Aydin Bhai was our mentor, who picked us up when we fell and dropped us off when we flew.

Editor-in-Chief of Green Newspaper Shikha Karakartal, Our former colleague, one of the most senior figures in Turkish media, is our author. Aydin engineHe later wrote in the article that he thought, “Our mentor was he picked us up when we read and he dropped us when we flew. He was our brother Aydin.”

Caracartal used the following expressions in his article:

“A child’s eyes, a mischievous smile, and a man who has touched and added meaning to everyone’s life; Aydin engine Passed by our Aydin Abi, whose absence honors life with its presence, and whom he bows to the memory of thousands of people who do not know him with reverence, but with the greatest love.

In 1998, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life were formed to form a united force against those who do not respect the rights of journalists. Agree on the basic principles of broadcasting in accordance with international policy, and impose it on the organizations we work with. Press conference Press conferenceHe entered my life / our lives …

On the one hand we; Newly graduated from school, a young journalist (candidate), and Aiden Engine, who is more excited than us, younger than us, and believes that better days can come than us.

He is sitting in one corner with his eyes fixed on mischief; He used to look at our very young, very young, very hot conditions with patriarchal affection. He will be very young Gazi ParkIn the wedding hall. Because they will not agree to get up from the corner and armchair and join our apprentices. He is the only one; With his perseverance, hard work, perseverance and determination, he will work without hitting new members of his profession, whom he fell in love with, and will not let us lose our way, which we were trying to find with our hands. At that point, like a compass.

After each meeting, he would make three or five young reporters, whom he must keep an eye on, sit at a rocky table, who would make us feel like big men and women and take care of themselves and bring them into a good alignment. On the one hand, as our sweet ears are pulling, saying that everything has a time and place, on the other hand, with courage and strength on our backs …

Then we grew up… we read a lot, we got hurt a lot. We were unemployed, sometimes breaking down. Each time, he was with us to get what we needed, to pick him up from where we fell and to bandage our wounds. We got new job offers, we got married, we got divorced, new people joined our families, someone left our lives. In all; In our joys or our anxieties, when we were confused, when our hearts leaped at a glance, when we wanted to consult, when we wanted to talk, our Aydin Abi was there to celebrate and do what we wanted to do.

He carried me like a bag wherever he went in my career. Good thing… now together SputnikThen the name Radio North We set up the radio, which was the first, and when we were told, we left together. Twice RepublicThe first time we called, we broke up together again One day ‘We established “let’s go,” he said, “you stay in the newspaper, in the castle, so I can handle other things with peace of mind.” This sentence is an award that I am most proud of, which I still carry like a medal in my professional life, which has been going on for 30 years. The second time, a group of people who wanted to take over the management of the newspaper, whose ambitions exceeded their height, the newspaper executives called the president while he was in prison: “My daughter, I can not give you a decent money or an offer. Now the appropriate location. But come on, you need it. ” If Idin’s brother says “you need me”, the flowing water stops, I go. Day by day, we are witnessing that those who turn away, go from house to house to pay their salaries, at the same time, a cup of coffee sprinkles beauty in the lives of their young colleagues, for whom they feel responsible, he is very tired, very angry, angry, broken. , But we haven’t heard from him for a day.

Just like when he was in prison, when he was in exile, when he received death threats and when he walked around with bodyguards, when his bodyguards were withdrawn and targeted, when he was unemployed, when he attacked… he was the most beautiful brother in our neighborhood. , Definition of “full of life”.

When I lost my father, the earth collapsed on me, and the sky and the earth merged together. He also called several times. I could not speak. A message the next day: I’m in front of the house, get out! He lived time LevantWhere I live CamlicaHe came and took me to a tea garden. I could not say, he said: “Father’s daughters should not be without fathers. Now that he’s gone, it’s time to take charge. From now on, if you accept, I will be your second father. A month for you, mourning your departure. Then you get up and move on. I’m here “.

It’s always there. Anytime.

Two days before I was admitted to the hospital for gallbladder surgery, when I said on the phone, “We are bringing tobacco colonies and one kilogram of oranges after the surgery,” he said, “Forget about the hospital, I had some. ‘Black money’ I left. If so, I’ll set up a nice rocky table for you with it, let’s celebrate. ” Although he has been a bit lazy in recent years due to his illness, he has won royalties for his 24 years of reporting to foreign media outlets. Wa Bedar ‘He used to invite us to a gathering at the inn every few months which he called “money laundering” because he was spending it unknowingly. He missed us, we knew, he knew we missed him too. We were going to clear the last one now, it didn’t happen … He promised to write the story of the river; I’ll take too.

He was a journalist till the last day. Columnist, manager, our most senior, etc. However, the journalist never lost his enthusiasm, he considered the reporter the most valuable. He was brave, he did not bow his head in front of anyone; He was benevolent, he considered it his duty to be in his territory, those seeking redress for his problems, whether he knew it or not; He was humble, and established relationships with people of all walks of life without hurting them on the same level.

He never bothered with those who were considered good in his life, which he sacrificed so that his own city, which he loved like crazy, could see sunny and beautiful days.

When my father left, I said goodbye to my childhood. I was an adult now. But I was leaning like a mountain, a flat tree in the shade of which I breathed, my “second father”, my confidant, was my brother Aiden, whose colleague I am proud to be, not only in my job, but in my life. Now, when the most precious of my last 24 years flew by, I said goodbye to my youth with him. Farewell, Brother Aidin, there is no doubt that you will inherit that love, kindness, joy and courage in our minds and hearts and we will always feel your hand on our shoulders until we meet again.

Don’t let the memory fade … “

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