The most beautiful, most meaningful Mother’s Day message

Here are the most special sayings and poems for Mother’s Day! You can find the most beautiful posts that can make your mom happy from our news. We are with you with all the details of Mother’s Day celebrated on Sunday 14th May …

Special words and poems for Mother’s Day
* You have become the pole star of my life. Wherever I go, I sleep with your love under the light. I found the right way. I love you mom

* Mom, you are not my one day, my daily. Being my mother is the greatest blessing in the world, I’m glad you got it. Mom, I love you so much.

* I don’t call you one day, every time I get in trouble, when I get stuck. You are the only one who hears my voice. Happy Mother’s Day, my mother.

* The only unexpected love is your love for us. I understand better now, mother. We love you so much We kiss your hand, Mom.

* My mother who has added strength to my strength and my hope. Happy Mother’s Day!

* Your embrace, your mercy connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

* You are patient, warm, sympathetic, protective, forgiving .. You are my mother. I love you

* You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the trouble falls on me, my mother .. I love you very much.

* It turns out that the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain is your name. Every time I call you, either my pain doesn’t go away or my love grows … Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

* You are patient, warm, sympathetic, protective, forgiving … you are my mother. I love you

* My dear mother .. Happy Mother’s Day. I’m always your little kid.

* I can’t connect with anyone in the world as much as I love you. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

* You are in every day of my life, not in my day. You are with me every second of every day. You have always supported me. You are very special to me. Happy Mother’s Day.

* You are the queen of our house, the crown of our heads … our most cherished existence. Happy Mother’s Day Mother.

* To the most beautiful mother in the world, who endures everything for me, who is always by my side and whose price is priceless … Happy Mother’s Day, Mother.

* I can’t thank you a thousand times. You are the light of my life, you are my mother. The only reason I exist … Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

* My mother, who loves me with boundless love, an indescribable love, I am alive to be worthy of you. Happy Mother’s Day.

* The safest shelter in this world is your lap. Being my mother is my greatest opportunity in this world. I love you mom

* The most beautiful Mother’s Day words and messages that we have carefully prepared for you here!

* You are the only port where I can take refuge, mother. I caress and kiss your hand.

* My mother, you are the umbrella that opens to me when all the trouble falls on me. I love you

– Your embrace, your compassion connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

– I want every new day that will create your future to be more beautiful than the previous day, according to your wishes and in a way that will make you happy. Happy Mother’s Day my angel mother.

– It turns out that the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain is your name. Every time I call you, either my pain decreases or my love increases. Happy Mother’s Day.

– Mother, if your mind were a stone, standing, if there were birds, flowers, would not break during the day? The purple stem on the neck of the pain is like a mother giving birth to a mountain this time. You too, in my place where endless oil bleeds with a warm rain. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.
– To the most beautiful mother in the world, who endures everything for me, who is always by my side and whose price is priceless. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

– Mother is the light of the sky, Mother is a bright star, Dreams in the absence of mother, A golden mother holding the branch once a month, Strange line of suffering, Mother, the ruined line of tears in my eyes. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

– You are patient, warm, caring, protective, forgiving. You are my mother. I love you

– Mom, you’re in my day, not my day. Being my mother is the greatest blessing in the world, I’m glad you got it. Mom, I love you so much.

– Mother rose decoration, rose bundle, mother, captive to my words, indescribable composition mother, burning heart, tired in the cage, mother anxious howl, mother in me. I love you so much mom, happy mom day.

– My mother who gave me strength and gave me hope. I love you so much Happy Mother’s Day!

– I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t connect. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

– In my windowless room, you were a rare light. You were my mentor, my life counselor. The path is detached, but the heart is never. Your darling baby has not forgotten Mother’s Day. Goodbye mom.

My mother

She took the head of her white hair and held it in her hand,
Have a dark dream, Mom!
That trembling heart in the wind of destiny,
Shake like a shake, mother!
Don’t think that one day this darkness will disappear,
Night after night is night again;
Babies cry, mothers cry,
Stay in the old eyes mom!
Otherwise deep emptiness in your eyes,
Spread your wings, flutter your wings;
If he says he has a trip this winter,
Take me with you, mother!

Nesip Fazil Kisakurek

My mother

The most beautiful of mothers
You are my beautiful mother.
The warm air of spring,
You are my beautiful mother
Sunflower, with golden heart,
Heavy-headed, soft-spoken,
Angels are like wives
You are my beautiful mother.
Blooming flowers, falling water,
A huge emotional smile,
The happiness of our home
You are my beautiful mother.

H. Latif Sarius

Mother’s Day

“To my mother and to all mothers”
I don’t remember mother
How many nights will you sing to me?
He was waiting by my bedside when I was sick
Let’s not get a little tired, let’s not get upset, right now
Take it in your arms, caress it, kiss my hair.
I don’t remember mother
The long winter nights were fairy tales
Beautiful shepherd girls, kind Sultan
Times pass like a stream of water
Now there are no more children or fairy tales of yesterday.
I don’t remember mother
He was the one who washed my inked fingers
He’ll hit the road if I’m a little late in the evening
When he went out on the street, he would say, ‘My baby, don’t be cold’.
He immediately knitted a sweater.
I don’t remember mother
I know you’ll eat again, Mom
Hello, Mother’s Day from Istanbul
As if one evening he came back from school
I kiss your loyal hand, my mother.

Umit Yasar Oguzkan

On the chest of nine moons

For nine months he held me in his arms
What did my mother go through?
Beatersweet has endured my hardships
My mother blew it away from home
Mothers do not get paid easily
What is not suitable for mothers?
Blood as soon as you wake up from a night’s sleep
She sucked, shook it, my mother slept
My mother gave birth to me in Shivas.
On the field road of Shivaralan village
With a sickle in his hand on his back
My mother comforted me in the rocky field
I would walk, my mother would look and smile
If I was rude he would get up and hit me.
He immediately liked hugs and affections
My mother stopped my ugly habit
I was a child, my mother taught me
Study my reading predictions
He said be loyal to his nation and stop.
My mother loved the country
I owe a lot to my mother
In his presence my body became
Some are peasant girls, some are women.
My mother, who is registered in pre-history
Vessel says, will the mother’s bond be broken?
The elder brother gave birth to the mother
Here is the truth of my words
My mother taught, taught, raised

Asik Vessel

The best gift on Mother’s Day

No need to buy expensive gifts for your mom. Sometimes a card with a nice Mother’s Day message and a beautiful bouquet of flowers are enough to let her know that you care about her.

Enjoyable Sunday breakfast

Mother’s Day, celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, is a great opportunity to have a good Sunday breakfast. You can take your mom to a place where a rich and delicious rustic breakfast is served, as has been the fashion in recent years. You can give your mom the pleasure of a long breakfast and brunch.

A stylish bag

You can buy a useful and stylish leather bag for your mom. And a shoe that matches the bag will be a great surprise for your mom.

1 day maintenance!

On Mother’s Day, you can decorate a special day to take care of your mom. You can arrange a spa day for your mom that will make her feel almost refreshed. Almost every company organizes special campaigns on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Greek islands or tropical

How about giving your mom a holiday gift? Tours with cruise ships are popular in the Greek islands. As with other holiday ideas, the heat facility is a good option for both health and relaxation.

A mild odor is entering the summer

Mother’s Day means that summer is approaching. For these seasons, you can buy your mom a nice and light-scented perfume.

Quick nail polish dryer

Creating surprises in a limited amount of time is one of the best things for our mothers. They rush towards so many things during the day that they sometimes do not have time to stop and breathe for two minutes. They want to do everything in the most practical and fast way. Here’s a miracle tool that will protect your mom from having to wait for drying after applying nail polish! A quick nail polish dryer that will save time for our mothers who do not want to touch the remote of the television so that their nail polish is not wasted. Your mothers, who dry their nail polish in a minute, will be glad they didn’t have to hold their hands in the air for fear that my nail polish would be ruined.
There is no need for our mothers, who already have a lot of thoughts in their lives and are confused about where to put their time, to spend time on such small things, right? Baby gifts of the year come to you from all hearts.

Stress wheel prism

Our mothers are often the cube of patience. In fact, it is a question of how they cope with such pressures. Some sing to relieve their stress, some clean, others go for a walk, and try to calm down for hours on end in the presence of fresh air. Here are the new contenders for the stress ball for our mothers, the fidget spinners. You still try not to be too angry with your mom 🙂

Vehicle steering tray

This is a very useful gift for moms who spend a lot of time in traffic and in their car during the day, where they can easily spend their break, have a snack, take notes and put some of their belongings in it!
The car’s steering tray will be a savior for your mom in difficult times. A large and portable table with a bogie for your drinks. Isn’t it necessary for every vehicle on long rides or city traffic?

Non-electric hand warmer pendulum

Our mothers’ hearts are warm, and their hands are healed. But that doesn’t mean your hands are always warm, of course. With this tool that will always keep our mothers’ hands warm, you can choose a gift that takes into account its comfort.
With the help of non-electric hand warmers, your mother’s hands will be warm in winter days. Just like their heart 🙂

Personalized clapperboard photo album

Mothers memorize every memory of their children. We often hear them narrate our childhood stories in the smallest detail. They always carry their most precious memories in their hearts and minds. You can get your mom a photo album in the form of a clapperboard where she can put new memories on this Mother’s Day. You can even decorate this album with pictures of your childhood and make it a nostalgic trip.
Living with memories is a great gift option for our beautiful mothers and grandmothers with you …

Magnetic photo hanger

A modern and different photo frame for our moms who like to save and display photos. Even a photo hanger. This magnetic photo hanger, which can be used in a variety of styles on the wall, will take your graduation photos to the wall of the cloakroom.

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