The 5-year-old twins were detained before the Nebraska at Bismillah in Diyarbakir; Mom, what do the bar and the police say?

Formula, Facebook / Bismil News

At the Nevruz celebrations in Diyarbakir on March 21st, after local costumes; People wearing belts, shawls and green, yellow and red symbols were not allowed to enter Nowruz Park in Baglar. At the checkpoint, 298 people were detained, including 74 children.

It was alleged that on March 19, in the Bismil district of Diyarbakir, 5-year-old twin sisters AB and EB were detained by police because of the symbols and colors on their clothes and attire while they were on their way there. Nowruz celebration area with mothers.

It is claimed that Ebie’s family, whose mother testified, was also released after taking fingerprints.

Diyarbakir Bar Association Judiciary and HDP bring demands to Parliament.

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