He was killed! Heartbreaking words from Razie Oskay’s family

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The family of Razie Oske, 24, who was shot dead by his ex-fianc বার Baris Can U on Jan. 10 in the Okan Mergesi district of the central Torroslar district of Marseille, said their daughter had been harassed and threatened for years. The relationship that began while in high school turned into a nightmare for the young woman over the years, proving that the lawsuit and attempts to lose her whereabouts did not save Razia from death. At the funeral of Razia’s grandmother, who died 15 days ago, she told her family, “Bury me here soon. I’ll be in the news, you’ll see it.”

Oske’s family, who were devastated by the killing of their daughter by her ex-fianc, opened up to Razia’s room with a UAV reporter and shared their feelings. Fatma Ismet Oske, a 46-year-old mother, described the nightmares she had in tears for years, saying she had been fighting criminals since high school. Mother Oske, who said an emotional friendship between her daughter and the offender began when she was in high school, said neither her father nor she wanted the relationship, they wanted her daughter to study. Oske, who said his daughter said “I love my mother, she loves me too” and said, “Then let her finish school, we’ll see in the future,” said, “I never wanted to, because she was irresponsible and obsessed. “She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want to leave. When she went to school, to the classroom, she always said, ‘Mom, my heart is tight.’ I took her to the doctor.

“My child was dying every day.”

Explaining the fear that caused Raziye to faint at the sound of the balloon bursting, Oske said, “I was taking him to the hospital by ambulance. Anxiety, worry, fear were all there. Before and after the engagement I was treated by a psychologist and psychiatrist. I even brought it with me to college. He was always unhappy. Every day the boy was afraid when he would die. He threatened me, my wife, his older sister and our whole family every day. Tattoos, beatings, everything to my child. God give his soul peace in heaven, my child was dying every day. We complained a lot, went to court a lot, but didn’t. Did he have to die for these things to happen? ” Used phrases.

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“No other life burns, mother.”

Explaining that he was very worried when his relatives and neighbors called him from work on the morning of the incident, he said: This is a very difficult matter. May Allah not harm any mother. Our hearts are burning, our hearts are burning, we have no language. The next day, I came to your bed and hugged her scent. It is very difficult, he will not come again, but I want justice, I want him to suffer the most severe punishment. My child has gone to an innocent place, other people should not go, another soul should not be hurt, mother should not be hurt anymore. How do we raise them? My baby is already gone, but our struggle is not to let other kids go. Maybe Razi will be an occasion for them. Thanks to everyone who supported him. I want them to be behind them, so that other souls do not suffer, other parents do not suffer. I really want it to hurt you. It hurt me, let it get worse, “he said.

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“She said, ‘This is going to kill me, too.'”

The perpetrator was constantly phoning his daughter in the middle of the night and threatening her, noting that Oske Razia’s mental state had deteriorated and said, “My grandmother died 15 days ago, she went to the grave. She followed him from his shroud to his grave, ‘ “Dad, sister, take a good look here. Get me here very soon. My grandparents are lying here, bury me here. We said, ‘What are you talking about?’ The ex has been hit in the head at his workplace and died, “I’ll die too. I’ll get the news. You’ll see it,” he said. We’ve been shooting for 11 years. My child was like an angel. “Every day he hurts, will he hurt me, his father or his sister? This is intentional. Let justice be done. He should be punished severely so that he sprinkles some water on us.”

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“My daughter was under constant pressure and threats.”

On the other hand, father Murat Oske wanted his daughter’s death not to become a policy. Father Oske, 53, said: “Everyone should put their hands on their conscience, for God’s sake, and that person should be punished accordingly. “We want the most severe punishment,” he said.

Father Oske, who said he had witnessed the persecution for years, said the perpetrator had come to their home before and shot them 7-8 or 10 times while they were not at home. “One of the bullets went to our neighbor downstairs,” Oske said. My daughter was under constant pressure and threats. He used to text me at 1, 2, 3 o’clock at night. My daughter would get up from her room, come to my room, I would check the received messages, ‘I wonder if she sent a message to my father? Will he threaten my parents again? ‘ Saying because my daughter has spent years with this threat. Let justice be done. Everyone has a child, no one should say ‘don’t be with me’. It happens to everyone, ”he said.

Kubra Turkmen, a 27-year-old sister, insisted they were at the end of the word and said:
“If he could speak the language of that house, talk about the threat he received in the middle of the night. He didn’t want us to come home because there was always a fear. They repeatedly went to the verandah and were worried and said, ‘I wonder if he will come or not’. His fear came. Nothing to say. “

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