Nice quote about Mother’s Day

Nice talk about Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in Turkey. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 12, 2019. On Mother’s Day, gift tips and beautiful notes written on gifts are explored with curiosity. Here are some good quotes about Mother’s Day …

Nice talk about Mother’s Day

All 365 days are yours, and all is well today. Happy Mother’s Day.

If they say, describe what is meant by sacrifice, love, patience and beauty; I used to say my mother, my dear mother, I love you every day, not one day. Happy Mother’s Day.

I want every new day that will create your future to be more beautiful than the previous day, according to your wishes and in a way that will make you happy. Happy Mother’s Day my angel mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world. Congratulations to all of you on this special day …

If we add a little luck, a little love and patience, a little time, success and satisfaction to the ingredients, I think we can mix them up and make a long and desirable “life cake” for you … Happy Mother’s Day My dear mother!

I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t connect. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the pain falls on me, my mother .. I love you so much.

One of the most special days is Mother’s Day. But Mom, for me every day is Mother’s Day.

My little mother. Happy Mother’s Day. I’m always your little kid.

You have become the pole star of my life. Wherever I go, I sleep with your love under the light. I found the right way. I love you mom

Mother, if your heart is a stone, will it endure, if it is a bird, a flower, during the day, will it not break? The purple stem on the neck of the pain is like a mother giving birth to a mountain this time. You too, in my place where endless oil bleeds with a warm rain. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

My mother. Is there anyone like you? Thank you for everything you have done for me, for all the hardships you have endured. I love you so much, happy mother’s day.

Don’t let the father be jealous, the mother has a special place. You have a special place in my heart, mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

My mother who gives me strength and gives me hope. I love you so much Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother. You have been with me for many years, I hope you will be with me for many more years. I love you so much, I kiss your hand.

Not just one day of the year, to me every day is Mother’s Day. Mom, you brought me up with your warm love and brought me where I am today. Thanks, Happy Mother’s Day.

The pillar of our home, my long-lasting loving mother. You raised me, you raised me, how can I repay your debt ?. Happy Mother’s Day, I kiss your hand

Mom, you’re in my day, not my day. Being my mother is the greatest blessing in the world, I’m glad you got it. Mom, I love you so much.

My dear mother, you brought me to this day. I’m glad you’re my mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

My dear mother, who calmed my tears, revived me and connected me to life. Happy Mother’s Day.

Yesterday I annoyed your mother with what I am doing today. Because I’m actually a small copy of you. I hope to be as loving as you, mother.

Mom, you have always been the compass of my life, you raised me with your love, your effort and sacrifice. Thank you a thousand times. Happy Mother’s Day.

When a man is happy, he runs to his mother, when he is afraid, he seeks help as a mother, and learns love from the first mother. I learned about love and life in front of you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

History of Mother’s Day

There are many rumors about the origin of Mother’s Day. One of the most talked about is that a woman named Anna Jarvis, a teacher living in the state of Virginia in the United States, wanted to celebrate every year for her mother, who died in 1905.

The celebration was first held in 1908 at a school with 407 children and their mothers. Anna’s initiative was not approved and formalized by the House of Representatives. Anna shared the situation with leading names in the media and politicians, and as a result of this effort, the second Sunday in 1914 was declared Mother’s Day. A few days later, after seeing the commercialization of Mother’s Day, Anna filed a case but could not win any of them.

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