Is it made for children? Tunç Soyer made a mistake for his kindness

CHP member who took charge of Menemen Municipality in 2019, which CHP has been operating for more than 20 years. Serdar AksayAK Party member Aydin Pehlivan took over the presidency after his ouster due to the crime of ‘suicide and extortion’. Mayor Pehlivan told SABAH about the injustice done by the Izmir metropolitan municipality, his plans for the future, and what he did during his 14-month term. Pehlivan begins his speech by talking about corruption during Serdar Aksai. “We saw that the cameras that could be bought for 1.8 million lira were bought for 10 million lira, and the 22 garbage trucks, all of which could be bought for 7.5 million lira, were rented for 44 million lira for 4 years. We determined that Serdar Aksoy was 130 million lira. Has caused universal damage.I can say that it is now 260 million lira.Said

We’ve saved 44 million lira for our mainman. “

President Pehlivan,We have canceled this tender. We have saved 44 million lira in our mannequins. We bought 33 cars for 14.5 million lira. We started paying for this vehicle 4 months ago. Currently, the market value of this vehicle is 30 million TL. This money was made from the taxes paid by our fellow citizens from Menemen. Really a blessing. We learned that Menemein Municipality bought the disinfectant purchased by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at 12 times the price. We determined that 18 truckloads of fertilizer were poured into a park of 800 square meters, and the coat, which was 80 lira, was purchased for 450 lira. I paid for 14 of the 16 projects whose ribbon was cut by Serdar Aksai. We have made new tenders. We are making 20 carpet pitches. We are also building 25 crucible areas. There will be no place in Menemene except for the sports ground. “ He said.

We did not dismiss an employee. “

Recalling that he had 1,420 employees when he took office, President Pehlivan said:Ever since we took over, I have not laid off an employee for 14 months. While we always look to the cadres, it took us a long time to develop the talent we wanted. We had a problem with the companies not paying. Ekrem Imamolu made thousands of people stand in front of the gates of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the last term, Serdar Akshay fired 280 people. We did not dismiss an employee. “ He said.

We paid a bonus of 22 million lira which has not been paid for 14 years.

Wrestler, “We paid a bonus of 22 million lira which has not been paid for 14 years. Their salaries were delayed by 3.5 months. We have kept the balance. With the principle of ‘continuity is essential in the state’, we have completed our unfinished projects and opened up to serve our people. The bleeding wound market problem of our countrymen ended with us. We opened the Halil Alkaya Marketplace with great enthusiasm on our October 29th Republic Day, which started and never ended in previous years. Our traders and citizens had the opportunity to shop at a modern facility..

Free education

We have opened our Mainemen Municipality Serek Temporary Animal Care Center and Rehabilitation Center, which was established on October 28, 2019 in Serek. In this gigantic facility of 15 thousand square meters, we save and protect all the stray animals. We are adding Ulukent to our MEBGEM branch where free education is offered. We have completely renovated our wedding halls to the social benefits of Tape. The protocol we signed with our Izmir Directorate of Forestry leases the operating rights of 110,000 square meters of state forest in Yahsehli Mahalesi Kamlarlati for 30 years. 2. In this forest, which we know as amlık, we will provide a recreational area for our countrymen to breathe. Finally, we brought the 35-day Treasury land in Turkey to our municipality, where our camel wrestling is held. We will now conduct our activities in our own place. We are forming a search and rescue team of 24 people led by our research and development department. “ Says

Pehlivan, who gave the good news that they would realize the promenade, which was established in the area of ​​16,000 square meters in Asarlik with a side strip of 160,000 square meters, “It will be completed and ready for use by March 2024. We aim to unite the people of Menemen within 2 years, more than double what was done under the CHP government in 22 years,” he said. He said.

My lord has blessed me to sit in the highest position of the municipality after dismissing me.

Talking about his life story, President Aydin Pehlivan said, “In 1999, when I was working for the Menemen municipality, the then mayor, Tahir Shahin, fired me. 3 months before marriage I was unemployed. I started working elsewhere as a private security guard to avoid getting married as an unemployed groom. I started my own company 9 months later. My Lord has blessed us to have one of the largest security companies in Turkey right now. My lord has blessed me to sit in the highest position of the municipality after dismissing me. Says

We leave the justice to our people. “

“It’s really worth the work,” Pehlivan said. “With this motto, we add our night to our day. We leave it to our people. We’ve given Menemen a very nice touch in a very short time. Located, our 37 registered buildings and the renovation of the Armenian Church.We will bring a 400 sqm multipurpose hall like the Esma Sultan Mansion to our mainland.We are renovating our garage.We are also rehabilitating 1.2km.We also collect area from our pool area to akanakkale asphalt we concre. “We put fountains every 100 square meters. We illuminate it. We shelter it with iron bars. We are running this project together with the state hydraulic works.” Says

They even demanded the return of second-hand clothes

Recalling that he took office on January 14, 2021, Pehlivan said, When the Menemen municipality switched from the CHP to the Izmir, the municipality came to take back the 5 playgrounds it had previously donated to. After taking office, they even returned the second-hand clothes a week later. Our Social Services Unit returned the clothes to the Izmir metropolitan municipality. The park and garden did not return the 5 playgrounds. Used when we took office.We have so far been able to buy only 3 25 year old buses from the Izmir metropolitan municipality.Said

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