Ministerial Institution: We are opening the first digital ‘Children and Environment Academy’ in Turkey – News

The “Thousand Eco-Friendly Schools” project, which is planned to be implemented in all schools across Turkey and practiced as a pilot in the first place with at least one in each district.I was introduced to OSTIM Primary School with the participation of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum and National Education Minister Mahmut Ozar.

The Minister for Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, who participated in the project’s publicity program, said that the “Environmental Education” course taught in 7th and 8th grades should be renewed as a course compatible with climate change; He thanked National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar and said that renaming the course as an elective course “Environmental Education and Climate Change” is a very important step for our future.

“Ostime Primary School is the most successful example among these thousands of schools”

Noting that the “Thousand Eco-Friendly Schools Project” is a very special, important and meaningful project that will contribute to increase environmental and nature awareness among children, Minister Murat Kurum said that the project will cover at least one thousand schools in each district. Friendly, climate friendly, zero he said it would be compatible with waste and OSTİM elementary school is one of the successful examples of these thousands of schools.

Minister Kurum continued as follows:

“Your relatives, your relatives, your relatives live; Maybe the city you live in has floods, landslides, storms, earthquakes, disasters and in these disasters we lose thousands of lives, our cities are damaged. Therefore, we must continue to work in line with the 2053 Net Zero Emission Target announced by our President. What is Net Zero Emission? In the sense that our children will understand, bad gases consume our green spaces, lakes and streams. That’s why we’ve set a 2053 net zero emission target. We will continue to expand it. At this point, we will continue our struggle with determination. “

“In 2023, we will move to zero waste application in all public institutions.”

Recognizing the Zero West project as worthy of many awards in the international arena, it has received the Sustainable Development Action Award from the United Nations and was the first of hundreds of projects at the 16th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Council, Minister Kurum said. For the children, the work we have done under the patronage of the esteemed Emin Erdogan woman is a very important project both locally and nationally. In that sense, they deserved international awards. The movement has now become Turkey’s largest zero waste education campaign By 2023, all of our government agencies and agencies will be fully engaged in the implementation of zero waste. ” Says

“Our goal is to be the first to enter the Greenmetric program.”

Murat Kurum said, “Our goal is to leave a clean Turkey and a clean world for our children, and today we not only educate our children, we actually give them important work. Little protectors of our environment and nature act like bees, so to speak, among our environmental inspectors, and we have identified our young climate ambassadors at 209 universities. They form their assemblies, and in our universities, again, our young people have rolled up their sleeves for the climate-friendly transformation of the universities they study, and I hope that our goal in the Greenmetric program is to vote for climate-friendly. The top ten universities in the world. We will ensure that at least one of our universities is on that list each year. To this end, our 209 universities, our teachers, our students are working hard. In this sense, we have implemented a new project to raise awareness about climate change among our youth and children in the context of zero waste environment and nature awareness, ”she said.

“We are opening the first academy for children and the environment in a digital environment soon”

“We want to bring good news to our children and families,” said Minister Murat Kurum, who will soon open Turkey’s first academy for children and the environment, which will provide education in a digital environment to raise environmental awareness and provide the following information about the academy’s content:

“There are videos and animations with rich content and with the help of this academy, our children will not only have fun but also learn about environment, nature and climate change, especially through Zero Waste Project, movies and online lessons. In fact, on this platform, which will be in the format of a digital university, our children will participate in these clips and participate in activities together with our climate ambassadors and environmental inspectors on zero waste, environment and climate change. We have combined this project with the integration of EBA, and we will offer our kids a very rich content that is constantly being renewed on a platform that 18 million young people and students can access. In this sense, we will increase the number and quantity of these projects to raise awareness. Our only goal, our only goal, is to leave a better world for our children, a guarantee of our future, to whom we will entrust our future. We are fighting for it, we are fighting for our children and our cities. We are doing these projects to reduce the impact of climate change. ”

Storage on natural gas, electricity and water

Within the scope of the project, OSTİM Primary School, where 100% fresh air, fully automatic air handling units with heat recovery units were installed to enhance indoor air quality, heat control coated goggles, high thermal insulation exterior and roof insulation materials, high-light fires. System and natural gas savings “20 percent savings on natural gas costs” is achieved by using a high efficiency boiler.

Photocell sync batteries, thermostatic valves and a solar-powered pump and automatic irrigation rainwater tank provide “25 percent water savings” at OSTIM Primary School, preventing unnecessary lighting, including luminaires with presence sensors, high-saving LED fixtures and new generation . Using panels in electrical installations saves up to 40 percent on electricity costs. In addition to these savings, OSTİM Primary School, which will generate its own electricity with solar energy system (GES) panels, will generate 50 KW of electricity per day.

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