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Organized by the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ondocus Mess University (OMU), “II. The “Career Development Symposium” was held online.
Led by Dr. On the organizing committee of the Trainer Symposium, whose member was Figen Cavusoglu, Race. See. Dilek Chelik Eren, Race. See. Messia Aidin, Race. See. Gwen Sonar, Race. See. Nevra Karaca Bıçakçı and Res. See. Email Given took part. A total of 206 students from the Department of Nursing participated in the symposium, which aims to help nursing students determine the future goals of their profession and equip them in the process.

“We focus on nursing acquisition and skills”
Symposium, where students of the Department of Nursing showed great interest; Including the head of the nursing department. Dr. Sene Early and the president of the symposium. Instructor It began with an introductory speech by its member Figen Chavuolu. Speaking to the students, Cavusolu said, “Now is the time to think about your goals and future prospects. Our main goal is; For training nurses who know what they want, are equipped, have high awareness, have their feet on the ground, can dream and fight for them. Through this symposium and similar events, we focus on these achievements and skills. “

Opportunity for postgraduate education
In the structure of the symposium, Professor. Dr. Lknur Aydın Avci addressed the participants with his presentation entitled “Opportunities for Graduate Education”. Professor Dr. evaluated the opportunity of postgraduate education in the context of nursing at home and abroad. Dr. Avcı provided information on the application process and the terms of postgraduate education and encouraged students that this could be done.
Following the symposium, Shepnam Kayan, Nursing Services Manager, OMU Health Research and Application Center, elaborated on the application process and working conditions at the Health, Application and Research Center after the appointment with the theme “New Post-Assignment Process”. Then Res. See. Dr. Gamze Tunçer vernver “Time Management” and Assoc. Dr. Birsen covers issues that play an important role in the professional development and advancement of nurse candidates in his presentations entitled “Decision Making” in Alta.

“Applied and Certified Job Search Skills Training”
On the afternoon of the first and second day of the symposium, সংস্থাiğdem Çakir Beyhan, Job and Vocational Counselor / Instructor of the Employment Agency Job Club, gave “Applied and Certified Job Search Skills Training” covering topics such as proper use of body language. , Prepare a resume and job interview supported by video and interactive application. Conducts its first session. On the second day of the symposium. Train member Figen Cavusoglu “Problem Solving Strategies”, Dr. Wa Sevkan Orak, a member of the trainer, focuses on “conflict management.”

Nursing and innovation
Nurse Derya Kılınç, who has patented many innovative nursing products and products patented from the University of Health Sciences Janep Camil Gynecology and Pediatrics Training and Research Hospital, to incorporate nursing practices into the structure of innovative approaches to age. Attending the symposium on Developing Technology, “Creating a Nurse’s Innovative Product”. She talks about the importance of innovation and the way to follow as a nurse.

Shared private sector experience
Deniz Atmaka, Patient Care Services Manager at Liv Hospital, one of the participants in the symposium, briefed the students on the conditions of application and working conditions where she works in her presentation entitled “Being a Nurse in a Private Hospital”.
The symposium continues interactively with positive feedback from students and answers to their questions.

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