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The Department of Health has established production from NVERSTES REKTRL

In the following units of our University, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Determination and Use of Teaching Staff in the State Higher Education Theories published in the Official Gazette dated 02.11.2018 and No. 30583, the teaching staff will be recruited. Provisions of Section 48 and Regulations regarding promotion and appointment in the Faculty of Health Sciences. An application found to be unsuitable for the declared post will be deemed rejected.

The faculty staff is permanently stationed, and candidates who apply must apply online with “Balka Research Work” within 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement, as explained below.

Doent staff are permanent, and candidates who apply must apply online within 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement, as explained below.

Candidates who will apply to the Doctoral Teaching Staff must apply online within 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement as per the explanation given below.

Other disclosures and important considerations attached to the application

1- Candidates will submit their application online within 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette using Health Sciences University Academic Information Management System (AKBYS) via https: // At the time of application, in addition to the basic scientific activities of the application, credentials and other approved documents must be clearly uploaded to the system. Applications made in person or by post / courier will not be accepted.

2- Candidates will create an application request for the post they want to be recruited after logging in to the system using the login method chosen from and uploading their basic and scientific activities and others. . Information and documents on the system using the system menu. Candidates must link the candidate’s background and scientific activity file, which they will create with the application request, with the relevant staff in the open declaration through the application submission and monitoring menu, and send their application for approval with the application submission icon. (Note: Post may be withdrawn by the candidate for possible errors stating the truth during opening hours and will be sent for re-approval.) Certificate of Service Certificate, (for male candidates), Certificate of Service (which will be a document approved by the sub-institution), Certificate of Equality for Diploma from abroad.

3- In the online application, the documents uploaded in the system will be reviewed by the concerned commission.

4- Even if the speakers are appointed against the application procedure, their appointment will be canceled and legal remedy will be applied.

5- The original or certified copy of the document approved by the Ministry of Higher Education equivalent to the diploma obtained from abroad must be attached with the required document.

6- Candidates can apply for only one post within the same declaration period which fulfills the conditions of application. Candidates applying for more than one post will have their application rejected.

7- Professors, Donuts and Health Applications and Research Center (UAM) In the applications of the Faculty of Medicine, after application the business and procedures are determined by the staff ministry of the Rector; The work and procedures of other doctoral teaching staff will be managed by the relevant academic unit.


1- The faculty members appointed for the staff of our university may be employed in other domestic and foreign units of our university for two years if required.

2- Employees of the appointed university cannot request consent or resignation for another institution within two years.

3- If it deems it necessary, we have the right to cancel any position published in the declaration of the university or to change the terms of the declaration within the period of declaration.

4- Candidates who are eligible to be recruited must submit the original copy of the compulsory document which they have uploaded in the online system at the time of application, if requested.

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