Would you like to play with the kids’ settings?

It is known that winter is not over, you can’t get out of the house, there is no other way but to watch TV series after the series. Unfortunately, the more I watch the series, the more my obsession grows. For example, when I watch TV series these days, I notice something like this: In TV series, families never say ‘no’ to their children, do what they say so as not to upset them psychologically, and there are children like Chaki who put their parents at their fingertips. Lets play. While watching, I think, ‘What a miserable generation we are’!

With the slightest objection, we were slapped, we would adjust as soon as we moved away from the train, we would return to the candle at a glance from our parents. We grew up ‘don’t play, don’t cry, don’t play and don’t eat’. After all, most of us become well-behaved children, what if what happened wasn’t so traumatic? There are minor damages, but we have learned to repair ourselves. For the subject … I opened a romantic drama called ‘If a Man Loves’ on beIN Originals.

Starring Alperen Duimaz and Bura Debli. This is a sweet series, it will end now Bushra is a divorced mother raising her 9-year-old twin son on her own. There is no father, he does not keep his promise to his children, he is not interested, he is a complete despair, but the woman devours everything so as not to hurt her children.

When she falls in love with a man, the father says ‘my child’ and becomes a lion. This is a common mantra – a woman cannot fall in love, she cannot neglect her children, another man cannot go to her children. Mao cannot tell his children that he has a relationship, because even in the sense of ‘your mother is looking at someone else’; They send mail to mom, coordinate, they leave the house, then the police, the gendermass. Mom wants to talk, but all hell breaks loose.

And she’s gleefully saying, ‘Okay, boy, don’t talk’, ‘Okay, boy, you’re right’, ‘Just don’t worry, boy’. What is it? Mom does not have slippers, she will throw! Is this thinking about child psychology? Don’t kids need to hear ‘no’? Are children raised with unhappy mothers happy?

I’m not saying ‘do what you know, let the child hurt’ but what? As you can see, my heart swelled when I saw the child-parent relationship. Shouldn’t such models be created? After all, there are some people who think the role of the series is real, they raise kids like this, Majallah, come on and get out of it!

I’m shooting, you’ll scream!

As I wrote, I know there will be people who will say ‘what about our child’. Of course, it’s not my job to raise their children, but unfortunately, we suffer when you bring your darling children into the social environment. See, last week, I went to a SPA and relaxation hotel near Istanbul. It was the weekend and you couldn’t stop the kids rushing into the lobby. I said, ‘Anyway I’ll hang out in nature’ and ran away, but couldn’t even eat at the restaurant in the evening because of the rush.

I couldn’t help but ask the restaurant staff: “Shouldn’t there be a child-free department?” Says the man is worried about me! “We have tried many times, but people are sitting with their baby. “I don’t get up,” he said. “When he’s warned, we can’t explain it,” he began to explain.

If you warn your child to turn around, they will immediately start shouting, ‘Wow, how can you interfere with my child? They don’t even think about the discomfort of holding an iPad in a child’s hand, whose voice is so loud that he will gossip with his friend. Because she is a mother, she is a father and she is her child. All is holy! I guess that’s how they code themselves. Unfortunately, children who see that they have immunity also exaggerate and indulge.

Then wanting to behave a little better in social life becomes a problem for others. I don’t think it’s like raising confident kids. When you teach a little courtesy, a little courtesy, your child will be a much better person in the future, rest assured.

Beware of these two players!

I started my first essay with drama, let me go on … When I saw some TV series in front of me on social media, two people drew my attention saying ‘Wow, how well they acted.’ I wanted to write about these two actors who started the show with their performances and wanted to transfer their rights.

  • Uraz Kaygılaroğlu played a Roman character in the TV series “Üç Kuruş”. I started watching the series after seeing the scene of crying in the graveyard on social media. She performed so well with her accent, demeanor, hair and head that it was a perfect acting show. Bravo.
  • I wrapped myself up in the ‘Prisoner’ series. You have to surrender your rights. They process scenarios like a great detective, cat and mouse game. And Ismail Hakiolu plays great. Both he and his twins! There are scenes where he hugs as well as emotional scenes, which is when he turns into a psychopath and pours it out.

Don’t buy Mimosa!

Last night, I was at a dinner party … they used a small bunch of mimosas to decorate the elegant table. When I saw those mimosas, I thought of an article I had recently read. It was an article that said, “Mimosa meets all the florists in Istanbul in the spring, but don’t buy it.” Don’t buy Mimosa because these flowers are in danger of getting lost !! In fact, some civic enterprises organize events, tours, and raise awareness to protect mimosa in the islands.

In recent weeks, even a mimosa festival has been held on the islands. ‘Mimofest’ will run continuously from 5-6 March. The story of Mimosa’s arrival, which blooms at the end of winter and captivates with its yellow color and scent, is also interesting … according to rumors; Mimosa, a native of southeastern Australia, was brought to the English islands in the 1800s. Over the course of more than two centuries, it has evolved into a native plant, mingling with the soil of the region. In other words, it was a plant species specific to the region. However, these special flowers are officially slaughtered.

When picked up, it is cut from private gardens and forests with axes and chainsaws and smuggled into the city in garbage bags. So this unique species of the island is at risk of extinction. That’s what I told the last dinner organizers, and I wanted to announce it here: buy mimosas and don’t save, please!

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