Nursery and Kindergarten Fee 2022 – Individual and state nursery application requirements

Changes in the age of starting primary school and transition to 4 + 4 education system. There is a lot of research on nursery education, which is important for the education and development of children. State assistance is also provided for children who attend kindergarten. Families researching this topic want to know more about the subject. So, what is needed for state nursery help? How does the nursery help application process work? What are the fees for public kindergartens and nurseries? How much does a private nursery and kindergarten cost? All the details about nursery and kindergarten education are in our news …

What is needed for state nursery support?

Nursery and kindergarten education is now compulsory. In such a situation children of families who have reached the age of nursery education start thinking about how to send their children in terms of cost. Nursery education, which is taken only by families who want it, has a very important place for all children. Assistance is provided by giants for expenses that cannot be covered by the family. Some conditions must be met for this support. The conditions for state nursery assistance are as follows:

Children under compulsory protection by the state

Those who have children of heroes and martyrs

Children who have to stay with their mother in prison

Children of women staying or leaving women’s guest houses

Poor children whose parents have died

No mother or father and only a child without a guardian

Parents of children with disabilities

The children of that family have financial difficulties

Families who meet these conditions will be able to benefit from state nursery assistance when applying

How does the nursery help application process work?

Families can benefit from this support if the conditions for nursery support are met. The application process is also one of the questions asked. The nursery help application process is as follows:

The application has to be submitted to the affiliated department of the Ministry of Family and Labor and Social Services.

The application form will be submitted along with a petition.

Applications for kindergarten assistance are reviewed by the provincial department.

These application evaluations will be done by the social service experts working in the provincial department

The experts will evaluate the requests according to the quota given by the ministry and provide assistance to those who need it the most.

Children who are eligible and accepted to apply will be placed in kindergarten and kindergarten by the state at no charge.

There is a fixed quota for application. For this reason, it is important to know that not everyone’s application will be accepted.

What is a free public nursery?

Children aged 0-2 attend free kindergartens. These kindergartens are known as day care homes. Those who want to be admitted to this nursing home should make sure that their children are between the ages of 6 months to 2 years. Services provided free of cost to families in nursing homes are provided by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services

In addition to nursing homes, kindergartens may also be opened by state-sponsored municipalities. Families will have to pay between 100 TL and 250 TL for this service provided by the municipality. Fees paid for the training process are paid.

Kindergartens provided state-sponsored education are completely free. Only a certain amount of money is taken from the parents for school administration. The money received for school administration is used to cover certain expenses which are not covered by the state.

At what age can children apply to 4 year old kindergartens in the state?

Families who want to send their children to kindergarten may be confused about age. This has been explained in the regulations of the Ministry of National Education. However, these long rules are sometimes not read by the family. All you have to do is find out the age of your child by calculating the month.

For this, the period till the end of September should be calculated based on the year in which he wants to register. Children ages 57-68 months. However, depending on the number of vacancies in kindergarten, children aged 36-56 months may be admitted. In short, if there is a vacancy in the kindergarten quota, a nursery education can be applied for every child who completes 36 months.

Which kindergarten is affiliated with MEB?

All educational institutions in our country provide education under the Ministry of National Education. In every kindergarten and kindergarten education, children are educated in accordance with the program prescribed by the Ministry of National Education. These include private nurseries and kindergartens. Fees for private kindergartens and kindergartens are not collected in kindergartens and nurseries established by the state. That is the only difference.

Kindergarten and nursery application requirementsWhat is meant by full-time and half-day training?

Many people who want to send their children to kindergarten and kindergarten are searching for full-time and part-time education. When you think about what the difference is, you will actually be informed about it during your registration process and the difference will be understood according to the training time.

Half-day elementary education kindergartens divide the day into two parts, morning and afternoon. Training is given from 8:00 to 13:00 in the morning education and from 13:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon education.

Kindergarten is taught throughout the day, Monday and Tuesday from 08:30 to 16:00. Classes start at 08:30 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and end at 15:15.

You can register according to the training process which is most suitable for you.

What are the fees for public kindergartens and nurseries?

We may list the cost of public kindergartens and nurseries for 0-2 years as per the price fixed by the Fee Determination Commission in pre-school educational institutions as follows:

If the student does not eat or bring food from home: 65 TL – 100 TL

If the school lasts all day and the student eats his food at school: 110 TL

If a 3-4 year old student eats breakfast and lunch at school: 250 TL

If a 5 year old student eats breakfast and lunch at school: 190 TL

Fees charged are food and cleaning fees, and must be paid regularly each month.

How much does a private nursery and kindergarten cost?

Some private nurseries and kindergartens’ annual fees, including VAT and meals, can be listed as follows:

Ata College: 10.000 TL – 13.000 TL

Wish school: 21.000 TL and 36.000 TL

MEF School: 22.000 TL to 29.000 TL

Çevre College: 19,000 TL to 26,000 TL

The state does not support families who want to send their children to these schools.

Is there a kindergarten allowance for working mothers?

Working mothers are provided support for their children’s education. A working mother is provided financial assistance for 24 months. Also, these mothers are given one-time stationery assistance of 650 TL if required.

What is Nursery Aid?How can working parents apply for SSI Nursery Support?

For working mothers, these support opportunities are also given to widowed parents and parents who are struggling to make ends meet. These aids are provided by the state for the parents of a child to carry on his / her working life comfortably. The age limit for this assistance is 0-5 years. In addition, this assistance can benefit not only mothers but also fathers if needed. You can apply for this assistance from the Institutional Child Care page of e-Government System.

What conditions are considered during the application evaluation process?

Applicants’ applications are processed by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. As a result of the assessment, a decision was made on whether to provide nursery support to the family. The conditions that are considered during the application evaluation process are as follows:

Social and economic status of the family,

Attendance of other family members, if any

The monthly income and per capita income of the applicant family,

Mother’s working condition.

If you meet certain conditions, you are more likely to get kindergarten support.

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