Actress Ugur Arda Aidin has been jailed for “sexual harassment”

Defendant Ugur Arda Aydin and plaintiffs Mana Alkay and Nazif Aksay attended the first instance hearing at the 15th Criminal Court in Istanbul. Lawyers from both sides were also present at the time.

Complainant Mana Alkay, who made a statement about his qualifications, said he still works in the city theater. “I’m under a lot of pressure. I did not complain for a long time for fear of losing my job. I also lost my father to cancer. I do not want the case to be dropped from the restraining order.‘He said.

Complainant Nazif Akshay said that he was present at the hearing despite his many problems. “Considering all this trouble, no woman wants to come here for something so heavy. We have a family too. I know what I went through and it’s not easy. The one who forced me to go through it knows very well. I want the accused to be punished. “ Used expressions.

Defendant Ugur Arda Aydin, on the other hand, said he was ashamed to defend himself in court because of the charges against him.Complainant Alokay has been working with my family in the same unit since the incident and has been visiting them. How would he explain this step? If something happened as he claimed, why didn’t he inform any of them while there were many authorized units? The main reason for this is: in 2019, my name was passed as general industry director. If I had been the director of industry, the complainant Alokay would have thought he would lose his job. That is why he has made such a complaint. “ Says

“I want my consent”

Arguing that he and complainant Akshay had acted in many plays together after the incident he and complainant Akshay had complained about, Aydin said, Get out of the theater. I’ve been in the theater for 20 years, I’ve acted in countless plays, I’ve directed. I’ve never touched anyone against their will. I want my release. “

The trial court sentenced Aidin to three years in prison before bringing charges of “sexual harassment” against plaintiff Nazif Akshay. Considering the behavior of the accused during the trial and its effect on the offender, the court reduced the sentence to 2 years and 6 months.

The court ruled that the defendant’s “sexual harassment” case against the plaintiff should be dropped, as Mana Alkay’s complaint was filed after the deadline.

Clients gladly welcome the decision

Accused Aydin, who hurried out of the courtroom after the verdict, kicked and hit a female journalist who was watching him and left the court.

After the verdict, the complaining women shouted and shed tears of joy. As the plaintiffs hugged each other, Nazif Akshay hugged and cried her husband, actress Becky Akshay, who was waiting for her support outside the court.

Alkay and Aksay, who made a statement in front of the court with the women and their lawyers who came to support them after the hearing, expressed that they are happy.

Mana Alkay, whose voice trembled as she spoke, said she was harassed by the accused in 2012, and when she found out about the incident of Nazif Aksay in 2019, she saw that he was not alone, and she realized that the accused His harassment continued. Action in the workplace without hesitation and fearlessness.

Al-Qayy said he had decided to file a complaint against Nazif Akshay so that other women would not be harassed. It will happen to me. ‘ I firmly believe that the Istanbul Metropolitan City Theater, a theater organization, will take the necessary action against this person who has tarnished the name of the organization. “

Other employees must not be victims

Aksoy claims that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the IMM City Theater did not support them in the process. Akshay said they announced the incident so that other employees would not be harmed.

Bekir Akshay, wife of Nazif Akshay’s actress, says:I am, and will be, by the side of these two esteemed women. Hopefully they will grow and hopefully these weeds will leave us.‘He said.

From the claim

The allegations, prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, demanded that the suspect, Ugur Arda Aydin, be jailed for “sexual harassment” because he harassed Mana Alkay in a drama rehearsal in 2012 and Nazif Aksay in 2019.

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