Mother, father, children share on the same stage

March 26 World TheaterOn Mother’s Day, we share family theater life in Carames, their lives involved in the industry, and the work they bring with them.

The parents and children we see together on the stage of the theater, on the one hand, present unsatisfactory works to the art lovers, on the other hand, give a strong light for the future of the theater.

The Caramese family, registered with the population of the village of Quorum Merkez Kusara, draw attention to the works they create despite their young age.

This family has a production of “art”

A couple who started with a love of quorum culture and theater in the Art House and did not give up production with their endless passion for art: the Carames family. In this way, which they traveled together as amateurs, they moved forward, sometimes running step by step and sometimes again.

The play “The Price of Freedom”, written by Emmanuel Robles and directed by Calendar Ujum in the Community Center Theater Troupe, has further strengthened their love for theater. Through this drama, they gained experience on stage and behind the scenes.

After closing the Quorum branch of the Culture and Art House and Community Center, they set up their own amateur theater group in 2006.

“Making Skirts” and Golden Funnel Award

The funnel is a symbol of madness. ‘Missing skirt’ is a slanderous term used by the ancients to insult women. In the Karames of Yasmin YanaCombines them both with “Missing Skirt”, which she wrote and brought to the stage with her own acting. Through her bold dramas and performances, she has brought to the stage violence, harassment, rape and child brides towards women, who are the untouched wounds of the society. With this play he took part in national and international drama festivals. In 2016, she was awarded the Golden Funnel Special Jury Award with the “Missing Skirt” at the Short Game Festival, the first of which was hosted by the Daily Sanat. It was widely covered in the local and national media.

“Dust Smoke Happiness”

The theatrical play “Dust Smoke Happiness”, which addresses the addiction of Yasmeen Yanara Karamesh to the material, was staged in 2017 with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The play, which is mostly in demand in schools, was seen by the audience with performances on about thirty stages in two seasons at the theater and school level in Koram, Akshehir and Ankara.

Family Theater

The Karamesh family theater life, which began in 2000 at the Culture and Art House, was revived in Koram and many amateur theater groups in Ankara. The stage dusted off a lot of people who wanted to go on stage but said “I can’t”. He brought his youngest actors to life with his plays “Bus Rumble” and “Let’s Find Our Way”, and at the age of seventy-five, he came to life through his stage horror drama in the UK since childhood. “Women’s Stories”.

Karanci, the youngest actress in the Karamese family, on the other hand, skipped the nursery-school scene when she was just five years old and swallowed the dust off stage with the play “Otogargara” written by Ilmaz Erdogan. She later starred in Ali Erdogan’s “Let’s Find Our Way”, Yasmin Yanara Karames’ What’s Happening in Life, and Ormansila Theater Group’s Seville’s Women’s Tales.

The love of literature is coming with theater

The family maintained their knowledge in writing at Karames, which was far from the stage due to the epidemic. Sea Buckthorn“Children’s Theater Play Texts – 1”, a children’s story book with a scent of nature and history, which carries texts of children’s plays that are carried on stage or not, reflects the holiday trilogy of the sea-sand-out-of-the-sun adventure diary, and “The Sea Sand, sun and camp “, a local history study. He combined his books with his readers in Kusaray in the Hittites Period.

Yasmeen Yanara Karamesh, a drama instructor, storyteller and child developmentist, has been involved in many children’s activities and work over the years. She authored a book, A Day of Marmalade, for elementary school students, which included creative writing activities with her experience in the field. In the book, the concepts of friendship, sharing, violence and bullying, which adults need more than children, were explained in cat language.

We congratulate the Karamese family and wish them great success in their artistic careers.

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