Mahir Odabasi – Teacher Recruitment (Hopefully)

I have been in the education community for almost 35 years, taking extra courses from outside, conducting teacher in-service seminars, and organizing hundreds of drills at the school. At the moment, I think there is a lot of data from the education community in my memory and observation warehouse. “A memory that is not shared, information that is not transmitted is like a treasure hidden in the garbage. If someone doesn’t ignore it, it disappears. “I try to share my memories and observations, even with a few sentences, such as” The fruit that ends up in the trash can taste good even if no one wants to eat it. “Every environment where I have the opportunity not to divulge his secrets. I recommend this to everyone.
I am writing these sentences awaiting appointment (now employed) as the father (relative) of a teacher candidate, as Nasruddin Hodger calls “donkey come” to understand me. My son asks, “Dad, you are working in national education, do you think there will be extra assignments, if there are no additional assignments the total assignment will be more than before?”
In the past, our parents did not know many details. Since most of them send their children to school under the obligation of an imam or teacher, he had the idea that “whether he reads or not he will graze cattle”. When this happened, most of those who dropped out of school and ran away saying “thank you” were immediately chasing cows, goats and sheep. So the boy was happy that he left school, and the father was happy that he had found someone to help him. But now that is not the case. Alumni who ran away from that school are now struggling to educate their own children as much as possible. City parents, on the other hand, run after their children with the same sensitivity.
Starting from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school to university, rush gives some artificial comfort. Because every family whose children are studying in university thinks that their child will get a job after finishing school. Students have a more positive outlook on life until they reach their final year. Once a school is over, the rest will be settled in one way or another, this idea prevails. However, when they see the condition of their friends who have recently graduated, they are just pessimistic. Because most of her friends have to look for jobs other than their diploma and sometimes they have to be humiliated in front of people who see …
Meanwhile, we see two types of mother-father-environment and child.
The first is the person who thinks his child will take responsibility as soon as he finishes school and asks ‘What will happen if your child finishes school?’ Parents who argue with the Anatolian expression that they will become ‘teachers, judges, prosecutors, engineers, etc.’ to the friend in question. Knowing this expectation of his family, his child becomes depressed after finishing school and cannot be hired thinking that he will disappoint his family. Embarrassed and God forbid, more …
In the past, an official told a teacher candidate working for a cleaning company that the young man became depressed when his girlfriend asked, “Have you studied so long to get a job?”
The second person who knows the reality of the country and said, “My child has done his best. He did not disturb us in his student life. He finished school on time without delay. If he can’t be hired, it’s not my child’s fault. She is already suffering from it. Conscious parents who think, “They can’t be allowed to live” and try their best to keep them from getting depressed. May Allah increase their number.
Teachers are recruited every year. Some shed tears of joy, others of sorrow. Especially at the time of application, when we think of the candidates coming to our department and their families as a world of hope, one will say, “Wow! I want to!” He can’t help saying.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the father of a teacher candidate (currently employed) who does not have financial and moral problems, so we sleep with the assignment and stay awake with the assignment. Because even though our children have done their best;
– Loss of burden on their family,
– Deciding whether they are going to get married, the difficulty of providing a family for those who are married,
– Those who have children ‘Dad, when will you be a teacher?’ The frustration of not being able to answer the question,
– Opinions of those who rely on him, if his family is ill and has financial difficulties,
– The sadness of not being able to meet the students if he / she works outside his / her field even though he / she likes teaching,
– If he attends the lesson for a fee, the pressure of not fully repaying his efforts, and if he is replaced by a permanent teacher, will be wasted,
– On the one hand having the obligation to work for KPSS, on the other hand, constantly wondering if there will be any assignments in the coming days? Being influenced by false news on social networking sites. Authorities are being tweeted 24/7 to hear their voices. Retweet your relatives around you so we can hear more voices,
-And the worst thing is to be pessimistic, angry and, God forbid, frustrated because they can’t see the future …
Summary of the story: A few years ago, a German professor. When he arrives in Turkey, he looks enviously at the children wandering in the garden, passing a school, and says, “What is your education that these naughty kids are 10-15 years later (when they graduate from university)”. No profession is more important than the health of our children. I can honestly say that sometimes we can’t bear to look them in the eye. For this reason, our children should not feel the pressure of repeated KPSS tests. Let’s capture their lives as soon as possible. Let them devote their energies to self-development and to the service of the children of this beloved nation.
Our teachers, who have been and will be employed from the past to the present, will never forget the difficulties of today and try to be the best in their case.
On the other hand, teachers and other professional group candidates awaiting recruitment should not be disappointed. No matter where they are, they should never neglect their training and be prepared to be called for exams at any time (in high school years, my famous teacher Muharrem Meral used to say, “No matter what exam you take, no matter what the commission Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. In this regard, I would like to thank my two children, who are eternally grateful to my Lord for appointing me as a math teacher. May Allah grant this happiness to all. The way of life is not just work, but to work one step ahead of their peers.
Teacher candidates
Some of us are married, some of us are married,
Some of us also tend to build a house
We have been waiting a long time, Minister, to appoint us this summer.
You know, teacherless kids are always waiting for us in the classroom.
Please, do not waste our efforts all this time.
Our mothers and fathers pray day and night for the appointment of our children.
Although the father did not show up, the mother said, ‘Has your child not been hired yet?’ Careful about the question.
All right, say in May, my minister, let the new teachers on earth rejoice in the sky, all the angels
Evening-morning I am waiting for good news from you, teacher candidates and family.

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