It is our primary duty to follow a common path regarding the health needs of migrants without discrimination.

Health Minister Fahretin Coca, World Health Organization (WHO) And the Ministry of Health, at a meeting of the European Region Immigration and Health held at a hotel in Istanbul.

Koka expressed satisfaction that the meeting was held in Turkey, the country that hosts the largest number of refugees, according to the United Nations.

One of the most important responsibilities of health policy makers is designing, Koka said, adding that their main duty is to plan, predict and set goals.

Coca continues:

“For IDPs and migrants, even if a group of experienced thinkers come together and have an ideal vision, a sufficient number of health workers with appropriate equipment are ready to meet the huge influx of migrants, pre-check and examine the health. For every person who reaches the border. , Without exception, and emergency health services. Where their needs are met, all of them are included in the health system with their unique identification number, their health facilities have access to free and uninterrupted health services. It covers all health needs, such as primary care, secondary care and mental health. We’ve seen a picture where all of this is provided free of charge, and even migrant health workers who speak their own language are employed to provide services to overcome language and language barriers. “

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. It’s not because of the lack of qualifications, it’s because of the lack of trust that can be realized, “said Coca-Cola. We have tried to uphold the ideals in the world and “We all know, universal health coverage is an ideal we have created to provide services to all. Our citizens. The example of Turkey is a unique picture that can be realized by including 3.7 million immigrants. ”

“185 Migrant Health Centers Launched in 29 Provinces”

Minister Koka stressed that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has provided health care to its Syrian guests within this framework, offering it to its citizens without any discrimination in quality and service, and provided the following information:

“185 migrant health centers have been set up in 29 provinces to increase access to basic health services. These migrant health centers include about 4,000 Syrian health workers, 787 doctors, 34 dentists, 1149 nurses who had to migrate. In our country, after providing adaptation training. Necessary appointments are made. Health services are provided directly when there is a need for secondary or tertiary health services outside the immigrant health center. In this context, while about 97 million polyclinic services have been provided to Syrians, more than 3 million inpatient medical services have been provided. .

Noting that the provision of health services with such a high number of people creates a serious additional burden on the Turkish health system, Koka said that the most important force in overcoming these difficulties is the hospitality of the Turkish people and the dedication of health workers.

Coca-Cola, on this occasion, thanked the World Health Organization and the European Union for their cooperation in reducing this burden over time.

“Simple solutions to common problems are needed”

There is usually a tragic story behind the issue, which is described as a “migration problem”, revealing the bodies of lifeless children floating on the beach, mothers struggling desperately on the way to immigration, and many similar dramas. Tragic signs remain in the memory of immigration.

Mentioning that at a time when the world has become a huge village and distances have lost their meaning, Coca continued:

“In other words, this problem is a problem for all of us. Common problems need common solutions. Today, this burden carried by some countries is a conscientious burden for all of us, for all humanity. The way to deal with problems is to analyze the causes well.” Why more people have left their homes than during World War II and we have to think together that he has to leave his country. We cannot avoid this responsibility by ignoring economic problems, environmental problems. We can only find a solution to this problem by focusing on the root causes that are pushing people towards migration. “

Health Minister Koka said he regretted that, from time to time, asylum seekers were assessed according to the country in which they came from, adding that “this is not an acceptable situation. That is the racism of this century. On the other hand, we, the decision makers, must break the prejudices of our society and prevent possible social stigma through the policies we will implement. ” He said.

“I have no doubt that we will develop an action plan with more specific goals.”

“Within the framework of the ‘Holistic Route Approach’ formulated by the World Health Organization, enhancing our cooperation on the health needs of migrants and following a common path regardless of the transit country is one of our primary duties, and the destination country,” he said. Used expressions.

For this reason, he valued the efforts of the WHO European Region, thanking Hans Kluge, WHO’s Regional Director for Coca-Cola Europe, with whom they exchanged ideas and demonstrated a common approach at each of their meetings.

Explaining that they attach great importance to the established vision and action plan for the implementation of health policy, Coca said:

“We can say that the 2016-2022 Strategy and Action Plan, which guides the health of migrants in the European region, has been an important guide in this regard in the past. Of course, it is not possible for us to continue without a new one. Action plan for. For this reason, I have no doubt that with the outcome of the 2-day meeting we are here we will prepare an action plan for the future with stronger and more determined goals. Recent events in our region clearly show how much This is a clear indication of the purpose and purpose of the meeting. “

The Minister thanked all those who contributed to the implementation of the Coca-Cola meeting and wished it a fruitful and successful meeting.

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