What are the application requirements for University of Health Sciences 2021?

The YKS score, for which students were eagerly awaiting, was announced yesterday. After learning the test results, students begin to search for the application requirements of the universities they choose. Students who want to get a job in healthcare are thinking about the need to apply to the University of Health Sciences to find out if they meet the conditions. Here is a series of interesting news.

What are the application requirements for University of Health Sciences 2021?

A) to be a Turkish citizen,
B) Not to commit offenses under Chapter 7 of the Turkish Penal Code dated 26/9/2004 and No. 5237 under the heading “Crimes against common morality”, not to be subject to any judicial or administrative investigation or trial for these offenses. , Do not have to be subject to administrative sanctions, or be subject to such actions. Will not be convicted.
C) not to interfere, support or participate in the activities, meetings, processions and rallies of the terrorist organization and their legal or illegal expansion,
6) Even if the period specified in section 53 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 has passed: not being sentenced to imprisonment for one year or more, even if it is decided to suspend the verdict because of it is an intentional offense.
d) Not attending approved or approved schools affiliated with the Fethullahbadi terrorist organization (FETÖ / PDY), which is determined to pose a threat to national security within the scope of Decree Act No. 667.
E) Crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and the effectiveness of this order, embezzlement, embezzlement, slander, bribery, theft, even if pardoned or the decision to suspend the verdict is decided. , Fraud, Fraud, Misuse of Faith, Fraudulent Bankruptcy, Bid Fraud, Compromise with Contract Performance * Property Value Laundering, False Evidence, False Evidence, Classification of Crime, Rape, Defamation, Abduction of Men and Women,
Not guilty or convicted of crimes such as incitement to prostitution, unlawful treason, indirect bankruptcy, offenses against honor and dignity, smuggling including exploitation and smuggling, official tender and procurement fraud, disclosure of state secrecy and sexual immunity. For this reason there is an ongoing investigation or prosecution or the prosecution has not reconciled,
F Not being treated or cured for alcohol, drug or stimulant use,

G) not to be deprived of the exercise of the rights of the people,
6) Submit a written statement stating that he / she is not a member of any political party or is not affiliated to any political party on the date of application.
h) Demonstrate a properly responsible parent towards the school (to provide a guarantor for those over 18 years of age)
ii) No legal impediment to carrying a gun or carrying out armed duties.
i) Issuance of Undertaking and Bailing Bills prescribed within the framework of relevant law,
j) Archive research and security investigations must be positive,
K) not to be engaged, married, pregnant, widow, child or living together with any man or woman without marriage,
l) except those who have been dismissed due to the provisions of the Health Skills Regulations; Military schools, schools affiliated with security agencies, gendarmerie and coastguard training institutes are not being dropped or removed for any reason, are not being excluded from civilian schools,
M) Failure to meet the age of 21 (21) as on January 1, 2021, the year of application according to the uncorrected civil registry,[01 Ocak 2000 ve sonrası doğumlular başvuru yapabilecektir. (Mahkeme kararı ile yaş düzeltmesi yaptıran adayların, yaş düzeltmesinden önceki yaşları esas alınır. Bu husus, sınavlar ve kayıt-kabul işlemleri sırasında kontrol edilecektir.)]

n) Guard Command to obtain a prescribed medical board report of “students may be candidates” from full hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health for issuing health board reports in accordance with the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and Coastal Health Competencies Regulations.
o) Turkish Armed Forces. Health powers of the Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Command
The values ​​of height and weight measurement and body mass index are determined in the control and are announced in the test entrance announcement.
8) Universities in 2021 to graduate from the high school or equivalent school or to be in a position to graduate within the date of registration (for those who are going to be students from the high school or equivalent school, to graduate within the period of final registration procedure).

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