New link in the chain of babysitting training centers from Barাa Metropolitan

One of the most important social responsibility projects of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the 18th Kindergarten Pre-School Learning Center was opened at AMEC.
New rings continue to be added to the Maternal Grap Training Center chain, which started education with 6 points during the 20192020 education period by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The Osmangazi Emek Maternity Training Center was attached to service points in Osmangazi, Yildirim, Jemlik, Gursu, Karakabe, Orhangazi, Yenisehir and Mustafa Kamalpasa districts. The nursery centers, which have become a huge educational force with 18 centers in 8 districts, 135 teachers and about 3,000 students, will also serve the children in the area. A total of 135 students study in 12 groups at Amek Mothers Cuddle Child Education Center, 6 in the morning group and 6 in the afternoon, with 6 classrooms, 1 dining hall and 1 playroom. Like other service points, at this center, children’s stationery, breakfast and 1 meal are provided by the Metropolitan Municipality.
Education for about 3000 children
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas, who addressed the inaugural ceremony of the Emek Nursery Child Education Center, said that work in 17 districts of Bursa continues unabated, they are trying to take services to the farthest corners, but maternity projects are excited. Most of him. Recalling that they had started classes at Mother’s Embrace Children’s Learning Centers in the 2019-2020 academic year, President Alinur Aktas announced that they aim to open 50 new centers by this time. Noting that children who receive pre-school education are generally more successful and able to express themselves comfortably during their school years, Mayor Aktas said they are ready to make any kind of investment for our future children. Noting that the training is being imparted in the centers according to the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education, President Aktas said, “We are working on value education, English training and our ‘My City Bursa’ curriculum. We introduce and teach our children the history, cultural and spiritual values ​​of Bursa. At these centers, we provide quality and free education to our children who cannot afford pre-school education. We have increased the number of our children’s centers and started 6-point activities at 18. This ring was crowned with mother’s labor. ‘With our growing capacity to date’, we have supported the family by providing pre-school education to about 3000 children with our 135 teachers and we continue to do so. Training services are provided in dual mode in the morning and in the afternoon. Each of our student bags, stationery and educational kits are also provided by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Architects, engineers, businessmen, future guardians will be trained in these centers.
Noting that they are happy with the success of the children studying in the open centers, Mayor Aktas said, “When we increase the number to 4550, you will see that this fire will consume the bursa. Our colleagues also take care of and educate them like their own children. If we want a more peaceful bursa, we must do these things for our children, who are our future. I want to thank those who contributed. It’s good for our surroundings, “he said.
Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kilik thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for providing services at many points to the laps, which have an important place in children’s development. Recalling that the Ministry of National Education has introduced 40,000 kindergarten classes this year, Kılıç said that the metropolitan municipality, which provides babysitting services in all corners of Bursa, also fulfills a very important mission in this sense. Mentioning that the success of the children will be the success of the country, Kılıç said, “As our young engineers build new foundations by building SİHAs and UAVs, our children who will be educated here will write new success stories in Turkey. I wish our mother’s hand to be beneficial for our region and our surroundings.
Zepai Gümüşdiş neighborhood headman Talip Abdiolu thanked the metropolitan municipality and Mayor Alinur Aktas for meeting the needs of the people of the region as soon as possible. Muhtar Abdiolu gave flowers to Mayor Aktas because of the investment.
At the end of the speech, President Alinur Aktas and those who were with him cut the inaugural ribbon of Amek Mother’s Hug Child Education Center with the children. Afterwards, President Aktas visited the mother’s arms and spoke to the children.

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