Recent News! Relatives of Afghan civilians killed by US troops are waiting for justice and help

AfghanistanThe family is struggling financially after losing seven members in a 2020 night raid organized by U.S. troops in the village of Patlu in the Shirzad district of eastern Nangarhar province, Turkey.

Speaking to the AA correspondent, the family members demanded that the US administration and the Taliban administration investigate the incident and pay them compensation.

Struggling for life in a limited way, the family lives in difficult conditions in a mud house. The family is also worried about the future of the orphans left behind.

Dost Mohammad Khan, a 30-year-old friend who lost three siblings, two uncles and two uncles with whom they lived in the same family in the attack, said they were in serious financial trouble after losing seven family members in the US attack. .

Khan explained that his brother, Taj Mohammed, 35, who was killed by U.S. troops, was a tractor driver, Nick Mohammed, 22, a farmer, and Ziaulhaq, 18, a shepherd.

Tsar Alem, who is disabled in his legs, and his two uncles, Han Muhammad, who is a farmer, died in the attack, Han said, adding that his uncle Han Muhammad had two sons, 12-year-old Sevakatullah and 9-year-old. -Elder Liaquatullah also lost his life in this attack.

Trying to provide for a family of 40 people

He said he was in Turkey on the day of the attack and had to return home four days after the incident. “I went to Turkey illegally in 2017. I was in Turkey for three years. My purpose was to go. Send to family, but as soon as the incident happens AfghanistanI came because there were no adults left to take care of the house, ”he said.

Dost Mohammad Khan insisted that he was currently trying to support a family of 40 with his wife and children.

“The Taliban were very active in our village in 2020. US troops come to the village to carry out night operations and they kindly shoot my brother, my uncle and my uncle’s two sons in front of their children. However, none of them were guilty and had no connection with any organization Was not, “Khan said. He said.

Expressing that he worked to support his family before the death of his relatives who lost their lives, Han said that with their death, however, the responsibility of the whole family fell on him and so his financial situation was very bad.

Han said that 2 years have passed since the incident but they have not received any help from anywhere.

Noting that they are still affected by the incident as a whole, Han said, “My brothers and cousins’ wives are still suffering from mental health problems as a result of the attack.” Says

Concerned about the future of orphans

Han said that due to economic inadequacies they could not send orphans to school and the future of these children was uncertain.

“Sometimes we can’t find a loaf of bread to eat, and sometimes we have to be hungry.” Han said they wanted compensation from the United States for the killings and that it could at least support the education of orphans.

Han added that they are concerned about the future of orphans.

Taj Mohammad’s wife, who did not want to be named, said: “Our lives have changed since my husband was killed. I am very worried about my children’s future. They cannot go to school because of poverty. My husband had a dream. We need to educate our children, but that dream “It simply came to our notice then. My husband was killed by US troops. Who will answer?

“My father always told me he would buy me nice clothes, but he left us alone before he could fulfill his promise,” said Hamid Khan, Taj Mohammad’s orphaned son. Says

Noting that his father was not affiliated with any terrorist organization, Hamid Khan said that his father and others had been killed by US forces.

Hamid Han said that he wanted to study but could not go to school due to financial problems.

U.S. military night raids

Within the structure of NATO forces from 2001 to the end of August 2021 AfghanistanIn Turkey, US troops have been conducting night raids across the country in the name of counter-terrorism.

The night raids, which caused most civilian deaths, were also a reaction to the old administration.

Local officials in the provinces where the raids took place have complained that U.S. troops did not inform them of their night raids.

That’s why members of the former Afghan parliament called for an end to night raids by US forces in 2018.

The U.S. military says in a statement that it has reduced the number of casualties in the conflict.

Recent News!  Relatives of Afghan civilians killed by US troops are waiting for justice and help

Recent News!  Relatives of Afghan civilians killed by US troops are waiting for justice and help

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