Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı: We have served in 65 countries, including health tourism

Antalya (DHA) – TurkeyNoting that Antalya is one of the most important health tourism destinations in Turkey, Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı said: “Our clinic serves about 2,000 patients from 65 countries. In that sense, it is a great pleasure for us to support health tourism in Turkey. We aim to showcase the potential of Turkish physicians around the world. Health tourism.” Noting that she underwent rhinoplasty to a Lithuanian nurse in her last operation, Baliki made a statement drawing attention to the importance of reference in health tourism. Baliki added that patients can take a swab test within 1 week of nasal surgery.

After his rhinoplasty in Miami about 12 years ago, a 36-year-old Lithuanian nurse who was compared to Michael Jackson went to Guinter’s Gonadozu, Assoc. Dr. He likes Hüseyin Balıkcı.

“I have been to Turkey before. I was fascinated by the beauty of the country as well as the food. I was fascinated by the honest and helpful people of the Turks. For my health. I have chosen Turkish and Turkish doctors to correct rhinoplasty, “he said.

The surgery lasted 4 hours

Speaking after the surgery, the association said. Dr. Hüseyin Balıkcı said: “Our patient, who had undergone nasal surgery once, had a C-shaped deviation in the septum, hypertrophy and an asymmetrical nostril in the lower turbinate. He wanted the nose type to look curved and normal. We use state-of-the-art technology in rhinoplasty surgery. Wounds and swelling are greatly reduced after surgery. Thanks to these devices. Silicone pads are available, we remove the pads after 1 week. Our patients can use a mask with peace of mind by choosing the appropriate mask They will be able to give swab test after 1 week.

“I’m like Michael Jackson near my nose.”

About 12 years ago, a Lithuanian guinea pig with rhinoplasty in Miami, Florida’s second-largest city in the United States, told Gonadozu, “I decided to have a second surgery because of my nose dissatisfaction. I came to Antalya to get it, “he said.

“I brought references from social media”

For revision operations, Assoc. Dr. Saying that he had found Hüseyin Balıkcı, Gintare Gnedojute said: “It is very important to get references for this type of surgery. I received Hüseyin Bey for positive feedback on social media. She had patients from many countries around the world. I contacted her. Some of these patients are online and I have received their reference. When I have full confidence in this matter, I contact the clinic in Hussein Bay. ”

“I will announce the success of Turkish doctors to everyone in my country.”

As soon as he set foot in Turkey he was greeted at the airport and placed in his hotel, he was given all possible help. In every way from the moment I set foot in Turkey to my country. I was able to find the answers to all the questions and “I had the surgery without any problems. I thank them very much. I would like to inform everyone in my country about the hospitality of the Turks and the success of the Turkish doctors.”

Serving 2,000 patients from 65 countries

Speaking about his patients from Lithuania, Assoc. Dr. Hussein Baliki says:

“As a clinic, it is a great pleasure for us to support health tourism. We support our country in every way and contribute to our economy. At our clinic, we have served about 2000 patients in 65 countries. We will continue to serve. I aim to show the power of Turkish doctors. “

Assoc.  Dr.  Hüseyin Balıkcı: We have served in 65 countries, including health tourism

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