Millions of young people and children in Turkey are out of the education system.

In Turkey, about 3 million 649 thousand children and young people between the ages of 15-24 are not studying or working. Among these young people, the female population is significantly higher than the male population. Although 21.2 percent of men between the ages of 15 and 24 are absent from work or school, the rate for women has risen to 35.7 percent. In EU countries, the sex gap between young people is only 0.1 percentage point.

Education Reform Initiative (ERG) researcher Umaya Aktas Salman’s research entitled “Young people without education, without employment” tells the story of seven young people from different cities, their socio-economic status, age and different needs who are not in education or employment.

MK collects paper

MK Diyarbakir, 18, lives in a low-income family. MK, a senior high school student, dropped out of school a few weeks ago and came to Istanbul to work informally. Let’s hear the rest from MK:

“12. I was in class. I dropped out of school. There were many students in the classroom who didn’t come to school. How are the teachers? I have a family of 9 including my parents. My father has just been released from prison, he is not working. I am the youngest of them all. I have a brother. We came to work with one of my brothers. Because we had debts. I was collecting paper. It’s a dirty job, that’s the challenge. I don’t have to go back to school, we have debts. We will do whatever comes from now on. There is nothing that I dream of. I will do whatever comes my way as a job. “

Tarpil ACI Real …

EB, who studied electrical and electronics engineering at a foundation university, graduated eight months ago. EB, who started looking for a job before he graduated, talks about what he does:

“I went to the organized industry of Bursa and Eskihi, I kept my CV. I am looking for a job in career sites. I can’t find a job in Istanbul. What if I find a job? My salary will be rented. I would like to work in the distribution or low voltage industry, but I do not have the luxury of choice. Let’s somehow enter the sector, gain the environment and experience. But we can’t find a job and start it. Job opportunities in Eskişehir are limited, I have two friends, one a mechanical engineer and the other a material engineer, and they have been looking for a job for two years. Engineers are paid 300-500 TL more than the minimum wage, but I do not understand why these departments are so preferred in universities. There was a lot of pressure in our time to become an engineer or a doctor. I have been interested in engineering since childhood. When do I ask ‘Computer or Electronic?’ We said. I chose electrical electronics because the area is wide, but …

If I only knew someone somewhere, instead of not knowing two languages, I would have already got a job. Turkey has a talent problem. The bitter truth of Tarpil Turkey, we have thus accepted. I also had friends who got jobs without graduating because of their acquaintances. ”

“School calmed me down”

Among the young people there are vocational high school graduates who are not in education or employment. OY, 23, of Izmir, graduated from the computer programming department of a vocational high school. OY, who continued his studies at Celal Bayar University Computer RAM, left his university education incomplete. Here is his story:

“When I was in high school, I really liked computer programming. When I go to university, the school separates me from the department. Lessons are not enough, some teachers are looking at us with ‘nothing will happen’ eyes. I was studying in second year and the fee was high. I had to work. I used to work in a marriage company. I was working from 08:00 to 16:00 in the morning. Then I was going from Izmir to my school in Manisa, where I had a job. My financial situation was not enough to buy a student house in Manisha. There was no place in the KYK dormitory either. When I left school at 21.00 in the evening, I was going back to Izmir and continued working. I was collecting the wedding table. Then I did different jobs. It was difficult to get admission in the university in this situation. I joined the military because it would be easier to get a job when I returned. When I came back, I started working as a sales manager in a store, but their size decreased and I became unemployed. “

Homework, sister care …

BG, a 20-year-old high school graduate, graduated from the Vocational High School Family and Consumer Services Department two years ago. He didn’t go to college, and he’s still not working. He said:

“My mom and dad are elementary school graduates. My mom and dad both work for the minimum wage. I graduated from high school in 2020. I applied for URKUR but to no avail. I applied to the factory where I live, but couldn’t find a job because I didn’t have a field. I take care of my brother who is in 2nd class. It is tiring for me to take on the domestic responsibilities in my future life. Homework, my sister’s school problems, homework … I don’t even have a social life. This is a very small place. I get pocket money, not always. I spend it very little, thinking that I will not be a burden.

Live Encyclopedia

ITU Development Foundation School, Dr. Through the “My Live Encyclopedia” project conducted at Sedat Üründül Kindergarten, students were made aware of nature. Within the scope of the project, which aims to bring nature awareness and environmental awareness among 3-6 year old students with nature, the children have received training in “Waste Separation and Recycling”, “Mother Earth”, “Compost”. And fertilizer “.

Archive education

Applications have begun for the “New Methods, New Methods of Archiving” training program, organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Bekoz University in collaboration with the Women’s Library and Information Center Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The training, which has a total of 22 lesson hours, will be held online on weekends from March 5-27.

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