“Fast complementary health insurance will make a difference”

Explaining that they will make a difference in the sector with their ‘Quick Complementary Health Insurance’ product, Ahmet Yasar, President, Maher Holding Insurance Group, said: , Extensive free additional services and an extensive hospital network. “

Quick insurance “The best hospital in town is enough for me, to pay the difference quickly!Its new product, Quick Complementary Health Insurance, which it has launched with the motto “, allows insurers to benefit from the best hospital facilities in the city through three different networks. The product is the first in the industry. “Lifetime No-Weight Renewal Guarantee” It offers for customers at the end of the first year.

No more waiting for a lifetime replacement warranty

Creating a new foundation in the sector, Quick Sigorta has introduced a “Lifetime Non-Waiting Renewal Guarantee” for insurers before the age of 45, offering additional premiums at the end of the first or second year, depending on preference.

Quick Complementary Health Insurance also entitles individuals who have health insurance with a different insurance company, but who are not entitled to a lifetime renewal guarantee, if they have completed at least 1 full year of uninterrupted insurance, they are entitled to a lifetime renewal guarantee. Family members can also be insured with a five percent family discount on the same policy.

Extensive network of networks

Quick Supplemental Health Insurance, which enables the insured to purchase the most suitable complementary health insurance product for their budget, offers two separate plan options consisting of three separate networks and contracted health institutions, ranging from the nearest hospital in the region to a wide hospital usage network. Where the insured lives, with its pink, green and dark blue network options.

Free check-ups and unlimited second opinions

Quick complimentary health insurance allows you to use comprehensive complementary health services completely free of charge. It offers free mammography / breast USG once a year to female insurers over the age of 40, which is especially important in the early diagnosis of cancer, and the opportunity to measure PSA for male insurers over the age of 40. Although the insurance policy does not cover outpatient treatment coverage, they can receive free check-ups once a year and unlimited second opinions from specialist doctors for the disease they are diagnosed with. In addition, online dietitians can use unlimited access to online psychological counseling, online 24/7 medical counseling services and also benefit from home medicine, dental care and eye control services. Quick Insurance, which defines the right to use physical therapy as 30 in the policy, offers a health solution that forces you to say goodbye.

Covered by COVID-19

With Quick Complementary Health Insurance, the cost of inpatient treatment can be covered if people who follow the vaccine and treatment method recommended by the World Health Organization, TR Ministry of Health and local government are caught with COVID-19 15 days after the insurance date. .

Free ambulance service

Quick complementary health insurance, for its insured Medline It also provides free ambulance service. The Quick Insurance mobile application, which automatically understands the location of insurance with a single click, directs the ambulance to a free address.

We will make a difference in the sector through our complementary health insurance products.

Speaking about Quick Complementary Health Insurance, Ahmed Yasser, President, Maher Holding Insurance Group, said: It is possible to use fast complementary health insurance, which provides the insured with the benefit of affordable premiums, the right to a lifetime renewal guarantee without waiting, extensive free additional services and an extensive hospital network, especially in the best hospitals in the Anatolian province. “She said.

Noting that the product integrates instantly and virtually with insurers through 100 percent online user-friendly screens, Yasar said, “With our new health products, which we launched as fast insurance, we offer a wide range of products from financial insurance to health insurance. As a company, we stand by our agents and customers. “

We support our new product with “Good Idea”

Yup Ojsoy, General Manager of Quick Sigorta, said, “As Quick Sigorta, we are thrilled and proud to bring you another product. Our company, which has been working with innovative methods since its inception, launched today with its new product Quick Complementary Health Insurance backed by “Good Ideas” to its business partners and policyholders. I wish good luck to our company and our industry. ”

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