The father of those who turned away became a crypto feto

When Melis Kagala was 12 years old, her father, retired Gazi Colonel Hassan Basri Aslan, was captured for the Schleshammer conspiracy. Here is how he described the first day of the three-year separation: “I was skating when a friend’s mother picked me up from the rink. ‘We’re going home. Your dad has to go on a mission, but he’s in a hurry. Don’t come home and ask Dad, ‘he warned. Went home, Dad had a small suitcase in his hand. He did not ask ‘where’, because that is how it was asked. My father is gone … ”

Melissa suspected something was wrong. The house was always crowded, there were always tears in mother’s eyes. One day his mother brought him to the front and said, “There is an incident, they will seek knowledge from your father.” After a month, the father returned home.

That year, Father Aslan repeatedly went to court. It was another day: “She called my mother and said, ‘Shut the door, they’ll probably arrest us, take care of Melis’.”

I learned from the newspaper

They hid from him for a while that his father had gone to jail … One day, they forgot a newspaper on the table at home. The names of the captive soldiers are written on the front page, and his father is among them: “I understand what happened, but I just shared with my friend what I knew. Because I thought I knew my mom would be upset. After a while, my friend talked to her mom and she had already talked to my mom. They learned what I knew. ”

The years that her father needed the most were lost, Melis said: “My dad went to high school early, he came back at the same time.” Still, he thinks he’s lucky: “At least my dad is back, some dad died in prison …”

So what kind of suffering did they feel without longing for their father? Mellis continues to explain: “We had financial problems, we were paid. My mother tried not to feel me. My father is retired, he is going from a military prison to a civilian prison. The condition of the civilian prison was somewhat worse. I had a very close friend, I texted him. He told me, ‘Melis, don’t talk on the phone, my family is uncomfortable …’ My friendship with those people ended. We became so involved in these matters that all my friends were children of Sledgehammer prisoners. We just remembered it, we just wanted to talk about Sledgehammer. When we were playing ball, we started playing with sledgehammers.

However, my friends’ father who turned his back on me later became a crypto FETO member … “

Will it happen again?

There was something left … like, he wanted to go on an important test with his father. Cycling, going out with dad like friends … but without doing that he was going to “Silent Scream Watch”, he was only 12 years old then.

Her father came at the end of three years, unknowingly that Melis was growing up. She started putting on light makeup, her dad saying, “Aren’t you short?”

He was not deprived only in those years. There are some things they still miss. Mellis, for example, lost his sense of confidence: “When I was growing up, people we used to call close family friends turned to me. Those who took their way back there. I was younger, but I was aware of everything, it was heavy. Of course, if I looked at the half-filled glass, we would understand who our real friends are. Then there is always a fear inside me: once it happens, what will happen again, will they come to our door again?

Mellis, who grew up calling my father a hero: “He was already a hero. Southeast veteran, my dad received a medal of honor. I always trusted him, I always walked with my head held high. My father was there because he loved his homeland and was a perfectionist. The Sledgehammer is a badge for me that I carry with pride. Our fathers have never been deceived, they have never been deceived … “

My biggest fear is to save my father

Cinci Kılıç is 27 years old. Retired Naval Staff Colonel Engin Kilik’s daughter … Her father worked for two years in the Sledgehammer case. Inci was preparing for the university entrance exam when he was arrested, meaning he was 17 years old: “My father worked in Italy. At this time the arrest started slowly. Everyone was on edge. At that time, my father’s assignment was announced in Kokley. He kept saying, ‘It could be our turn’, we didn’t believe it. His name is mentioned in the news. They include my father in the plot and decide that he should be tried until he is judged. Time passes, they make another decision on a Friday, he will be judged. On Sunday they came to the military lodging where we were staying. At the time of the arrest they had gone to buy a ball for my brother who was in primary school. My dad was trying to keep his psychology alive. Because Onu keeps saying, ‘Dad, they are taking away all my friend’s father. “Will they take you too?” He asked. It was small, baby. My father would tell him, ‘I’m going on a cruise as usual. Suddenly my mother and I were shocked to see the police at the door. We are calling my father, his phone is not receiving. Anyway, at least they came back home. My mother was with my brother, I went to Istanbul with my father’s friends, I told him I could not leave him alone. I hope they will go to court on duty and they will be tried pending trial and I will return home with my father. ”

I am constantly frustrated

But that didn’t happen, Inci’s father came to the court with a piece of paper in his hand and said, “It’s all over, my daughter,” and said: “We took my father to the hospital that night. On the one hand, I think it hurts. I’m a sandwich.” Going to buy, I hurriedly took my wallet with me. I asked the people there for money. At the end of that bad night, I left my father in prison and came home. My mother was very upset. At the same time, we were trying to convince my brother. My brother didn’t believe it, he kept saying, ‘What are you looking at, how many times have you seen, the soldiers did not come to the door.’ Pulling, ‘Let’s go’.

Nothing was seen at their home except a news event. Inci said he was deeply moved by what some newspapers wrote and what was said on television at the time: “I was always frustrated. In the face of what some newspapers are writing you want to shout ‘it’s not like that’. But can’t raise the voice. You cannot explain your problem. It would be fair to say that we were alone at that time. Some things came out later, but it cost us two years, some 5-6 years. ”

Our situation has gotten worse

There were those who said, “Oh, what will happen, not more than two years, my dear”: “He was 50-odd. At the end of these two years, he came out of prison very weak and his hair turned white. These two years It may have taken 10-15 years from his life. They took away my brother’s childhood and my childhood. I haven’t heard the song ‘Tell a Story Dad’ yet, you know? My mind always goes back to that time. ” Everyone knows they are alive, everyone is feeling their pain. No one understands anyone’s problem. Inci was preparing for university in those days. That’s why he said he can’t do well. He is so frustrated that he can’t concentrate on the test: “I cried for 5-10 minutes during the test. I was always thinking, ‘What can I say to my father?’ It’s such a big pressure on me. At the time, I really wanted to go to Vienna Technical University. But I couldn’t go because our financial situation got worse. We were getting a certain portion of my father’s salary, it was not enough. He stopped me. “

The nightmare is over, and when it is realized that everything is a conspiracy, the fathers find their home. Insi says the days were “a little weird”: “We’ve been living apart for two years. We had a hard time adjusting. I went out with my dad, he forgot to drive. When we got home, we had our first meal as a family. “It was a very good feeling. We used to watch the news with my mother. My father never wanted to see or hear it. It went on like this for a while, then it became normal again.”

It is too late to understand

The first sentence that crossed Inki’s mind when it was announced as a plot was “It’s too late to understand”. Human life was so cheap, if it weren’t for that. He says that’s why he accepted the interview so that it would not be forgotten …

So that it doesn’t happen again …

Well, today … are those days just sad memories or traumas? Inci says he is still feeling the effects: “My biggest fear is still bothering my dad. I never want you to be sad. I always want to be successful, always proud of me. I want to tell you, ‘We’ve suffered so much. “It was for our kids, but it was worth it. The little things can take me down. I’m afraid my dad will be upset. I want him to sit back and be happy. I’m eating myself so he can be happy.”Insi with his father Engine Kilik …

I owe it to Turkey

Inci has now completed his postgraduate degree at the Royal Technical University in Sweden. Research Engineer … He has applied for a PhD. He wants to return to Turkey: “Like my father, my grandfather was a soldier. From my childhood, I grew up with a love for my homeland, race, state and Atatর্rk. That’s what my dad told me: We can leave you a house and a car, but your job is your gold bracelet. You will do good deeds for your country, country and nation. That is my goal. I will return to Turkey and I will be useful. Anyway, I am Turkish and Turkey has given me this education which I have received. My father went on many foreign assignments; Thanks to the state for the vision I got there, the education I got. I see it as a loan. “

It’s been two years since Incense and her father’s life, and she’s still talking about debt repayment … No one can help but feel proud and say, “Why this?”

It will end

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