“We are opening an environment and children’s academy soon”

The Minister for Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, in his speech at the “Thousands of Eco-Friendly Schools Project” campaign at OSTIM Primary School, said that they have taken very valuable steps with the Ministry of National Education in the fight against climate change. Changes that concern children of all ages.

Minister Kurum said renewing the “Environmental Education” course, which was taught in 7th and 8th grades as a course compatible with climate change, and renaming the elective curriculum was an important step in “Environmental Education and Climate Change”.

“Our 1000 schools will be eco-friendly, climate friendly and zero waste compatible”

Noting that running an environmentally friendly school project is also important for starting environmental education in primary school, the organization explained that future generations will be educated in a better environment and will live in a better environment.

The organization says it has set a net zero emissions target in the scope of tackling climate change, which causes many natural disasters around the world, and they will continue to fight the issue, which concerns all professions.

Murat Institution, “This project is a very special, very important and meaningful project that will contribute to the environmental and nature awareness of our children. Through this project, a total of 1000 schools including at least one in each district will be eco-friendly, climate friendly and friendly to zero waste. Will be. ” Evaluated her.

“The Zero Waste Project has evolved from Anatolia’s vast experience into a global environmental movement that has spread worldwide.”

Murat Kurum says the Zero Waste Project, run under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wife Emin Erdogan, is one of the most important projects, both locally and nationally, to establish environmental awareness and, in particular, to move it. To children “The Zero Waste Project, the largest environmental movement in our country, rooted in our 1000-year-old civilization, has become a global environmental movement that has spread around the world from Anatolia’s vast experience.” He said.

The organization said that the Zero Waste Project, which was considered worthy of many awards in the international arena, received the UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Award last year and was the first of hundreds of projects at the 16th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. “This great movement has become the largest zero-waste education campaign in Turkey, reaching 15 million young people.” Says

Minister Kurum said that by 2023, the Zero Waste Project will be fully implemented in all government institutions and agencies and said that their goal is to leave a clean Turkey and a clean world for children.

“We will be in the top 10 in the Greenmetric program”

Noting that they not only teach children, they also give them important work and in this context, environmental inspectors, little protectors of the environment and nature, “work like bees”, the organization said they have appointed young climate ambassadors. 209 universities, and these young people have rolled up their sleeves at their universities to fight climate change.

Minister for Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum continued:

“We will be in the top 10 in the Greenmetric program, which votes for the world’s climate-friendly universities. We will ensure that at least one of our universities is on that list every year. To that end, our 209 universities, our professors, and our students are working hard right now. We are implementing a new project every day to raise awareness about climate change. I want to give good news to our children and families. We are opening the first ‘Environment and Children’s Academy’ to provide education in digital environment in our country soon. With this academy, where rich videos and animations will find a place, our children will not only have fun but also learn about zero waste, environment, nature and climate through movies and online lessons.

The platform, which will be in the format of a digital university, will include Zero Waste for Our Children, Environment, Urbanism, Climate Change, Nature and Industry, Academy of Environment and Communication, Climate Ambassador and Environmental Visitors Club. With EBA integration, the platform that 18 million students can access will provide our children with a very rich content that is constantly being renewed. “

The organization thanks Emin Erdogan, National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar and all those who have contributed to the eco-friendly school project.

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