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Who is the relation of death? Who is the author of Death Relationship? What is the subject and main idea of ​​death relationship? What does the book Death Relationships say about it? Death Relationship PDF Download Link? Who is the author of Death Relationship Selim Ellery? Here is a summary of death relationships, lyrics, comments and review books …

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Author: Selim Ellery

Publisher: Audiobook publication

ISBN: 9789753291989

Number of pages: 180

What is the relation of death? Subject, main idea, summary

The water was flowing like a thread, maybe breaking. Wasn’t that always the case: Belkis should have washed his glasses as soon as possible?

As if he was washing, a bunch of glasses, no one would use, he would put it back in the closet, put it in order, until next autumn; At the end of the summer, the whole house was sprayed for bugs (that terrible heating bug). A powdery odor fills the air, and at the end of each summer all the windows are open day and night. After a while, the insects disappeared on their own. Belkis was learning from them. He opened the call all the way. The only detail he could see from the kitchen door was the carpet spread on the sunlight armchair, or rather the reddish-dark blue-black color of the carpet: its creamy color …

Death Relationship Quotes – Lyrics

  • “It simply came to our notice then. After their great internal turmoil, peace will come. It was always like this. For example, it will rain in the end.
  • The greatest love in the world is to share loneliness.
  • Everything has turned to stone, even loves.
  • He was so alone and so full of himself that there was no way to recognize people.
  • What we understand from the novel, and I think we write every novel for ourselves, we have not been able to communicate every story, every poem. … isn’t it a new picture, a new expression of miscommunication for it?

Death Relationship Review – Personal Comments

A psychological novel written by Selim Ellery. Author, to capture the intellectual air in the novel; She tried to build as much of a style and plot as possible, between the rapid change in the flow of the story from the European city environment and the male-female relationship. In my opinion, he failed miserably. In my opinion, these attempts to add an intellectual air to the novel have created a smooth and compelling novel. It’s a rare book that I’ve tried so hard to finish. (Baran Yusuf)

When I found out in Tomris Ware’s diary that I had read last month that the book Death Relationships had dropped him off with Selim Ellery, I thought I should read this book again. I was in my early 20’s when I first read Death Relationships. I wasn’t 20, I don’t know. I read, but who knows how I read! In this reading experience, at least I’ve tried to figure out who the character inspired by Tomaris Ware is. The Death Relationship book, which uses the technique of consciousness and has a lot of narrators, was in fact the second book of Selim Ellery’s Bodram Quartet. I didn’t even know that. Here young people are studying without internet. That’s it. Let’s read Quatrain. Maybe I understand better, Relationships of Death. (Ozlem Akbas)

Selim Ellery Classic where when I read this I felt the loneliness and narrowness of the hero in the society. Selim Ileri is one of the best geniuses in Turkish literature. In the book, Forward deals with its subject matter with such beautiful descriptions, psychological analysis and flashbacks that you can read it in one breath. (Light and beyond)

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Who is the author of the book Selim Ellery?

He is the son of Professor Hilmi Ellery, a scientist. He graduated from Ataturk Boys High School in 1968. He dropped out of the law faculty at Istanbul University. At the age of 19, his first story book, Solitude, was published on Saturday. He published his first article in New Horizons Magazine in 1967.

In 1998, he was awarded the title of State Artist by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The author, who can successfully reflect the rich inner world of the individual in his novels and stories, also highlights the miscommunications between individuals in his first works.

Over the years, he has written articles in the “Writing Room” column on the culture and art page of the Kumhuriyat magazine. The author, who has produced numerous programs for radio and television, also presented the “Selim Ellery’s Notebook” program, which began in mid-2008. TRT-2 presents the show, which is broadcast live every Sunday. Also, he has been writing articles about Istanbul in the Zaman newspaper’s Saturday supplement since 2008.


* Saturday solitude

* At the foot of the sea

* Bacon font (book)

* The Last Days of Friendship (1978 Sait Faik Story Award)

* Faded flowers in old notebooks …

* I am sending you the picture

* Evil

His novel

* Early Youth Stories (Compilation)

* Alone tomorrow

* This summer will be the first summer of separation

* Imagination and trouble

* Epic Hearts

* Bodram Every Night (1977 TDK Novel Award)

* Death relationship

* An evening pied

* Queen of Hell

* Living and dying time

* Variety of Saj Jazz Weddings

* I am yours until I die

* If you are mine alone with your blue wings

* God bless the republic (game)

* Istanbul Tulip and Hyacinth

* Cage

* Memory; Lonely and rainy

* Yesterday

* Literary books of Gluten

* The only lobster in our house

* Table in my dreams

Selim Ellery Book – Composition

  • The last day of friendship
  • This summer will be the first summer of separation
  • Epic Hearts
  • A dead butterfly
  • Imagination and hardship
  • Mel’s – a cleavage of ours
  • Bedroom every night
  • Chest room in Istanbul
  • Last summer evening
  • Women without camellias
  • Istanbul I have not forgotten you
  • The gramophone is still ringing
  • Istanbul Under the Stars
  • Istanbul tramway Dan Dan! ..
  • For my mother
  • Istanbul – the colon of memory
  • It’s snowing in my life
  • Just yesterday
  • Cage
  • I am yours until I die
  • At the foot of the sea
  • Istanbul where I live
  • All flames
  • Tomorrow alone
  • Rainy evening
  • Time to live and die
  • Istanbul – tulips and hyacinths
  • Istanbul was an evening in May
  • Moonlight
  • An evening pied
  • This is false tango
  • Mr. Semil Sevaket, two-handed revolver in the mirror cabinet
  • The story of the early youth – the first volume
  • The Story of Early Youth – Volume II
  • Istanbul, lilac in my first novel
  • Closed economy
  • Broken shell
  • If you want to be mine with your blue wings
  • Gourmet in the kitchen
  • Gift to Period Cellulite
  • Variety of Saj Jazz Weddings
  • Solmaz Haneem, for orphan readers
  • Queen of hell
  • Saturday solitude
  • Death relationship
  • Bacon Summer
  • A guide to my favorite novels in our literature
  • The only lobster in our house
  • Behchet Nekatigil, poet of Broken Fines
  • Faded flowers in old notebooks
  • Sad coffee
  • I’m sending you pictures
  • Never heard of that love
  • Golden Page from Turkish Novel
  • Thought and sensitivity
  • The Story of Early Youth – Part III
  • Come to the end
  • I have heard of Atila Ilhan, also known as Captain
  • I remember
  • False dawn
  • Istanbul tonight without you again
  • Cahide
  • Expected boyfriend
  • Kumkuma
  • The past, the time that will never come back
  • The moon is still beautiful
  • Away, always away
  • I miss you
  • Destan Gönüller – I’m sending you this picture
  • If you are alone with your blue wings
  • You will disappear like a shadow
  • Literary book by The Glutton
  • The table in my dreams
  • Memory; Lonely and rainy
  • You live you die it must have a meaning
  • A broken love story
  • Evil
  • The story of Istanbul
  • Night siren
  • Fairy escape article
  • After the fall

Selim Advanced Quote – Lyrics

  • Because I am sick, weak heart, your bright, bright smile … because I am a poet and you have pure poetry and imagination, black, divine eyes … (The story of the early youth – the first volume)
  • Did I say my life is a stain? It doesn’t hurt any heart. An effective purulent wound, never healed. That is why I have tried to stay away from people and love. (Tomorrow alone)
  • I got off the train, again at Yedikule, still dawn; I will meet my dear friend Sarkis Açık, we will go to Safa Tavern. (Istanbul Under the Stars)
  • I have written all the troubles of the world! You thought. Then a piece of glass. Every line you wrote was a piece of glass. Frustration, you might even call it a fantasy. (I’m sending you pictures)
  • – Are you against marriage? + No. I am against husband and wife who do not love each other, against unhappy children, against a loveless home. (A broken love story)
  • Maybe that’s why I feel ashamed and timid about books that I haven’t understood in years. I will begin to see books, especially novels, as life. (I remember)
  • This illness of the past has destroyed me. (Variety of Saj Jazz Weddings)
  • I have to live like me. As a living newborn. I don’t pay attention to my skills. (Destan Gönüller – I’m sending you this picture)
  • Despite speaking the same language, most of the time, no one understands another’s language. (Last summer evening)
  • That’s when the 1960 coup took place. Without the coup it was a very confusing situation. Menderes decided to deport the leftists to various parts of Anatolia. We are all named. We were called one by one and told where to go. (I have heard of Atila Ilhan, also known as Captain)
  • Learned over time. Our debauchery, our obscenity, is all out of despair. (Solmaz Haneem, for orphan readers)
  • The song of my heart is over. (Destan Gönüller – I’m sending you this picture)
  • Always innovation, always action, always speed! (Variety of Saj Jazz Weddings)
  • When the violence of our experience ceases, the remnants remain, the sediment that we thought was useless. However, the cause and effect is now his, it is in him. (Tomorrow alone)
  • You can not remove the fatigue of time: it has faded old, yellow, pink, bluish chrysanthemums. It looks dirty; Wash as much as you like !, You can’t clean dirt and rust over time. (Just yesterday)
  • – Are you against marriage? + No. I am against parents who do not love each other. I am against unhappy children and unloving homes. (A broken love story)
  • A crazy wind is blowing in your heart. But he is not, what are you waiting for, where is he now?Faded flowers in old notebooks)
  • Yes, no money. A little bohemian, but behind it is a way of life with the excitement of youth. In the midst of these conversations and conversations, the following issues keep popping up: Nazim Hikmet has been unjustly imprisoned, he must be rescued and this will be done through an international initiative … (I have heard of Atila Ilhan, also known as Captain)
  • There was an intense pain in his silence, in his surrender, in the pure and clear look of his eyes. (For my mother)
  • Life in the old house did not separate people from nature like today’s apartment. The house went through the garden, water was drawn from a well to irrigate the garden, flowers from the garden entered the house, lavender flowers poured on their clean scented bed. People can’t help thinking about a season that doesn’t change their tastes, or even think about the animals they love. Cats sniff in the most comfortable corner of the house. Abdulhaq Sinasi Hisar, Bosphorus Moonlights, 1942. (Istanbul Under the Stars)

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