Putin’s attack on Ukraine divides Russian family: ‘My mother accuses me of treason’

Although Russia’s occupation of Ukraine continues, there are differences between the country’s young generation and the elderly. While the younger generation opposes the occupation, the older generation uses pro-state language.

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Speaking to the Guardian, published from Britain, the story of the Russian youth shows that their families were divided during the occupation.

Victoria Gogg, a 28-year-old fashion consultant living in the capital Moscow, realized on the third day of the occupation, which began on February 24, that her mother had a different view: “When I was talking to him on the phone, he was like a government parrot. He was repeating what they were saying. Everything that happened was NATO’s fault and Russia had nothing to do but defend itself.. It has become my mission to try to change his mind, to tell him what really happened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘Special military operation’ Gog, who was taken into custody during a protest rally in Moscow after the attack, which he described as a “headline”, decided to leave the country last week.

He meant his mother; Others turn

His mother Svetlana lives in Siberia ‘Russia’s destructive side’ He was able to convince her that he was the only one, but his uncles, aunts and older cousins ​​were: “My mission is getting harder every day. I have a long list. “

Working as a technology consultant and living in Moscow, Dimitri’s job is more difficult. He severed ties with his family because of differences of opinion. When the profession began, he left with his parents to find out what had happened, and in the first week he showed pictures of Ukrainian cities bombed by Russians, shared by independent media outlets and bloggers.

Saying that none of them worked, Dimitri continued: “On the contrary, it made them believe how accurate they were. A week later I left them and received a text from my mother that I had betrayed my country. “

‘I don’t know if I can sit at the same table’

The last straw was news and footage of a bomb attack on her father’s maternity hospital in Mariupol last Thursday by Ukrainian authorities. ‘Planned’Supporting women say they are actually actors:

“This conspiracy theory is uttered by the Russian authorities. A theory I was so angry at that they believed. I don’t know if I can sit at the same table with them again. They have been put to sleep by state propaganda, as if they have both become zombies. And, of course, they see me as an enemy of the state. “

Ukrainians and Ukrainians Russians say there is something in Russia between their families and relatives who did not believe the country was bombed.

Alexandra, who lives in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, “My parents somehow understand that there is a military activity, but, ‘The Russians have come to set you free. There will be no harm in this. They only target military bases. They say He said he had trouble telling them that Kyiv had been attacked.

When Russian blogger Ilya Krasilsik, who has 110,000 followers on Instagram, asked young people to talk about differences of opinion with their families, she said she had received messages from many people who said they had an affair with their parents: “It simply came to our notice then that this war was a painful experience for many families in my country.”

Andrei Kolesnikov of the think tank Carnegie Moscow Center assessed the situation as follows: “Most young Russians have no feelings for Ukrainians. This is what we saw in the anti-war demonstrations. Most of the participants were young.

It also depends on where you follow the news. Older Russians watch more TV and are naturally influenced by what the authorities say. (…) Also, man ‘Bad guy’ It’s hard to believe he’s taking sides. “

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