YT, the mother of a 14-year-old boy who explained that she had been abused by her father: “Every day my daughter has a crisis, she shouts, ‘Mom, tell my dad what will happen to my dad'”

N., now 15, told her mother on April 13 that her father had abused her for two years. Mother YT has filed a complaint against her ex-married father TK. The first hearing in the Judiciary will be held on Thursday (November 11) at the Anatolian Courthouse in Istanbul. After meeting YT and complaining about TK, we talked about what happened and her daughter’s condition.

Article: Edanur Tanış – Camera: Ali McKit

14-year-old N. Her mother told YT that her father had abused her on April 13, 2021, and that she had complained to TK when she found out what had happened. The father was detained but later released. TK, who was under house arrest for a short time, is now on trial. The investigation has been completed and the first hearing of the case will be held tomorrow (November 11) at the Anatolian Courthouse in Istanbul.

She said she felt much better and more relieved when her daughter told her story. YT, “My daughter stands by the strength of our faith in her. But at the moment we are very bad. She is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, we are in the hospital all the time.Said

“In times of crisis, my daughter says, ‘My dad is coming, Mom, please tell him not to come,'”

Explain that her daughter was in crisis many times a day and she remembered the things she felt again and again during this crisis. YTMy daughter says she constantly hears her father’s voice in her head. During the crisis, she hits herself, scratches herself, pulls her hair out and feels a vibration that she can’t control. We are always in the hospital. As he approached the court, his stress increased. ” He added with a worried expression: “In times of crisis, he said, ‘don’t touch me, don’t come, don’t take me out.’ ‘Who’s coming, who’s with?’ When asked, he said, ‘Father is coming, mother will not come, tell him to go’. My daughter wants to commit suicide. We run to the kitchen and try to find some cuts, try to resist it. One night when she had a convulsion, they tied my daughter’s hands and feet in front of my eyes. It’s too heavy. “

Mentioning that n. He has just started high school but could not go to school due to his experience, he also had a crisis in school. YT.“My daughter does not want to go to school. Because the more he sees his peers at school, the more he realizes what he’s doing. “ He said.

“My youngest son says to his sister, ‘You have complained against my father. My father will go to jail because of you.'”

Mention that she has two more children, ages 6 and 18, and they too were greatly affected by the events, YT, He continued as follows: “My eldest son can’t see my daughter’s crisis, he doesn’t want to come home. “When I see my brother like that, I feel like I can’t do anything for that guy,” he says. My little boy knows there is something between dad and sister, but he doesn’t understand. She is very dear to her father. He gets very angry at us sometimes. He sometimes says to his sister, ‘You complained against my father, my father will go to jail because of you’. We try to calm him down by talking. ”

I am dead but standing

When we asked her how she was YTWith a smile, “I’m dead but I’m standing” Mentioning that he was going through a period where he had to be strong, the mother said, “Yes, I look strong but sometimes I feel very weak and afraid to give up because if I give up my children will be of no use.” He told me how it felt.

“Doctors say my daughter should not be alone during the day.”

Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. YT She said doctors told her her daughter should not be alone because of her crisis and that was why she could not go to work. Mentioning that she works extra as a dishwasher and service worker at weddings on some weekends, YT, “Sometimes I wash dishes for 12 hours to give my kids a more comfortable life. My daughter needs to be socialized and involved in life. It also requires money“He said.

My daughter always commits suicide in her mind. “

YT, “My daughter is constantly thinking of suicide. Sometimes, ‘Why did my father do that to me?’, Other fathers look at their daughters and ask, ‘Do they go through the same thing?’ He asks “ He continued. Explain that they used to go to the emergency room almost every night especially for the last one month. YT, “Not every hospital has a pediatric psychiatrist. We go from hospital to hospital by ambulance. I know I paid 250 TL for the taxi overnight. It may not be for others, but it is a lot of money for me. ” Says

He said he did not want anyone to ignore the fact that TK had ruined their lives. YT, “Why would my child have to go through all this? I don’t want to raise unsafe children. When my daughter had a convulsion, the police brought an ambulance when she hit herself. The police come in front of the ambulance and they say to my daughter, ‘We are with you, we are safe’. N. don’t even want to see them. My daughter is distrustful of the police, the judiciary and the prosecutor because the father is independent. ” He said.

“I want to raise children who believe in justice.”

Says, I want justice for your daughter YTHe addressed the authorities as follows: “I do not want to raise children who do not believe in justice. I don’t want to raise children who want to be judged. I want to raise children who believe in justice. My daughter says, ‘My father did this to me and he should be punished.’

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