The most beautiful Mother’s Day message to send to mom

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Mother’s Day messages will carry a deep spiritual burden for our mothers, who are among the most sacred and special values ​​for society. This day is dedicated to mothers who symbolize the most powerful and purest love in the world, the most beautiful Mother’s Day messages, words and poems will flow from the tongue to the heart. Here is a collection of beautiful Mother’s Day sayings, messages and poems that you can use today that will put thousands of people in Turkey and around the world on the agenda with their congratulatory words.

Mother’s Day message

We cannot in any way repay the rights of our mothers, who know our grief in their own grief and give meaning to our lives in their presence. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers

Sending my love and respect to our mothers who deserve the best of everything; I wish you a life of health, happiness and peace. Happy Mother’s Day.

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‘Heaven under the feet of mothers’ Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to us mothers who accept all kinds of sacrifices by adding day and night for us.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are honored with their presence in every moment of our lives from birth to death and when we need to leave no stone unturned.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who educate and raise us and those who make us with their love and compassion in their hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers who deserve the best of everything, a symbol of love, compassion and sacrifice.

Mothers, a symbol of unexpected love and boundless self-sacrifice, are the most precious asset of our lives that cannot be compared to any value in the world and can never be replaced. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to our precious mothers, to whom we owe our existence, our source of love, tolerance, compassion and self-sacrifice.

Not just on Mother’s Day, but in every moment of life we ​​should embrace our mothers with love, respect and conversation. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

Mother is compassion, mercy. Heaven under their feet. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.

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Happy “Mother’s Day” to all the mothers who deserve the most love and who always embrace people with love, I kiss their hands.

The best teachers in society are our mothers because our mothers prepare us for the best way of life. Let us not forget our mothers on this beautiful day, who are the foundation of the family and the builder of the house, and make it their crown. I celebrate our Mother’s Day with those who crown our heads and kiss their hands.

The only love without any expectation is the love of a mother towards her child. I have found your love in my own children. And I realized again how much I love you. Good thing I’m with you mom. I kiss your hand.

The safest refuge in this world is in your lap. Being my mother is my greatest opportunity in this world. I love you mom

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My dear mother, no matter who leaves me, after you stay with me, there is no end for me, on the contrary, every day a new hope, every day a new happiness. Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother.

One of my sweet mothers, I am always proud to be your child. I kiss your hand.

My mother who gives me strength and gives hope to me .. Happy Mother’s Day !!

You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the pain falls on me, my mother .. I love you so much.

I believe that the only person who loves me more than me is my mother. I kiss your hand.

The consolation of my annoyance, my mother, in whose mercy I took refuge, who voluntarily shared my life .. How can I repay her right?

Your embrace, your compassion connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy mother’s day

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The most beautiful man, the most beautiful mother, my guardian angel .. I kiss your hand.

My mother .. My mother .. I always miss you except you .. Even if I am not with you, you are still with me.

A shooting star slides into the sky, we make a wish. My mother closes her eyes and wishes for me. I kiss your hand.

If the north wind blows or the storm breaks, you are the only port, I will take shelter, mother. How can I repay you? I have come to put my head on your knees.

Mother’s Day! Only you know how much I love you, even though I don’t always say it.

Although the distance is great, my heart is always with you, my dear mother … Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Poems

And if my forehead is clean, my head is high
If we have the strength, if I am happy
If I had a smile on my face in this city.?
If it’s shiny like a white lily, baby
And the child is the one that loves me everything
This happiness, this order, this endless light
Mother’s mouth for her water

Yavuz Bulent Bakilar

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Farooq Nafiz Chamlibel – Mother

Sleep and growth

I grew up with you, Mom.

Give me that white milk

You gave me, I grew up, mother.

Sleeping stars

Sardin, I grew up mom.

To your mother’s beauty

Erdin, I grew up mom.

Wanted Sitki Taranchi – What did you do, mother?

Mom, who told you to give birth to your child?

Did I do too much mischief in your stomach?

I did not ask you for a crown or a palace

I was living in your womb, my happiness was enough.

Once born, but why grow up?

Did I have a problem with the cradle or cradle?

Why did you take your baby out of your chest?

Don’t you know that he is afraid of loneliness?

Is this life sweeter than your milk, mother?

Ask me, mother, is survival a skill?

Hands open begging, surrendering day and night

Is it worth it to be rejected for life?

I was living in your womb, my happiness was enough

Mom, I didn’t want a crown or a palace

Am I abusive in the womb?

Mom, who told you to give birth to your child?

Sejai Karakok – mother and child

Is mother dead?

In the lonely corner of the garden

Black stick in hand

A small scar on your face

Is the baby dead?

Looks black in your eyes

Where is the rope in your hand?

Mom doesn’t know she’ll tie

Fleeing from everyone

In an irresistible place

When the mother dies the child

When the mother dies the child


If you are a tree

I have to be a branch mom

I become a leaf

I will come to you

If you are the sea

I am the mother of the flood

I will be the river

I will come to you

If you want to be a gardener

I will be the mother of roses

I become dust

I will come to you

If you are the sun

I have to be the way mom

I become the flag

I will come to you

My mother

Mom, you stop today

I’ll see what happens to you

I can cook whatever you want

Let me clean the house

I have met their whiteness

I can’t give up my rights

Today is your day mom

Look, you’re tired again

Whom I love like my life

My dear mother

Who does not eat but eats,

Those who do not wear clothes,

We think all the time

My dear mother, my rose mother.

Open arms and wings,

Who gave us life,

We are laughing

My dear mother, my rose mother.

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