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Ali Gurbuz of Antalya, who was the chief wrestler at Kirkpiner Oil Wrestling in 2011-2021 and 2019, became the chief wrestler at the 660th Wrestling this year. Gürbüz, who has been the chief wrestler 4 times this year, has won the title of wrestler for two consecutive years from Private Square, and if he becomes champion from the grassland next year, he will be the eternal owner of the gold belt.

“I want to complete my father’s story.”

Gurbuz says he presented the gold belt he won to his father, Recep Gurbuz, who was Kirkpiner’s main wrestler in 1988 and died in 1999, to his mother, grandfather and fans. Mentioning that he wanted to complete his father’s unfinished story in Kirkpiner, Gurbuz said, “My 4th Golden Belt total, after 2019, was an epidemic in 2020, then I became a major wrestler again in 2021. I became a wrestler for two. In a row. Year. I hope to be a wrestler next year and be a gold champion. I want to be the eternal owner of the belt. There is no one in Antalya who has succeeded in it, I want something to happen. You know, my father was also a major wrestler in 1988. My father Died after he became the main wrestler, he couldn’t wrestle.He has an unfinished story, I hope his unfinished story about his gold belt 3 times in a row I want to finish

“I came to this field at the age of 10, I came from the foundation of this business.”

“I first came to this field in 1998, it’s been 23 years, I’ve been in this sport since I was 10 years old. I came from the foundation of this business. My grandfather is also a major wrestler,” said Gurbuz. He helped me a lot in wrestling. In terms of teaching. My uncle is a former wrestler. They have a lot of advantages. I’ve worked with a lot of people. He’s a good teacher. Let’s try to reflect that, ”he said.

“Any small mistake, he loses his gold belt. I wrestled with a lot of guarantees.”

Emphasizing that he has had to fight very tough opponents at Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling, Gürbüz said, “I have had tough draws this year, especially on Sunday, I had very tough opponents in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Serhat Gökmen in the quarterfinals, then Orhan School , Then Ismail Koch in the final. It is not easy to beat one by one. But I am very happy to be the main wrestler after losing my most important opponent. We have come here with 1 year of hard work and effort. I lost my gold belt because of a small mistake in 2018. Unfortunately, I was defeated. And if I had been the main wrestler that year, I would have owned it forever. I wrestled a little more carefully, I wrestled with a lot of confidence. Maybe we didn’t play games with a high level of enjoyment Sunday audience, but we’ve been working hard for a year. I didn’t want to do that. Wrestled, but in 2018, I tried to wrestle more carefully because the golden belt escaped my hands. I, “he said.

“I want to make my idol, I want to say that I have regained my father’s confidence.”

In Kirkpiner Oil Wrestling, statues of the main wrestlers, who are the eternal owners of the gold belt, are placed in Saraisi Private Square, at the decision of the Municipal Council in Edirne. Recalling the decision, Gurbuz said his goal and dream was to be the eternal owner of the golden arch and to place a statue in Saraisi’s square and go to his father’s grave and restore his faith. “Coca Josephus, Kel Aliços, Adalı Halils have wrestled in this arena. Many wrestlers have wrestled. We are trying to preserve their legacy today. It is very important to us to be proud. In Kirkpinner. ” My biggest goal next year is to be the chief wrestler, as the perpetual owner of the belt, to set up my statue there and to be the perpetual owner of the gold belt and to take it to my father’s grave and tell my dad, ‘I got his faith back.’ He was a leading wrestler whom everyone loved and respected. Since he died so early, people tried to save his love in me. I want to be a worthy son of a father too. I want to end his unfinished story as a chief wrestler next year with a happy ending. On my father’s side, there are tribunals in Kirkpiner and Antalya, I get emotional and I think my dad is with me on the field. “

“My hero, my dad, my role model Sangeet Elbei”

Chief Pehlivan Gurbuz said the hero was his father and his idol was Genghis Elbei, one of the late chief wrestlers, and said, “Every age has its own chief wrestler, day conditions and criteria change. My hero is my father but our Antalya chief wrestler Genghis Elbeo.” I did an apprenticeship with him, the deceased was a very polite and gentle man. I always took him as an example. He always watches the final of the main wrestlers while waiting for the medal. When Genghis Bhai became the chief wrestler, all the wrestlers from Antalya ran to the field with him, I will never forget that moment and I will never see it before my eyes. He is my idol. , He said.

“We don’t eat a lamb in one seat.”

“We pay attention to our diet. We try not to disturb our sleep patterns and eating 3 meals a day. We eat. Lots of protein. But of course. , As the saying goes, ‘wrestlers eat a lamb once they sit down.’ “I don’t know if the old wrestlers ate it, but we don’t have it today. There is an opportunity to eat such a lamb, but we eat more than a normal human being. Because we need more energy, “he said.

“I gave my dad a gold belt.”

Mentioning that he gave his father the first gold belt, Gurbuz said, “I gave the first gold belt to my father, and of course my mother deserves it. I have always been with her since I was a child. My son and my colleague from Antalya and Ali Gurbuz, who supported me in Turkey. “I want to give it to everyone,” he said.

“Our family has been on the field for 50 years.”

Chief Pehlivan Ali Gurbuz explained that his grandfather, father and uncle were also wrestlers and he had been on the field for 50 years as a family for 3 generations. He mentioned that he would not force his son Recep Gurbuz, after which his father named him, to become a wrestler, Gurbuz underlined that he was the grandfather of the first wrestler who was on the stage in Antalya. “My grandfather was also a major wrestler, and he was the first wrestler to take the podium in Antalya. My father was the first person to bring the first gold belt to Antalya. I want to own the first one forever. The Golden Belt. The family has been in this field for 50 years. In fact, the family is a little tired of this stress, this stress. My mother and my family don’t want that much either, but my son can do it himself if he wants to, but for my son Recep Gurbuz we have his I will not put such pressure on you, ”he said.

After seeing Edirne Mayor Recep Gurkan in his office, Gurbuz poses for a souvenir photo with municipal employees. Gurbuz then left for his hometown Antalya.

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