Short and meaningful poems on Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day message and the most beautiful Mother’s Day message!

There are only a few days left until Mother’s Day, which is celebrated to honor mothers, increase motherhood and re-remember the importance of mothers. Here are some of the most beautiful poems and sayings that can be addressed to mothers on Mother’s Day …

Mother’s Day Poems

My mother

I love my mother very much
My angel mother, my beautiful mother,
Don’t worry, I’m telling you
My angel mother, my beautiful mother.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.
He has compassionate eyes,
Love, there is light in your path,
My angel mother, my beautiful mother.

What an aristocratic mother’s face,
Mother’s eyes, what deep eyes,
Mother’s essence, diamond extract,
My angel mother, my beautiful mother.

She smiles at my waterfall
If she cries, I’m crying
I am his fan;
My angel mother, my beautiful mother


If you are a tree
I have to be a branch mom
I become a leaf
I will come to you

If you are the sea
I am the mother of the flood
I will be the river
I will come to you

If you want to be a gardener
I will be the mother of roses
I become dust
I will come to you

If you are the sun
I have to be the way mom
I become the flag
I will come to you

My mother

Mom, you stop today
I’ll see what happens to you
I can cook whatever you want
Let me clean the house

I have met their whiteness
I can’t give up my rights
Today is your day mom
Look, you’re tired again
Whom I love like my life

My dear mother

Who does not eat but eats,
Those who do not wear clothes,
We think all the time
My dear mother, my rose mother.

Open arms and wings,
Who gave us life,
We are laughing
My dear mother, my rose mother.

Mother’s love

Your warmth has flowed into me,
I love you mom

You gave me life,
You gave me blood.

I used to sip when I was younger,
I drank your milk and fell asleep.

Lullabies in my ears,
What did you say?

You raised me, Mom
You make me walk, Mom.

My mother

She took the head of her white hair and held it in her hand,
Have a dark dream, Mom!
That trembling heart to the wind of destiny,
Shake like a fluff, mom!

Don’t think that one day this darkness will disappear,
Night after night is night again;
Babies cry, mothers cry,
Stay in the old eyes mom!

Otherwise deep emptiness in your eyes,
Spread your wings, flutter your wings;
If he says he has a trip this winter,
Take me with you, mother!

My angel on earth

Before coming to earth,
I begged the Creator.
I cried and cried and cried
How on earth would I live?

The great Creator says:
I sent an angel to the earth
He doesn’t eat, he feeds you.
She doesn’t wear it, she wears you
How do I know?
You call her mother.

My mother

The most beautiful of mothers
You are my beautiful mother.
The warm air of spring,
You are my beautiful mother.

Sunflower, with golden heart,
Heavy-headed, soft-spoken,
Angels are like wives
You are my beautiful mother.

Blooming flowers, falling water,
A huge emotional smile,
The happiness of our home
You are my beautiful mother.

Promise of Mother’s Day

● It turns out that your name is the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain. Every time I call you, either my pain decreases or my love increases. Happy Mother’s Day.

● Even the word “mother” is enough for people. It gives peace, love and compassion. God does not leave anyone without a mother. My dear mother, happy mother’s day.

● Mother, you are not in my day, you are in every day of my life. Being my mother is the greatest blessing in the world, I am happy to have you. Happy Mother’s Day.

তোমার Your lap is my safest refuge in this world. Being my mother is my greatest opportunity in this world. I love you

● Explain what they mean by sacrifice, love, patience, and beauty; I used to say mother.

Thank you so much, my dear mother, for the boundless love and patience in your heart … Happy Mother’s Day.

Despite that distance, my heart is always with you, my dear mother … Happy Mother’s Day!

গেলে You became the pole star of my life. Wherever I go, I sleep with your love under the light. I found the right way. I love you mom

Mother’s Day message

● Your endless love is worth everything … My mother, my mother … I miss you so much … I miss you so much. Happy Mother’s Day my dear angel.

● Mom, your love is the only sun that warms my earth. I know you will never lose your light. I’m glad you’re here. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear mother.

● My mother, who loves me with boundless love, with an indescribable love, I am alive to be worthy of you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day! Only you know how much I love you, even though I don’t always say it.

● Yesterday I was angry with you, today I am doing it mother. Because I’m actually a small copy of you. I hope to be as loving as you.

● It turns out that your name is the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain. Every time I call you, either my pain doesn’t go away or my love grows … Happy Mother’s Day.

● If you look at me with your heart without looking into your eyes, then you will understand how much I love you … Happy Mother’s Day. I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t connect. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.
Mother, you are the only person who can turn my sorrow into joy. Happy Mother’s Day, my darling!
You are patient, warm, compassionate, my protector, you are forgiving … you are my mother. I love you
Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful, best mother in the world.

একমাত্র My only sweet mother, I am always proud to be your child. I kiss your hand.

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