President Erdogan attended the March 14 Medicine Day program

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the March 14 Medicine Day celebrations at the Bestep National Congress and Center for Culture. The health minister said. Fahretin cocoa also took part.

In his speech, President Erdogan celebrated Medicine Day on March 14 for physicians and all healthcare professionals on behalf of himself and his nation.

Expressing gratitude to all the doctors and health workers who worked day and night to keep the health system alive during the epidemic, Erdogan also congratulated the doctors and researchers who have brought the country to the forefront in the international arena, especially the development of the domestic vaccine TURKOVAC.

“You are a member of a great profession.”

That said, “you are a member of a noble profession, which is seen in the highest human knowledge that man has and can have, not a profession,” Erdogan said. For this, knowledge, skills, ethics and anthropocentric approach need to be kept at the highest level in every stage from education to implementation of medical profession.

Erdogan said that Turkey was in a position to compete with the rest of the world with its 19 city hospitals and that the number would not be at 19. “Our problem is that we want the world to send its patients to our country.

Emphasizing that Turkey’s potential and opportunities are sufficient to train the necessary medical force, Erdogan went on to say:

“During the epidemic, we have seen together how old, inadequate and fragile the health care infrastructure of developed countries is. At the same time, we have proven that we are in a position to provide the best services to our people with our hospitals, doctors, other health workers and equipment. “

Erdogan said health care, including Turkey’s infrastructure and human resources, is one of the most important areas of pride.

“Asylum can only be sought for intent”

Erdogan said he was aware of doctors’ expectations of problems that had not yet been resolved despite efforts, and said he was preparing for a package that would meet expectations for some time to come. .

President Erdoan gave the following information about the main lines of this package:

“Our first good news is that the intentional injury offenses against employees working in health institutions and organizations during their tenure or due to their duties have been included in the catalog of CMK’s scope.

As the Second Gospel, we are establishing a Professional Responsibility Board for Healthcare Professionals. The possibility of opening a criminal investigation due to medical procedures and practices related to examinations, diagnoses and treatments performed by all healthcare professionals within the scope of their professional practice will depend on the permission of this committee. This board will decide whether the compensation paid by the administration to health workers working in government institutions and agencies and state universities due to their practice in this opportunity can be withdrawn. Only in case of intention can one take refuge. ”

“It will ensure that the monthly salary is paid with a single salary”

Noting that they have made significant improvements in the payroll system and financial rights of healthcare workers, Erdogan said: This practice will also be introduced in the university hospital. ”

“Wage improvement will also be reflected in retirement”

Erdogan said that the improvement in the salaries of healthcare professionals would be reflected in their retirement. I would like to remind you that health professionals with bachelor’s degrees, especially nurses, will be included in the 3600 additional index. “

“Our medical leave transcends the individual, it carries a national identity.”

Speaking at the event, Minister Fahretin Koka said that hospitals in 19 cities are functioning as about 19 health bases and provided the following information:

“The number of health institutions affiliated to our ministry, including 951 hospitals, is more than 27,000. Our total number of healthcare professionals has reached 84 million, close to one million 300 thousand. These numbers have reached this level with an incredible growth rate. Today we have more than 183 thousand medical doctors. We have 110,000 medical candidates in 131 medical faculties. These are the fruits of giving importance to health. This is the new Turkey, and in terms of health the way back to the old Turkey is closed. “

Revealing that the story of March 14 is very different from medical holidays in other countries, Koka said that medical holidays in other countries are based on a person or a medical development and that Turkish medical holidays have a national identity.

Our medical leave transcends the individual and carries a national identity. Because that tension was a holiday for the country. Because the day we took the first day of medical leave was when our flag was hoisted in front of the invaders. That generation of physicians also fought the epidemic and developed vaccines. ”

Emphasizing that the consciousness of March 14, 1919 is alive today, Health Minister Koka said that he celebrated Medicine Day March 14 with that consciousness and heart.

March 14 Awards

At the end of the ceremony, President Erdoানan presented the Medicine Day Award on March 14.

Indigenous Kovid-19 vaccine TURKOVAC is making, Professor. Dr. Aykut Özdarendeli received the Science Grand Prize on March 14, Istanbul Fatih District Health Director. Melek Nur Aslan was also deemed worthy of the March 14 Outstanding Service Award.

March 14 Chief Physician of the Year Award Ankara City Hospital Coordinating Chief Physician Dr. Faculty member Aziz Ahmed Surel received the Physician of the Year Award on March 14 at the Chief Physicians Association of Ankara City Hospital General Hospital. Dr. Ihsan Atesh accepted it.

Also, gifts were given to healthcare professionals from different provinces of Turkey, representing healthcare professionals who are selflessly fighting the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Mert F. Uzun, who wrote the letter “Dear Mercy” to the health workers, was also given a gift.

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