Mother’s Day messages will add the most valuable meaning of the day Here are the most beautiful messages and sayings

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As part of Mother’s Day, gifts, messages and words will be on the agenda for mothers who dedicate themselves to their children’s lives. Mother’s Day messages and sayings, a spiritual debt repayment method for our mothers who carry their children 9 months in their womb, in their arms for 9 years and in their heart for a lifetime, have become the most researched topic of the day. Here is a compilation of beautiful Mother’s Day messages and sayings that you can share with your mother and all your relatives.

Messages and words to celebrate 2018 Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Messages and Sayings May 13 May was one of the most researched topics in the framework of Mother’s Day. Citizens, who want to share with all mothers by choosing the most beautiful words and messages in the scope of Mother’s Day 2018, continue their research on this topic. Children who want to celebrate Mother’s Day with messages and beautiful words want to decorate their gifts with beautiful words. Here is a compilation of Mother’s Day sayings and messages for citizens who would be kind enough to celebrate this special day of our parents who add meaning to their lives …

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Happy Mother’s Day to those mothers who reduce our suffering, increase our happiness, do not wear them, do not avoid any sacrifice for the success, peace and happiness of their children.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers who give us energy, who work, produce and add energy to our energy.

Symbol of indescribable love, affection, compassion and sacrifice Happy Mother’s Day to our esteemed mothers.

We will never be able to repay the rights of our mothers who carried their children 9 months in their womb, 9 years in their lap and in their hearts for life. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers we love, I wish them health, happiness and a prosperous life and express my love and respect.

On Mother’s Day, I would like to introduce you to Esra Akkaya from Ethiopia and her adopted five year old Kan Alex! I am an African Turkish!

It’s not like mom. Mothers are the pillar and foundation of the family. We should crown them all the time, not once a year. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

I heartily congratulate all our mothers on Mother’s Day who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of love and their children.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers, our precious resources that make us strong.

Happy Mother’s Day to those mothers who have dedicated their lives to their families and always deserve the highest respect.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and all our women who have not yet tasted motherhood, especially the martyred mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers who have spent their entire lives improving our lives.

Children of women who cannot be called mothersChildren of women who cannot be called mothers

Not just on Mother’s Day, but in every moment of life we ​​should embrace our mothers with love, respect and conversation. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

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Mother is compassion, mercy. Heaven under their feet. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

Happy “Mother’s Day” to all the mothers who deserve the most love and who always embrace people with love, I kiss their hands.

The best teachers in society are our mothers because our mothers prepare us for the best way of life. Let us not forget our mothers on this beautiful day, who are the foundation of the family and the builder of the house, and make it their crown. I celebrate our Mother’s Day with those who crown our heads and kiss their hands.

The only love without any expectation is the love of a mother towards her child. I have found your love in my own children. And I realized again how much I love you. Good thing I’m with you mom. I kiss your hand.

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The safest refuge in this world is in your lap. Being my mother is my greatest opportunity in this world. I love you mom

My dear mother, no matter who leaves me, after you stay with me, there is no end for me, on the contrary, every day a new hope, every day a new happiness. Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother.

One of my sweet mothers, I am always proud to be your child. I kiss your hand.

My mother who gives me strength and gives hope to me .. Happy Mother’s Day !!

You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the pain falls on me, my mother .. I love you so much.

I believe that the only person who loves me more than me is my mother. I kiss your hand.

The consolation of my annoyance, my mother, in whose mercy I took refuge, who voluntarily shared my life .. How can I repay her right?

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Your embrace, your compassion connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy mother’s day

The most beautiful man, the most beautiful mother, my guardian angel .. I kiss your hand.

My mother .. My mother .. I always miss you except you .. Even if I am not with you, you are still with me.

A shooting star slides into the sky, we make a wish. My mother closes her eyes and wishes for me. I kiss your hand.

If the north wind blows or the storm breaks, you are the only port, I will take shelter, mother. How can I repay you? I have come to put my head on your knees.

Mother’s Day! Only you know how much I love you, even though I don’t always say it.

Although the distance is great, my heart is always with you, my dear mother … Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Poems

Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu – anama

For nine months he held me in his arms

What did my mother go through?

Beatersweet has endured my hardships

My mother was blown away from home

Mothers do not get paid easily

What is not suitable for mothers?

Blood as soon as you wake up from a night’s sleep

She sucks and my mom shakes her to sleep

She gave birth to me in Shivas province

On the field road of Shivaralan village

With a sickle in his hand on his back

My mother comforted me in the rocky field

I would walk, my mother would look and smile

If I was rude he would get up and hit me.

He immediately liked hugs and affections

My mother stopped my ugly habit

I was a child my mother taught me

He predicted my reading and work

He said be loyal to his nation and stop.

My mother loved the country

I owe a lot to my mother

In his presence my body became

Some are peasant girls, some are women.

My mother, who was registered in pre-history

Vessel says, will the mother’s bond be broken?

The elder brother gave birth to the mother

Here is the truth of my words

My mother taught, taught, raised

Nesip Fazil Kisakurek – My mother

She took the head of her white hair and held it in her hand,

Have a dark dream, Mom!

That trembling heart to the wind of destiny,

Shake like a fluff, mom!

Don’t think that one day this darkness will disappear,

Night after night is night again;

Babies cry, mothers cry,

Stay in the old eyes mom!

Otherwise deep emptiness in your eyes,

Spread your wings, flutter your wings;

If he says he has a trip this winter,

Take me with you, mother! …

Umit Yasar Oguzkan – My mother

I don’t remember mother

How many nights will you sing to me?

He was waiting by my bedside when I was sick

Let’s not get a little tired, let’s not be sad, right now

Take it in your arms, caress it, kiss my hair.

I don’t remember mother

The long winter nights were fairy tales

Beautiful shepherd girls, kind Sultan

Times pass like a stream of water

Now there are no more children of that time, no more fairy tales.

I don’t remember mother

He was the one who washed my inked fingers

He’ll hit the road if I’m a little late in the evening

Whenever he went out on the street, he would say, “My child, don’t be cold.”

He immediately knitted a sweater.

I don’t remember mother

I know you’ll eat again, Mom

Hello, Mother’s Day from Istanbul

As if one evening he came back from school

I kiss your loyal hand, my mother.

Farooq Nafiz Camillebel – Mother

Sleep and growth

I grew up with you, Mom.

Give me that white milk

You gave me, I grew up, mother.

Sleeping stars

Sardin, I grew up mom.

To your mother’s beauty

Erdin, I grew up mom.

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı – What did you do?

Mom, who told you to give birth to your child?

Did I do too much mischief in your stomach?

I did not ask you for a crown or a palace

I was living in your womb, my happiness was enough.

Once born, but why grow up?

Did I have a problem with the cradle or cradle?

Why did you take your baby out of your chest?

Don’t you know that he is afraid of loneliness?

Is this life sweeter than your milk, mother?

Ask me, mother, is survival a skill?

Hands open begging, surrendering day and night

Is it worth it to be rejected for life?

I was living in your womb, my happiness was enough

Mom, I didn’t want a crown or a palace

Am I abusive in the womb?

Mom, who told you to give birth to your child?

Sejai Karakok – mother and child

Is mother dead?

In the lonely corner of the garden

Black stick in hand

A small scar on your face

Is the baby dead?

Looks black in your eyes

Where is the rope in your hand?

Mom doesn’t know she’ll tie

Fleeing from everyone

In an irresistible place

When the mother dies the child

When the mother dies the child


If you are a tree

I have to be a branch mom

I become a leaf

I will come to you

If you are the sea

I am the mother of the flood

I will be the river

I will come to you

If you want to be a gardener

I will be the mother of roses

I become dust

I will come to you

If you are the sun

I have to be the way mom

I become the flag

I will come to you

My mother

Mom, you stop today

I’ll see what happens to you

I can cook whatever you want

Let me clean the house

I have met their whiteness

I can’t give up my rights

Today is your day mom

Look, you’re tired again

Whom I love like my life

My dear mother

Who does not eat but eats,

Those who do not wear clothes,

We think all the time

My dear mother, my rose mother.

Open arms and wings,

Who gave us life,

We are laughing

My dear mother, my rose mother.

Mother’s love

Your warmth has flowed into me,

I love you mom

You gave me life,

You gave me blood.

I used to sip when I was younger,

I drank your milk and fell asleep.

Lullabies in my ears,

What did you say?

You raised me, Mom

You make me walk, Mom.

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