Local administrators are trained in “women’s and children’s rights.”

According to the Anadolu Agency;

Ankara (AA) – Head of the Law and Strategy Department of the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Provincial Administration, Dr. Olcay Erkiral Tavas, The most important and primary responsibility of the state and each local authority is to formulate and implement policies that will enable all family members, especially women and children, to build a social life in which they can develop for their own good and without. Any negligence, abuse or violence.

Within the scope of the protocol signed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2019, training is provided for civilian administrators to prevent human rights violations against women and children.

Head of the Law and Strategy Department and Project Manager of the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Olcay Erkıral Tavas briefed the AA reporter about the 4-day training that started yesterday at the Ankara Hilton Hotel.

Tavas said the program covers district governors’ professional experience, sociological, psychological, religious and legal analysis of the subject, as well as information on child protection, neglect and abuse in the fight against violence. He said they are trying to compromise.

Noting that they want to hear the views and suggestions of all disciplines, all stakeholders and district governors on the program, Tavas said they are trying to plan this training for district governors and their wives, whom they see as the strongest link. The state has the opportunity to experience those who offer problems and solutions.

– Training will be completed within 1 year

Tavas, who said they want all district governors and their wives to benefit from this training within 1 year of the project’s scope, said the training provided was interactive.

“We have the opportunity to hear first-hand the solution proposals produced by the district governors and the problems experienced in each region.” Tavas said that this struggle requires a multi-pronged approach, participation of all stakeholders, sincere efforts, an inter-departmental work and development of special strategies.

Tavas said, “The development and implementation of a policy that enables all family members, especially women and children, to establish a social life where they can realize and develop for their own good without any neglect, abuse or violence, our state and This is an important and top priority for every local authority. ” He said.

Emphasizing that violence against women is a crime against humanity and against culture, faith and tradition as a whole, Tavas said they are determined to continue the struggle sincerely, diligently and constantly creating new solutions, with the awareness that it is a threat to the future. Of society.

– We try to provide a comprehensive perspective

United Nations Population Fund program coordinator. Yasmeen Kalailiolou also reminded that they continued face-to-face trainings starting in 2019 after the epidemic break and said that they have moved forward with the overall approach.

Calailiolu noted that in addition to sociological and psychological assessments, the event also seeks to provide a broader perspective on what they do legally, what organizations take action on violence against women and children’s rights, how jobs are distributed and how they are coordinated. Did. Is confirmed.

Emphasizing that the feedback they received from the participants in the training was very effective, Kalaylıoğlu continued as follows:

“What should be done within the scope of Family Protection and Prevention of Violence Against Women Act 6284, starting from the social role of women and men, their role of social guardianship, and what should be done? What should be done? What are the responsibilities and duties of civil administrators? What can be done? In fact, what are the ministries and organizations concerned and they are handing over a lot of information about their activities in the field.

Explaining that they are working with other ministries in this regard, Kalaylioğlu said, “In order to provide a holistic approach, relevant trainers come from the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the General Directorate of Child Services. We try to present in a multilateral way what kind of work is done. ” Says

Calailiolu said that the participants in the training were not only informed about the responsibilities and duties of the Ministry of Home Affairs, but also how other ministries were made and learned what services the district governors who participated in the training could request from them. When the concerned ministries and institutions face any problem in their place of responsibility.

– “Our goal is to make this nation strong and resilient again”

Beşiktaş District Governor Onder Mantri, who attended the training, said the study aims to build a nation that comes from a strong family, a strong society tradition and, consequently, a strong state and a strong one. Race, again strong and resilient.

Referring to the family as the foundation of a strong state and nation, the minister said, “As a result of these two organizations working together, we are laying the foundation for strengthening society by reducing violence against women and minimizing child abuse in our country.”

Explaining that the district governors participating in the training shared their experiences in their respective areas, the Minister said:

“We exchange ideas on how to manage the process. As a result, we have a problem building a strong society that we all want and desire. I hope we will try to implement this problem with the experience and knowledge we have gained. From here, women. , Adults, children or people are violent against each other, “he said. This is a result. We have come here in an effort to manage processes and preventive processes before. We will try to apply what we take from wherever we go. “

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