The child’s family has spoken to the father who was killed in the gun attack

The child’s family has spoken to the father who was killed in the gun attack

“Our lives are not secure, help”

The bereaved mother wanted those who killed her son and husband to be caught

SANLIURFA – The child’s family spoke to his father, who was killed in an armed attack on a car in the Suruk district of Sunliurfa. Those who wanted to catch the perpetrators of the attack said their lives were not secure.

Qadir Altan, 47, who was injured in an armed attack on a car in the Aligor district of Surrey district of Shanliurfa, died the same day he was taken to the hospital where his 11-year-old son Yusuf Altan died at the hospital where he was treated 11 days later. More than a month after the incident, the attackers were not caught.

Fahim Altin, who lost her husband and 11-year-old son in the attack, said she had two more sons and feared they would be killed. The aggrieved woman, who called the authorities, said their lives were not secure and demanded that the killer or killers be caught as soon as possible.

The bereaved woman fears that her other children will also be killed

Qadir Altan’s wife, Fahim Altan, who said her young son had been killed without charge, said, “I am Qadir Altan’s wife. They killed my son and my wife for no reason. I have 2 more sons, they will kill them too.” What will I do after killing my son? What will happen if I arrest him? “I went home. In the afternoon I returned home. They called me in front of the door and told me that they had shot Qadir Altan and his son. Boy. I went to the hospital and saw that one had died and another was in intensive care, “he said.

Fehime Altın, who said her husband was not guilty of any crime, said: “If he had been guilty, he would have been caught. They are determined to kill. They come and stand at the door every day. The dead man is obvious. My wife had nothing to do with it. They had tea together before she died. Then she called my wife twice, my wife didn’t answer the phone. Then they called my son, “he said.

“We said let’s get out of here, but my dad didn’t listen to us.”

Qadir Altan’s daughter, Tughba Altan, said her father and brother had been killed innocently, adding that “my father had nothing to do with the incident. Six months ago, Seluk Turan and Firat P. had an argument in Istanbul. The incident was later removed.” “They killed Turan. They killed Seluk Turan. They linked the incident to my father. My father even went and gave his statement and was released on the same day. If he was guilty, the state would have arrested him.” He was following my father. Let them follow my father. He is not saying it’s my fault. He was not taking any precautions or anything. We were saying we should get out of here. I would have left on my own. Six months later they killed him. I want this man to be caught, I want this man to be caught. I have two brothers. Plus, they have already killed one of them. They want to kill both of them. I don’t want to lose my two more brothers. My father is already gone. They killed one of my brothers when he was only 11 years old. Killing them would kill my other two brothers as well. We call on Uncle Taip and the authorities to arrest these people as soon as possible, “he said.

“They could come and shoot me and my brother.”

Mehmet Altan said they were not safe. “The incident took place in Adana. I witnessed the day Selchuk was killed. Firat P. and Selchuk Turan were already fighting in Istanbul. Firat had already chased him with a knife in Istanbul. Hippodrome. After Selchuk died, some said it was because of Qadir. He told Euphrates to shoot him. He gave his mother money. They would come and stand in front of him. They would come and go. We don’t have security. They could come and kill me and my brother. We are getting rumors that we can. Don’t go out. We want it to be caught in a moment, ‘he said.


The child's family has spoken to the father who was killed in the gun attack

The child's family has spoken to the father who was killed in the gun attack

The child's family has spoken to the father who was killed in the gun attack

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