‘Evacity’ shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

In the Eğirdir district of ISPARTA, it was decided to evacuate 4 buildings, including 64 flats, due to huge boulders falling from the slopes after each rainfall. People living in the buildings reacted to this decision because there was no time limit for the study. Adam Celik, the district governor of Aguirre, who met with the property owners, said: “The risk of landslides has increased significantly since yesterday. You can see that there have been occasional landslides over the last 30 years. This year, a little more.”

Emaret mahalesi, said. The landslide occurred due to rain and melting snow on the hill behind the apartment located south of the health center building on Isa Koklu Street. The giant boulder fell on the road breaking the slope. Residents of four buildings near the slope are living in panic due to the landslide. Due to the risk of landslides, AFAD Provincial Director Ethem Kılıçarslan conducted an inspection of the area with his technical committee. Igirdi District Governor Adam Chelik, Igirdi Mayor Veli Gok and Police Chief Yasar Gorgun also took part in the test.

There is a meeting of representatives and property owners

After the test, it was decided to vacate 4 buildings including 64 flats against the risk of landslides and rockslides. Following the decision, the property owners held a meeting with a delegation chaired by Igirdi District Governor Adam Chelik. District Governor Adam Chelik, Mayor Veli Gok, Igirdi District Police Chief Yasser Gorgun, Isparta AFAD Deputy Provincial Director Osman Chelik, Isparta Provincial Department of Environment and Urbanization Zoning Planning Branch Branch Manager and Gokhan Simyan, District Manager of Engineering. Deputy Director Gule Wisal, Civil Engineer Ilknur Kaya, Survey Engineer Ibubeki Zenak and property owners were present. District Governor Adam Chelik explained that as a result of the technical investigation of the AFAD team from Ankara, 4 blocks were requested to be evacuated because the region is at risk.

‘Risks have increased from the past to the present’

Noting that those who have lived in the buildings for 30 years are at serious risk, District Governor Chelik said, “There has been a movement in areas affected by the effects of rainy weather and snow. It has been decided to remove it. For the safety of your life and property. These are natural phenomena.” . ”It has grown a lot. You can see that the rock is collapsing from time to time for 30 years. A little more this year. In the report, you have been informed to evacuate the buildings so that the safety of your life and property is not endangered, ”he said.

‘A problem that has happened for 30 years’

Noting that the meeting was held to resolve property owners, District Governor Chelik said:

“The municipal budget is insufficient to take action. Therefore, what has happened in the last 30 years has been an opportunity to solve the gangrenous problem. AFAD will deal with it directly. Don’t get out of the house, but this gangrene will continue. ” God forbid, something happens in someone’s life, then we say ‘ah’. Unfortunately, everything is fleeting. Even saying it is very dangerous. For 30 years nothing happened. Working in harmony with the determination made by our expert teams is a great need for your health. We look forward to hearing from you. “

“We don’t have the budget to build it. When we talked to our friends from AFAD, we had problems with the budget and the law. We went to Ankara and told them our problems. Thanks to them, they are warm,” “In the next process. Now we support what the experts say, because it’s a technical issue,” he said.

Property owners have responded to the decision

During the meeting, the property owners who took the floor said they were not in favor of vacating their home and did not know how long it would take to conduct the survey. Explaining that stones fell on the back of their building in the days when stones fell on Babasultan location and this place was not on the agenda, the homeowners said that the Igirdir-Konya highway was located in front of the buildings in Emaret district.

Speaking again at the end of the meeting, District Governor Chelik said, “Let’s study, let’s work accordingly. From now on, we will try to find solutions to what can be done. Our goal is to find solutions. We all have common sense. Hope. Yes, a ‘preventable’ project will come. We can’t say ‘preventable’ income for sure, but we would be happy if it came out as ‘avoidable’, “he said.

'Evacity' shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

'Evacity' shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

'Evacity' shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

'Evacity' shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

'Evacity' shocks at housing creation for fear of landscape

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