Best said size ‘I talked to my dad in another world’ … epic size broke his silence!

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Best Assar, singer Kayahan’s daughter and Epic Assar face off again. The pair, who previously had trouble sharing property, are in dispute over the title.

Best Size, who shared his son’s emotional moments at his grandfather Kayahan’s grave on his social media account yesterday, dropped the note below: There is a message I have long suspended for my father, which must be conveyed through me many times. My father said;

“Since Mrs. Epek is married, I am not allowed to use the title of my single or current gentleman’s wife anywhere.”

“I told Mrs. Epek not to use my father’s title anymore. She could use her first name if she wanted two.”

Married after 4 years
On September 13, 2019, 4 years after Kayahan’s death, EPEC Akar married his musician girlfriend Alperömürcüclass = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Kayahan's daughter, Beste Accordan, reacts to his father's ex-wife, Epek AccordKayahan’s daughter Beste Aakar has reacted to his father’s ex-wife Apek Aakar
Best Size, the daughter of the famous artist Kayahan, who died in 2015, reacted to Epic Size, who used her father’s surname despite being married.

I will have the same title as my son!

The Epic size, which broke his silence in the face of Best Acre’s remarks, revolted. The famous name made the following statement on his social media account;

I am very tired now, and I am sadly condemning this violence against me. Enough! We have shared the same life with Mr. Kayhan for 22 years, we have established a very beautiful family and we have a sweet son in the world, unfortunately we lost him even though we fought till the end. I hope you sleep in the light. Always in our memories and hearts.
My Almighty Lord has blessed me again with happiness, and I have married my wife, Alper Kömürcü, whose heart is a diamond, who values ​​me and my family and whom I value very much. I never want my children, my wife and my family, whom I kept in hiding, to be disturbed and offended by this violence against me.
For the house, we went to this place, where we completed all the maintenance, roofing and gardening, in short, we took care of ourselves materially and spiritually as a family to stand by the owners. I will not hold anyone accountable for this. Our hearts will not allow it to be broken and destroyed.
I will continue to defend what Kayahan has left until my last breath.
My last words to the person who made the unconscious statement is that I spoke to my father, who is in another world and I am conveying his message,
Like the new identity given by the Republic of Turkey, I will carry the same title as my child until I die! I want it to be like this. I will not comment further on this. Best wishes …

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“What a pity.”

Shortly after the epic size, Beste Aakar shared a photo of her father’s grave on Instagram and made a lengthy statement:

“Unfortunately, my dad condemns you. I know how many people wrote this statement to get out of the situation. Unfortunately, the cover doesn’t fit this time. Lovelessness under love in your post… it’s sad. My answer to Mrs. Silk Titar Komurku who said that My explanation was an “unconscious statement.” He is not peace loving. I will never stop respecting your beliefs and ideas. Please release our father … I know the reason behind this very well. Your perseverance, although I know very well that my father would not allow you to use that title, you said that you would respect and keep my father alive. Even if it was on a professional team, would you use it when remarrying? When it comes to Gomek’s house expenses, Nihat Bay, who takes care of the house there, we have the invoice of my father’s lawyer and accountant that I paid 8/3 of all the expenses and our lawyers have information mails written year after year, and our There is a WhatsApp group where you are. You have pictures and audio recordings of your stay, it doesn’t matter. You already know. You, İpek Tüter Kömürcü, who returned the buyers I found for the house because you got so little money … In our last conversation, I said that if you knew that tomorrow was your last day, would you sell for that money? You said yes, but you don’t have to die to do anything … My dad left everything and so will you. I invite you to stop communicating professionally and be yourself. Lying is self-sacrifice. Hodri Meydan. Delete İpek acar from your account and your life. .For the grandmaster. Stay with who you are. “

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Best Size says he talked to my dad in another world ... epic size breaks his silence

Besta Akar told what happened in an interview with Hakan Gains from Hurriyat;

Ipek was 17 when they met and I was 19. I was upset when my friends at school said bad things about it. I had a hard time putting them together in my head and in my heart. But before marriage they shared six years of life, I used to go to their house a lot. I was used to their marriage. I liked silk. How could you not be upset to find out that my dear man was planning to lose his father a few days later?

You spent 22 years with a man. If you would have called me for a power of attorney 22 days later instead of six days after my father’s death. I think these are planned things … a man doesn’t say ‘hold on, let me do it’ a few days after losing his spouse. My father had lung cancer. When he first found out, the doctors said, “He’s lived a maximum of six to eight months.” But he has struggled for 18 months. In my opinion, all is organized at this time. He certainly wanted to protect his own interests.

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Best Size says he talked to my dad in another world ... epic size breaks his silence

Epic’s desire to sing meets them. A few years ago they released an album of my father’s songs. My father used to say, “The most important occupation is motherhood. Give up these things, take care of your kids, ”he said. This was their biggest quarrel. EPEC – if he has a conscience – should admit! My dad didn’t really want Epic to make an album.

– Many of my father’s songs are unfinished. He had a tape recorder in his house. Silk removed the house. Now I don’t know where those devices and songs are. EPEC now says he is inspired. He has not been here for 22 years. If inspiration comes without losing a wife …

From Beste Açar to İpek Açara: Is your conscience at peace?From Beste Açar to pek Açar: ‘Is your conscience clear?’
Two important names in Kayahan’s life … the name of one of them; He wrote ‘On the page of the heart’, his wife … another; The jewel in his eye, his daughter … These two women came face to face when the main artist left and disappeared. Kayahan’s daughter, Beste Aqar, is on the agenda of lawsuits filed by her father against her husband Epek Aqar. For the first time, he shared all the details of his experience.

Who is the best size, how old is Keyahan's daughter Best sizeWho is the best size, how old is he? Information about the size of Kayahan’s daughter Best
Kayahan’s daughter, Best Size, has been one of the names in the magazine world lately. Beste Aakar, who mourned Kayhan’s ex-wife Epek Aakar, included a statement from his father before he died. So, who is the best size, how old is he? Information about the size of Kayahan’s daughter Best

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