Nekati Ozdeniz has become the new CEO of Altınordu

Altınordu has appointed Mehmet Nekati Ozdeniz as CEO. Altınordu President Seyit Mehmet Ozkan says they have taken an important step towards institutionalization.

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Mehmet Nekati became the CEO of Altınordu, one of the teams in the Ozdeniz Spore Toto 1st League. Ozdeniz, who met with President Seyyed Mehmet Ozcan on the Torbali Metin Okte campus, began his duties.

Seyit Mehmet Ozkan: “We have taken an important step towards institutionalization”

Chairman Seyit Mehmet Ozkan shook hands with Nekati Ozdeniz and made a statement.

Noting that Altınordu has a very large organization, Chairman Ozkan said: Basically, we have Altınordu football school and football academy in the middle. We still have elite teams. Great activity takes place here. We are not just an A-team. As Altınordu Football Club, our goal is to create professional football players for the 5 major leagues in Europe by encouraging children in the country to play sports, to love sports and to provide advanced football training at our academy. The goal of our team at this organization is to show our players where they can compete. One of our teams is our showcase, it is very important. As a club, we have completely turned our backs on Europe and worked with a ‘local to universal’ policy. We’re only targeting Europe at the moment, but the company could later expand to the United States. Our first goal is to train players for the 5 biggest leagues in Europe, “he said.

“Together we must do great things”

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President Seyyed Mehmet Ozkan said that significant steps had been taken towards institutionalization and that they had hired Nekati Ozdeniz because they needed a senior manager and that his words were as follows:

“Mr. Nekati has worked as a senior manager in banking for many years. Has managed many successful organizations. It has the capability to easily carry the superstructure of any organization. Anyone who has raised three sons. First, he will take full responsibility of our team and then we will hand over the other companies to him. As of today, our A team is in full charge. We have taken an important step towards our corporate future and launched a professional. For many years, I have been advising that football should be managed by professional managers, not by amateur managers. We have also taken an important step. We will build the future of the Golden Horde. Nekati Bay has left our very good position and accepted our offer. Maybe many will not. But he believed in our project. He began his career as CEO of Altınordu. We will work together to make the Altinordo Coat of Arms a better place. “

Mehmet Nekati Ozdeniz: “I was so excited when I first got the offer.”

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“After working in banking for many years, I moved to another sector,” said Nekati Ozdeniz, who started as CEO of Altınordu Football Club. Everyone asks me why I’m doing this. I tell them, ‘I believe in the mission of President Seyyed Mehmet Ozkan and the Altanardu Football Club’. Believe me, I was very excited when I first got the offer. I’ve never been so excited about managing thousands of people. In line with our club’s mission, we will work to give equal opportunities to the children of this land. Mehmet Bay has brought this business to a stage where we will work and think about how we can take it forward. I am very happy to be a part of this organization. We will share our President’s dream and take responsibility and repay the debt of these lands. “It’s been a special mission for me,” he said.

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After the speech, Chairman Seyit Mehmet Ozkan wished success to the new CEO by presenting the Altanardo badge to the new CEO Nekati Ozdeniz.

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