Rare Yildirim case: Prosecutor demands release of police, request rejected by majority vote

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The trial of 12 police officers, one of whom was arrested on charges of felony criminal mischief for the post of Private Security Chief Biral Yদldিরrm, who died on June 5, 2021 at the Istanbul Esseni থt Police Station, continues today.

Prosecutor Deputy Commissioner Ismail Alperen has demanded the release of Salman, who has been in custody for seven and a half months. The next hearing will be on April 25.

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Police officer Ismail Alperen Salman, who was on trial at the 13th High Criminal Court hearing in Bakırköy today, attended the hearing via audio and video information system (SEGBİS) from the jail and nine police officers were present in the court. The Yildirim family and their lawyers were also in the hall.

‘If Dad Comes, We’ll Celebrate My Birthday’

At the beginning of the hearing, the head of the delegation, Arzu al, told Yildirim’s children, Adilkan and Imanur Yildirim, “What was dying? Have you seen the incident?Adilkan Yildirim said that Biral Yildirim was his father and he had not seen the incident. Shaimanur Yildirim added:We didn’t see anything. They didn’t show me my dad. If my father had come that day we would have celebrated my birthday. I’m 18, I don’t want to liveSaid

112 has been reported as ‘unconscious’

Later, 112 emergency officers were called as witnesses. Attila Vulcan said she was in the ambulance and said:

The case came to our notice. Three people went to the spot. Five minutes after receiving the news, we were at the police station. I entered the room and saw that he was lying face down and there was water beside him. I thought it was probably used to calm down. Her chest is wet. I did not see any blood on his face. I saw some blood on the earlobe. It was dead when I checked. I didn’t see anything in terms of the attack. His stomach began to hurt. We didn’t stay long. “

Ali Ekrem Errol, another 112 emergency officer, told them about the incident.Sick‘, He said, saying:

When we first entered, he was lying on his back on the floor. We wore an instrument to take a pulse, but we couldn’t get a pulse. There was a light redness in his ears. The soil was wet. It wasn’t too wet, and it wasn’t too wet. “

After witnessing Errol’s description, President Al called first witness Atila Vulcan back to the stand and reminded her of the recording of the conversation with the 112 Command Center. According to records, Volkan was telling doctors at the command center that 30-40 minutes after Yildirim’s death, his ear was bleeding, he was intoxicated, the kitchen was completely under water and that was not possible. To interfere

‘This is the policeman whose identity we have not been able to identify’

After 112 emergency officers, Essenort police officer Ahmet Karabudak was called as a witness. Karabudak said Yildirim took part in bringing his colleague and son to the police station and did not see him at the police station. Baris Wisal and Alihan Wisal then took him to the floor and said that a police officer whom they could not identify was a witness. They say Karabudak puts them in the opposite handcuffs and beats them inside the ring car.

The witness after Karabudak was police officer Barbarossa Emre Ilmaz, who was on duty at the police station on the day of the incident. In his statement, Ilmaz said:

Birol Yildirim came and asked why his staff is here? Amir further said that he did not know about the incident. Yildirim heard this and left. We heard noises outside. Scream when we got out. There was discussion. The lightning advanced towards the door. I couldn’t see what had happened. Then the commissioner took Yildirim inside. When I entered the kitchen, a search was being conducted, and all three were handcuffed to the wall. “

Saying that he had not seen the humidity at the top of Yildirim, Ilmaz said that water could have flowed from the water supply to the floor.

The accused policeman has been accused of sprinkling tea on his hands.

Police officer Vulcan Biberoglu, who was heard as a witness, added that he had not seen the rare Yildirim and said,I saw him screaming and being taken to the cafeteria section. When I heard that he was ill, I entered the cafeteria. He was lying on the ground. The water dispenser was leaking, water was coming from there to the floorBiberolu said one of the accused police officers, Muhammad Sihan Karakush, went to get the report because he had tea spilled in his hand.

After hearing witnesses, Yıldirım’s family lawyer Hüseyin Tuzcu demanded the arrest of police officer Muhammad Sihan Karakush and a police phone check. Caracas was detained as part of an investigation and released on bail.

The prosecutor wanted release

Prosecutors at the hearing, who were asked to comment on the claim, said the arrested police officer, Ismail Alperen Salman, had said:Possibility of change in crime character ‘ He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his arrest had been rejected.

Detained police officer Salman, who was given the right to speak, claimed that he had been detained for 7.5 months and had been tortured for performing his duties and that he had not even touched Yildirim.

Although the court announced its interim decision, the journalists did not enter the hall. The delegation unanimously decided to continue Salman’s detention. Rejecting the police’s request to check their phones, the delegation decided to re-examine all the security cameras of the police station. The presiding judge said that if the trial prosecutor prepares his opinion on the merits, he will announce the verdict in the hearing to be held on April 25.

Family Lawyer: Defendants have influenced witnesses without arrest

Speaking to the press after the hearing, Yলldrিমm’s family lawyer Hussein Tuzku said 112 emergency services workers had given false statements and argued that the defendants in question had influenced witnesses.

What happened?

The Istanbul governor’s office has determined the cause of death of 42-year-old Biral Yildirim at Esenyurt police station on the night of June 5, 2021. ‘Sudden heart attack’ As explained. Soon after, security camera footage showed Yildirım being beaten at a police station, mistreated, and police panicked after his death.

Despite this, the police officers in the footage continue to perform their duties. On August 19, 2021, two police officers were arrested, including Deputy Commissioner Ismail Alperen Salman, who was arrested and sent to prison. A few days later, a complaint was lodged against 12 police officers by the Büyükçekmece Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

Seven police officers, including Salman, were arrested on the charge sheet. ‘Death by conscious negligence’ Three to nine years on the charge, and five police officers for beating Yildirim’s colleague and his co-worker’s son. ‘General injury’ He was sentenced to 18 months to four years in prison.

The first hearing of the case was held on September 20, 2021 in the 3rd Criminal Court of Büyükçekmece. At this hearing, the course of the case changed and the court decided that the actions of the police officers had changed considering the number of injuries and the nature of the injuries on the body of Biral Yildirim. ‘Torture can be a crime’ He sent the file to the Bakırköy Heavy Penal Court on the grounds that Deputy Commissioner Salman had also been ordered to be detained.

In this case, the controversy erupted because of the small size of the courtroom, and a high-ranking police officer, who was in court to express solidarity with the police officers during the trial, dropped Canal D reporter Ibrahim Konar in front of the court. The judge harassed Yলldিরrিমm’s family in plain clothes, standing with police outside the courthouse. A criminal charge was filed against the men for verbally harassing and threatening journalists, but the criminal charges did not result in a trial.

Bakırköy No member of the press was allowed to attend the first hearing on January 13 in the 13th High Criminal Court.

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