CHP Beko: Child labor should be investigated

Noting that the number of child laborers in Turkey has increased in recent years and this shameful exploitation process has intensified, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Izmir deputy Kani Beko said a research proposal should reveal the reality of child labor. “As the world goes through the Kovid-19 epidemic, it is important to explore the dimensions of child labor and child labor exploitation, which have become widespread, profound and intense in our country, and to formulate comprehensive policies and proposals for solutions in the fight against child labor,” Beko said. The most shameful form of labor exploitation that children face in the future of our country and the world is long gone and it must pay the price in the dark pages of history, it is an impending threat to our future.

Emphasizing the increasing number of child laborers with the epidemic in justification of the research proposal, Beko claimed that the matter would be investigated on the following grounds:
“The COVID-19 epidemic has been associated with many negative developments, especially in our country since 2016 with growing poverty, severe and long-term economic crisis, and these days when the epidemic is in its second year, school attendance rates have risen across Turkey. Decreased rapidly. On the other hand, the number of child laborers is also increasing abnormally.

Child labor is one of the most serious and cursed forms of exploitation that prevents future children in the world and in our country from living their childhood, depriving them of their potential and dignity, depriving them of their right to education and making them harmful and permanent. Consequences for their physical and mental development. Turkey approved the ILO minimum age for admission to Convention No. 138 in 1998 and Convention No. 182 in 2001 for urgent action to ban and eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The National Program Against Child Labor (2017-2023), updated by the Ministry of Family and Social Services to cover the period 2017-2023, was prepared in line with this goal and was presented to the public agenda. All of these agreements and the creation of the legal infrastructure are conditions for our country to remain among the respected nations, as well as for our children and our future to be protected.

There are 6 million child laborers
However, the prohibition of child labor by law is one of the most morally reprehensible acts, one of the greatest harms to humanity and the future of our country. In fact, there are many steps that can be taken to make this awareness work. Easy to get. However, despite all these agreements, decisions and the legal and institutional framework established within the country, child labor is widely used. According to the 2021 activity report of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the number of people living in poor families receiving state aid has been revealed as 11 million 370 thousand people. According to the ministry, an estimated 6 million families have benefited from social assistance, but about 2.5 million of them have become dependent on social assistance. About one and a half lakh children have been given social and economic assistance due to their inability to take care of their families. According to state government figures, there are more than 11 million people living in poor households. For more than 130,000 children, their families are unable to meet their primary school needs The study found that there are at least 20 million child laborers in Turkey, up from four million in the summer months. When we add the unregistered immigrant and refugee child population living in Turkey to this number, we are talking about 6 million child laborers.

Attempts to legalize child labor in Turkey, especially in the name of vocational training, are unacceptable, one of the most brutal forms of exploitation and a black mark for countries that do not eradicate it. Our children are used as cheap labor, almost equivalent to slavery, in the name of “education”. Today this number alone is close to one and a half crore. Some of these children, who are supposed to be in school, gymnasium and park, are forced to work and those who are subjected to various forms of heavy exploitation and abuse are victims of work-related murders. According to figures released by the Occupational Health and Safety (ISIG) Assembly, at least 787 child laborers have been killed in professional killings in our country since 2002. It is clear that the removal of this destructive process requires urgent, sustained and lasting measures and solutions, which will replace the dark pages of the history of our country and the world, with all its consequences and immediate consequences. In accordance with Article 98 of the Constitution and Articles 104 and 105 of the Parliamentary Regulations, it is proposed to urgently bring together various institutions, agencies and initiatives to identify the various dimensions of the problem as well as the problems arising out of implementation. To create solutions with the same diversity, long-term and sustainable eradication-based policies. There is a need to open a parliamentary inquiry. “

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