Truth of ministry information: Children go to school hungry!

According to official data from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, the number of children and families in need of protection and assistance due to economic deprivation has been increasing rapidly in recent years. The most important reasons for this increase are unemployment, poverty and inequality in income distribution. Ergun Demir and Dr. We present the analysis written by Güray Kılıç based on official sources.

Dr. Ergun Demir – Dr. Gure Kilik | Of the 9 million students, 2 million go to school with conditional education assistance.

National Education Statistics 2020/2021 According to the statistics of the number of students according to the level of formal education of educational institutions, the total number of primary school (government) students in Turkey is 5 million 59 thousand 79, whereas secondary school (government) 4 lakh 62 thousand 625. The total number of primary and secondary school (government) students in Turkey is 9 lakh 631 thousand 604 people. Of these, 2 lakh 26 thousand 750 students go to school with conditional education assistance.

What is Conditional Education Assistance (CEC)?

It provides assistance to families who do not have Social Security and who need it within the scope of Social Assistance and Solidarity Promotion Act No. 3294, provided that children continue their formal education and do not miss school four days a month. Payments are calculated for each month and are bi-monthly.

Of the opportunities for complementary education, 2 million 128 thousand 750 students have benefited in 2021.

With 55-90 TL per month, how can children go to school, be fed and meet their school needs?

Families who do not have social security, who are poor and needy, who cannot meet their basic needs and who have difficulty sustaining their lives need to continue their education.

  • Male primary school students 55 TL per month, female students 60 TL per month
  • In secondary education, male students are paid 70 TL per month and female students 90 TL per month.

These aids are important and valuable, but inadequate. How can a student with 55-90 TL per month go to school, eat and meet school needs?

In terms of public health, the provision of conditional education assistance to poor and needy families to send their children to school should be increased. This issue should be on the agenda not only of the government but also of the opposition parties.

Malnourished children try to cope with hunger on the one hand and especially slow down their growth, on the other hand due to physical weakness they are at risk of contracting many infectious diseases.

As a result.

  • Poverty affects education and health directly and indirectly, and poverty puts children, women, the elderly and the disabled at risk of social exclusion.
  • It is seen that unemployment, poverty, problems in access to education and health rights and income inequality are among the most important reasons for the increase in the number of people benefiting from the expenditure of social assistance and social assistance programs in recent years.
  • Measures that create economic deprivation, income inequality and unemployment cannot be remedied. Poverty can be reduced by eliminating income inequality and ensuring equitable distribution of resources.
  • The conditional education assistance provided to poor and needy families to send their children to school without social security is important, valuable, but inadequate. In terms of public health, the amount of payment needs to be increased.
  • If effective measures are not taken to protect children from poverty, the society as a whole will have to bear the shame of light in the eyes of children.


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