120 million TL scholarship opportunities for 300 children … SEY Foundation Scholarship application has started

120 million TL scholarship opportunities for 300 children … SEY Foundation Scholarship application has started

Istanbul Semra and Enver Usel Foundation have started the third scholarship application period. With the new scholarship recipients, 120 million TL scholarships will be given to a total of 300 children during 8 years of education.

The SEY Foundation, which has launched its activities to create equality of opportunity in education, will touch the lives of 300 families with a scholarship of 120 million TL. The Foundation, which provides 100% educational scholarships to children of families living on minimum wage since its inception, does not pay tuition fees for the private school the student attends, from kindergarten to the end of 8th grade; They also cover the costs of their entire education and training life, including the cost of food, books, stationery, clothing and services.

Scholarship applications have been launched for the foundation, which has provided hundreds of computers to both village schools and students, as well as provided training and seminars to thousands of students and families. Semra & Enver Yücel Foundation, “Future Scholarship” can be applied at www.seyvakfi.org between March 28 – April 10.

Noting that they believe in equal opportunities in education, HYseyin Yücel, president of the SEY Foundation, said the only condition for the application was to make a living for the family at the minimum wage and said, “We are entering the third year of the SEY Foundation. This year. We have given 100 percent support to the education of the children. This year also we have fixed the number of our scholarship holders as 150, and we will start the journey with our 300 children and their families in the near future. The amount of scholarships we have given to 300 children Millions will reach TL. Our scholarship covers the whole of Turkey. “

“We are committed to meeting all the costs of education”

Referring to the scholarship criteria, Yücel said, “Any family who can make a living on a minimum wage can apply for their children. We are more inclined towards economically disadvantaged parents. Our second criterion is that we provide scholarships to our children aged 5-6 years.” Those who start kindergarten or elementary school and pay for their education until they graduate have no other criteria, because setting test criteria for our young children is not both educationally correct and unethical. Our families.At the same time, the student not only pays the tuition fee for the private school he / she will attend, but also pays for food, books, etc. The entire education and training life including the cost of stationery, clothing and services.

They can choose the private school of their choice.

“We keep our foundation completely independent of our own educational institution,” Yücel said, adding that accredited students can study at any school of their choice. After accreditation, we interview our student’s family. We encourage young children to choose a private school close to their home. They can choose any private school We will continue to provide 100 percent Education scholarships until the students graduate, ”he said.

Usell, who also advises families on their children’s education, said: “The most important educational age abroad or in the country is pre-school and elementary school. It is important for our children at this level to be more interested in them. Education and training in terms of their future and success.” We have decided to support our children of different ages, because after a certain age, our child makes his own way.If he has academic success, he can get different scholarships in many cases.

“We think it’s important to invest in preschool.”

Begum Usell, Deputy Chairman, SEY Foundation, said, “Today we are thrilled. Before we had 150 scholarship children. Today, we are opening scholarship applications and we will add 150 more to our family. So we welcome all applications. Scholarship, that child is related to education till the end of 8th grade. “We are committed to meet all their needs. Children are like sponges, so we think it is more important to invest in preschool. Scholarship with the future, we aim to take our children from infancy and raise them in the future, “he said.

“We are trying to select families that value education”

Noting that applications are growing rapidly every year, Begum Yassel said, “We look forward to achieving a great goal this year. We have a scholarship committee, we check it closely. .Who really care about education. I hope we reach out to many families and children. “

“We also train parents.”

“Our doors are open to all children. We do not find a definite measure of success in our studies. We even try to help some of our children with extra personal lessons when they fall behind,” she said. In fact, education begins at home with parents. So we have closed scholarships for families who do not participate in parental education. Because we think the most important thing is that parents raise their children with joy. , Rather than schooling. “

After the Scholarship Committee evaluates the applications, their families will be notified by the Foundation.

120 million TL scholarship opportunities for 300 children ... SEY Foundation Scholarship application has started

120 million TL scholarship opportunities for 300 children ... SEY Foundation Scholarship application has started

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