Health You Provincial Council meetings are held

Health-You held a provincial council board meeting.

The meeting was attended by Health-Sen Chairman Semih Durmus, Health-Sen Vice-Presidents Yusuf Dural and Yassin Barutu, Officer-Sen’s Provincial Chairman and Education Bir-Sen branch president Ibrahim Bahsi, Health-Sen provincial representative and NGO representatives were present.

The meeting began with a moment of silence and the playing of the national anthem.

Ahmet Burak Aygunis, head of the Health-Sen Elazig University branch, and health workers at the state hospitalVaccineHe mentioned that the number of patients in the hospital is much higher.

AYGÜNEŞ: The workload of healthcare professionals is increasing day by day

Chairman Aygüneş said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all the organizations that have served our union so far and have been instrumental in turning this blessed cause into an epic. As the Health-Sen Elazig University Branch, we are aware that we have a word and a position to say about the future of our country and our city. We continue our struggle on behalf of healthcare professionals without compromising. In a system where employees are happy, service recipients are happy. The number of health workers working in the affiliated hospitals of the ministry and university hospitals is many times more. The workload of the healthcare professionals working in the university hospital is getting heavier day by day.

Selkuk Kilik, head of the Health-Sen Elazig branch, said they had prepared a report on the problems and needs of healthcare professionals and presented it to the general president.

Kilich: We know the problems of our employees very well

“When we set out on this road, our goal was to be honest and ethical and to work in unity and solidarity. This understanding has made us the largest union in the service sector. We are well aware of the problems of our health workers. I have prepared a detailed report on the problems and demands of the social workers and submitted it to the President.

Ibrahim Bahashi, our Memur-Sen provincial president and head of the Bir-Sen branch, noted that the May 15 process should enter the process firmly and shoulder to shoulder.

Bahasi: We should all be organized

“We must give our current ministries what they want in terms of the personal rights of our health workers. The process is moving forward on May 15, and in the process, let’s all come together without telling you, let’s work shoulder to shoulder and increase our membership,” said President Bahssi. Let’s enter in a way that suits Saglik-sen. “

Yassin Barutu, Vice President of Health-Sen, Extreme He explained that health workers were not given the right to accept great sacrifices in the process.

Barutu: Health workers have not been paid

Vice President Barutu said, “Since the day we were established, labor rights, humanitarian and collective LifeWe fought for the moment. We have touched on issues that are of concern not only to us, but to the whole world Wherever our citizens suffer, we have made it our motto to be there. We have 2 years behind the epidemic process. Health workers have not been able to go home for several days. They lived in a guesthouse. They can’t hug their children. “Although the health workers accepted all the sacrifices, unfortunately, the rights of the health workers were not paid,” he said.

Yusuf Dural, deputy chairman of Health-Sen, said in a statement: “I would like to say that I am proud to be living in Elazig, the birthplace of Gakghosh.”

Health-Sen chairman Semih Durmus said they had taken a stand to protect the rights and interests of government employees.

Durmus: We will take a position

Semih Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen, said: “The most important thing that sets us apart is our concern for others. It is true that we have expressed an attitude and a desire to solve the problems of people other than ourselves. This desire is an extremely strong and powerful desire. As Sağlık Sen, we will take a position to meet the expectations of our organization in protecting the rights and interests of government employees. We have shown this attitude at the joint bargaining table, ”he said.

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