the beginning. We came up with something different.

“Formed by player concerns”

Expectations are high when screenwriters from Bir Mann Bir Omen, Murat Dishli and Jackie Anes Akkan take up the screenplay of Ask Kumardar. Do you feel this pressure? Worried?

Barış Yıldız: This format is not a popular format either. Alternative comedy is on the rise. The creature called the player consists of anxiety. We usually think about everything. We have a lot of concerns like whether I will do it then or whether it will happen today. Indeed, these concerns are not shaped accordingly. They whip you to do better. We are trying to create a breathing space. We serve the same purpose.

“We’re out of a man’s and a woman’s coat.”

Efe Tuncer: I played 10 episodes in One Woman One Man, I was one of the invisible kind. I was in it when I was in the Conservatory. You can’t be seen, but you’re on set, playing. It was a wonderful experience. The project was a highly revolutionary work. I can say that a lot of work related to our relationship will / will come out of that job quote. I love it. I don’t forget the moment he appeared on TV, the way I felt at that moment. It reassured me that “I’m going to have a good time now”.

Elite Andak Pine: I remember when I saw One Man One Woman I wondered if the acting was like that and was surprised. I love Demat Evgar. I think they have created a breakthrough in acting. It is a very valuable work.

“We hugged each other and moved on.”

The whole group is a theater-based group. Where did you get the beauty of working together? If we cast a star in today’s popular culture who has never been on the theater stage, how will it affect the direction of the series?

Elite Andak Pine: I think this kind of difference has disappeared. Who cares what and how much, how he sees his job and profession, how much respect he has; These are important. I can’t find the difference between popular or actor. But on the other hand, the team was very enjoyable for me. In this business we need to have a common language. We were supposed to serve a cold feeling of comedy. What excites us all is the ice-cold comedy of work. We don’t get a chance to try such different things. We did something new, we supported each other. We hugged each other and left. So as a team we are lucky. We went hand in hand.

Efe Tuncer: We come from the same school as Barish. But I am its worst period. And I grew up hearing his stories and accomplishments. I used to see him a lot. We want to be like her. And acting together was my destiny. Therefore, playing with Baris was one of the dreams of the little F. With the exception of Ecem, I was familiar with all the players. I realized that I was meeting the whole team very quickly and the different relationships did not separate me. Coming to another question, if one studies theater or archives, it does not matter. It’s about a common purpose, a common understanding. Comedy is a nuisance, a splinter. This is the work of removal. Those who believe in the same purpose can all feel that harmony together. I feel like this.

Peace star: I agree with my friends 🙂 It was very important to see the same line from the same place in this project. We had to maintain the standard. According to him, there was prior preparation. The only and most important thing we take away from the theater can be a collective consciousness. If you’re aware, none of my friends are trying to differentiate another actor, popular, theater. The important thing is to have a common argument and to have the same point of view when they come together.

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