Bahceşehir College focuses on the Cup for Turkey

Bahচে’u’ll কলেজh College is looking to return with an advantageous score from its first away game against ZZ Leiden in the FIBA ​​European Cup semi-final tomorrow. Alpaslan Aydin, the team manager of the ambitious Bahচেehir College, and Erhan Ernak, the head coach, made special statements to the Demiroren News Agency (DHA) before the fight to bring the trophy to Turkey.

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Alpaslan Aydin, general manager of the Bahচে’ College Men’s Basketball Team, emphasized that as Bah কলেজ’u’ll কলেজh College they do their best every year, “Of course, this is not an event that can be summed up in a short time. We went to the Super League in the first year, then we participated in the FIBA ​​European Cup in our second year, but the Cup was interrupted by an epidemic and then we had the Eurocup. This is our 4th year and we think we’ve established it this year. Our goal is long term. We’ll add something more to this route team and hope to get to a more successful destination as soon as possible. “I still believe that we will present this trophy to the people of Turkey,” he said.

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“We have the most Turkish staff in Turkey”

Noting that they will always provide opportunities and opportunities to Turkish players in line with their goals, Aydin said, “We are already an educational institution. With our universities and colleges, we are truly the largest educational institution in Europe and one of the leading institutions of learning. It is very important for us to raise people, value people and add value. Our teacher Erhan has a very important infrastructure. In the past, he has been the head of infrastructure at Anadolu Ephesus. I think there are 17, 18 trophies. Therefore, he has touched most of the infrastructure players. He knows them very well, their communication is very good. Our players who are playing now know very well how to play, and their mutual respect is very good. In his efforts, we now have a staff that plays the most Turkish players in Turkey, “he said.

“Our goal is to join Eurolog in the future”

Underlining that they want to present a trophy to Turkey, Aydin said: “Our goal is to participate in the Euroleague in the future. But before that, if we succeed, we want to bring the trophy to Turkey. Hopefully next year or next year we want to win the Champions League trophy. Then the goal is Eurolig. Step by step we will reach the goal. However, in doing so, we will never abandon our youth and children, who are the main reason for our departure. Our biggest goal is to give them something. No matter how much we touch people while doing this, this is our main achievement. The other is the apparent success, but it will be the greatest success that will make us happy. ”

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Erhan Ernak: As a team, we are very confident and strong enough

Bahচে’u’ll কলেজh head coach Irhan Ernak said they could not make serious preparations for the match due to severe fixtures, but they knew their opponents well because they were in the same group in the group stage and said, “We said something. Almost at the beginning of the season. Two seasons ago, we ended this adventure in the semifinals due to the epidemic, this season we will come to the semifinals first, then hopefully we will bring the trophy to our country, and we are on the verge. Truth be told, due to the intensity of the match in the Basketball Super League and unfortunately due to our injury we did not have the opportunity to prepare very seriously. As a team, we are very confident and willing, we have a very high quality team. Since we came from the team we will meet tomorrow, we played 2 matches and got a chance to enjoy them. “We have won both the matches,” he said.

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“We will keep the most serious score in our pocket and give it back.”

Recalling that it was a two-game losing streak, Ernak insisted they would go on to win and said, “Something has changed in their team and in our team. It will be a brand new match, but I think we are well prepared. E.g. Statistics The one who catches the most difference in 2 matches wins, meaning it can be 1-1, but the team that catches the difference avoids a tour. Of course, we have no worries about losing, when we get here, we will test the game tomorrow and keep the most serious score in our pocket, “he said.

“We are trying to prove something in our country.”

“Of course, first of all, this trophy is very valuable to our local players, we are trying,” said Erhan Ernak, noting that they have achieved significant success as a club and are excited to bring the trophy to Turkey. Test and prove something in our country. We are a big country, we have the potential to succeed in every branch of industry and science, we just had to break our shell a little bit and we have succeeded in many cases. We have had great success in many areas, but we are thrilled to have such success for the first time in our own club. Muhammad Begul and Kartal Ozmizrak have won the Euro Cup with Darussalam jerseys before, but they feel the same excitement as we did, as if they had never won the cup.

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