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Ozturk, who ran for the presidency of the Yellow-Red Club in the last election, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that the presidency is headed by Burak Elmas, who was not released from the administrative standpoint at the annual general financial meeting. Rally, decided to take the club to the election.

Ozturk said that under the current administration’s law, the election date should be announced within a month. “The administration has taken a very kind stance. The president should be commended. He could have taken it to court. If he had taken it to court, he would have suspended the death sentence 100 percent. It has happened before. The administration should be thanked for Burak Elmas.” Says

Recalling that they had promised to lead the club to elections on May 28, 2022, during last year’s presidential race, Matin Ozturk continued:

There were a number of reasons for this. No candidate knew the contents of the newly enacted Banks Association Agreement. Therefore, it seemed wrong for us to occupy that seat for three years without knowing the internal situation. 32 percent. That’s it. So you can’t represent 70 percent even if you win. Another situation is release. Yes, I voted for this administration because they couldn’t fulfill their promise. Look. The hour was in that hall. The wishes of the members could not be fully reflected in the ballot box. 2,500 people came that day, 1,300 people voted. It does not matter whether the result is the same as my vote or not. “If we send the administration the issues of this release every year, there will be no stability.” That’s why we said, ‘Whether we are released or not, we will lead the club in the May 28, 2022 elections, we will change the by-laws, we will dissolve the General Assembly in two days. Day, so that the will of the General Assembly, not the minority, but the will of all, will be reflected in the ballot box. ‘ We said. “

“I do not work for three years that will be sent after 6 months”

Matin Ozturk, insisting he is ready with his team and ready for the project in the yellow-red club, “Working for two years, bringing a specific project and team together, and saying ‘I’m missing’ after 6 months makes you already unimportant. We are the only candidates who ran with the same team and list.” Used phrases.

Explaining that the projects are more important than Galatasaray’s promise, Ozturk said, “We are not politicians, we are from Galatasaray. Every president elected is our president. In other words, the situation in Galatasaray is not like Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce has had unsuccessful results for four years, but if the club president sponsors. I think it’s a democratic community like Galatasaray. Not in Turkey, not in the world. They sent a failed party in 6 months. If we fail tomorrow, they will send us. Besides. Let our community rest in peace. My team and I have been preparing for 6 months for more than 3 years. We did not. Will be sent in a few months. “ Used phrases.

Expressing that the current administration has failed, but there was some misfortune in this process, Ozturk said:

“Our President Farooq Suren has a saying, ‘If Galatasaray is third, it’s over.’ “The most serious championship candidate for next season is Galatasaray. Our projects are something we believe in the most. Galatasaray fans and their community are very lucky. Their reflections are very strong. No worries, their next season will be great. I wish we could go to the European Cup. Anyway, we have the ingredients. Anyway, we’ll have the best dinner with him. “

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