Yılmaz Vural: Success has always been with Turkish teachers

Experienced Turkish football coach Yılmaz Vural, criticizing the big club’s foreign coaching preferences, said: “You have a man who has been working tirelessly for 36 years. I am the second coach to manage the most official matches in this country. 774. I am a neighborhood I don’t speak. I also speak a foreign language. ” Says

Speaking to AA correspondents, Vural evaluated Trabjanspar’s performance, which is a great advantage for the championship, with the coaching choices of Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, which did not deliver what was expected this season.

Regarding German coach Joachim Loew, who has been named head of the team for the new season at Fenerbahce, Ilmaz Vural said: “Lo wanted a budget of মিল 20 million. Achieve success. It’s not an equation with strangers. It’s not that hard to learn. As a Turkish citizen, I got more education in Germany than Löw. And I finished his university. I think Löw didn’t finish it. He does, I apologize to him. He has been working in your hands for 36 years. There is a man. I am the second coach who has conducted the most official matches in the country. The country. I say. Sometimes we make fun of him because I have a German passport. So what? Our name is Yılmaz? Popularity and ‘Look, he has become a world champion.’ Used expressions.

“Valeren Ismael came to Beşiktaş. How did it come, who brought it?”

Yılmaz Vural says the Beşiktaş club are considering what criteria they have appointed French coach Valerian Ismail.

“Valerian Ismail has come to Besiktas. How did he come, who brought him? Where is his success? How much does he know about Turkey? I don’t know the reasons and the criteria.” That’s why he was brought here. In advance. “We don’t know, we don’t know, but we know something. Turkey is a different country. Turkey is not a country that lives with a European mentality. Its people are not like that. “

“What happened when a foreign teacher was brought in? Galatasaray is still in the relegation zone.”

Vural says Spanish coach Dominique Torrent does not have the time or ability to approve the problems of a large community like Galatasaray in the short term.

“What happened when a foreign coach was brought in? Galatasaray is still in the relegation zone. In that case, he was Guardiola’s assistant. He is not Guardiola himself,” said the experienced coach. He is a friend of ours who passed from an assistant coach to a first coach much later. “I hear it from within the team in Galatasaray. It comes to us, we have friends. There is no dissatisfaction with the tactical comments from his coaching. There is no dissatisfaction either. You see, when a few good matches are played, “Look, he’s not doing badly. . ‘ Comments have been made. This is the case for foreigners. If it makes a slight difference, it is exaggerated. Barcelona have drawn their matches, lost and then lost a league match. Still in the relegation zone with 38 points. So, ‘What happened when you brought it?’ It’s possible, “he said.

“It’s like our managers are all French, German, Spanish and Italian and they don’t like us.”

Noting that administrative success should be achieved primarily in clubs, Vural argued that larger teams are more successful with Turkish coaches.

Expressing that managers should ask themselves questions, Yılmaz Vural said, “Look at the big teams, their success is always with Turkish teachers. There are no interesting successes with foreigners. It seems that our managers are all French, German, Spanish and Italian.” They don’t like us. Just like Turkey can’t train managers in this perversion, it’s true. “Both coaches and players cannot be trained. It actually shows that every part of the organization is very broken and people are not there. They should be. It’s an administrative achievement that makes you technically successful on the field, “he said.

“Trabzonspor has been rewarded for what it has done”

Evaluating the championship fight in the league, Yılmaz Vural said he believes Trabjanspar will reach a happy outcome.

Vural said the success of Trabzonspor is good for Turkish football and said, “Trabzonspor must be champions. If the ball does not show the roundness of football, they have become champions from afar. I congratulate them. It was good, it’s time. Trabzonspor, Anatolian and Turkish football needed it. I hope it will. ” This brings a different perspective to Turkish football. If you can plan this job well in advance and fulfill those plans in professional football, as you can see, you have a better chance of success than others. Trabjanspar got exactly what they did. Ahmet Agaolu, dear Abdullah Avasi, to the team, the fans, the players. I wish you all the best for the championship, “he said.

Noting that clubs in Istanbul need to change, Bhural said: “It was difficult to form a team due to financial problems. Their former comfort, uncontrolled spending of money was prevented. So, so many teams have been formed with so much debt. Anatolian teams are more investigative. Finding players. It’s true, like Trabjanspar. It’s like telling the big clubs, ‘If you do that, you have a better chance of success.’ “These can no longer be old-fashioned baths. Sometimes it happens from time to time, but for the first time, we saw a league where all three teams were out. There are still 8 weeks, but we can’t do anything, Trabzonspor has forced us to talk quickly. “

Noting that being a favorite coach in the last week of the season has become a joke, Bhural concludes:

“If you are a candidate for relegation or leave with 8 games left, if you see yourself as the team that will lead you to this success, ‘Well why doesn’t this guy come to your mind?’ It can be asked.You can’t explain what is inside the practice.In fact, if you are the champion with 8 games left, let’s see how many can do it.We are a strange country.You aspire for a job, You are criticized. It takes heart and experience to be a suitor. Other perspectives and thoughts. When you explain these things, you annoy a lot of people. They set up a system. Looks like you’re messing around. Going forward to finish this race. With this style, our youth will not be able to finish this race. We are doing something that balances the psychology of the society. It ensures the confidence of the society. We are doing something again. It’s not a game, it’s something else. It’s not easy to manage. People with experience and education will do it. Otherwise, a game is played. There are three possibilities. You lose, draw or lose. And the one who hits a lot. Become a successful teacher. It’s not like that. “

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