‘My mother Saturday, mother find me’

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“Every serious political protest is a call for justice that does not exist and there is a hope that justice will be done in the future, but that hope is not the primary reason for protest.

A protest because not protesting would be extremely humiliating, insulting and worse than death. With barricades, with weapons in hand, starting a hunger strike, protesting shoulder to shoulder or writing; Because no matter what happens in the future, he said it was to save the moment in him.

To protest is to refuse to reset and to condemn silence. Therefore, if this happens, the protest is a small victory. Like every moment, it leaves a trace, albeit temporarily. Even if it is cut, it is engraved in the memory.

Protest is not really a sacrifice for others, but for a more just future; It is an inadequate salvation of the present time. The question is how to survive. “ John Berger says, including a translation of Beryl Iboglu from Metis Publishing. ‘Bento’s Sketchbook’ In his book

Tomorrow is Saturday, a normal day for millions of people in Turkey, but Saturday is an important day for millions of people. It has been an important day for exactly 25 years, 866 weeks and will continue to be an important day until those responsible are held accountable. Saturday became an act of protest and accountability in the memory of the mother society and took place as one of the most important prevention and peaceful acts of human dignity. In order to understand and feel better while reading this article, I suggest you listen to 4 different studies and give their links, I did so at the time of writing.

When Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with the mothers on Saturday in Dolmabah, we were optimistic. The results hit our minds and consciences again. Promises were not kept, the most authoritative person sitting in the most important place of the country did not keep the promise of mothers. And he was not at all embarrassed. Subsequently, this honorable work was tainted and darkened by various games and traps and attempts were made to remove the success and strength that it had achieved worldwide. They were confronted by other grieving mothers who were unfaithfully trapped in a trap still searching for their children. They did not succeed.

The action of the mothers on Saturday draws her strength from the truth. It takes from a very strong feeling of pain and responsibility, so it cannot be worn out. It is one of the most important human rights activities in the world. However, the most tedious part of this whole process is that the rulers of the country are insisting on protecting, guarding, hiding and even protecting the murderers.

‘Wait, wait, the day is coming
Day deaf dumb, nightingales silent
My bones are in front of the door
Loses life, loses life
My God what kind of world is this
What a shame

For 25 years, they have written a history in front of Beyolu Galatasaray High School, they have written the history of the missing by the state of this country. The place they chose for their work was so important, they did it in the middle of life, where thousands of people pass by every Saturday. It is impossible not to see or hear their voices. When you pass by, you will bow your head and feel embarrassed. I mean, I was so embarrassed when I couldn’t show up and quickly walked past them. What could be more important, they are looking for their children, I thought to myself …

Eventually, they were dragged to the ground, beaten, and abused from the place where they had gathered for years. The goal has always been to weaken the power of this action. The Home Minister’s statement, which contained insults and allegations and the use of force by the police on the mothers, was unbelievable. At least 47 people, including relatives of the missing, human rights defenders, journalists and political party leaders, were detained as police intervened with tear gas and shields. People who were injured during the detention recorded the situation with reports of assault. They were detained for about 10 hours. And 46 people, including the mother, were prosecuted.

They tried hard to finish the action, but they failed. They continue to protest in front of the Human Rights Association, and they continue their protests using the Internet and social media during the epidemic.

In his speech, Haneem Tosun, wife of Fehmi Tosun, who was arrested and disappeared on October 19, 1995, described the final process as follows.

‘I am the wife of Fehmi Tosun, who went missing in custody. We are right, we will never give up this right; Unless there is a loss left. We have shown the world this just power, and we have no fear of those who rule this country. Shame on them, to this day we have not heard what he said to these mothers. We showed our reaction, but did not insult anyone. We leave their insults on them. We will continue to establish this fair, legitimate place until there is another loss this week. “

In the article titled “The Reality of Forced Disappearances in Turkey” on the website of the Truth Justice Memorial Center, the following statements are noteworthy:

“The missing, often from their homes, workplaces, public places, in the presence of witnesses, are detained and tortured by the authorities. Reliable statistics of deaths due to armed conflict are not yet available in Turkey, and the available data is almost entirely state-owned, which is one of the aspects of the incident.

The exact number of people who have been forcibly disappeared in Turkey has not yet been determined. However, when we examine the list of all the organizations working in this field, it can be said that it has increased especially in the mid-90s. For example, according to the Truth Justice Memory Center, the number of enforced disappearances increased from 108 in 1993 to 532 in 1994. This huge increase is consistent with forced migration data and JİTEM-counter-guerrilla executions.

The most real and real face of the genocide that has taken place in this country is the plight of mothers on Saturday. “

The attitude and direction of the state can be understood only by looking at the story of the disappearance of the last two weeks.

Fehmi Tosun was abducted on October 19, 1995 in a white car with license plate 34 UD 597 in front of his wife and children. Never heard from him again.

The Küçükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into Tosun’s enforced disappearance. With the decision of 2015/25023, the prosecutor’s office said that there was no basis for trial on the basis of “time-out”. [takipsizlik] Decided that despite the best efforts of his family and lawyers, the case was closed. The name of the license plate of the car that abducted Fehmi Tosun is still kept secret due to “privacy of personal life”.

Professor of International Law and Human Rights. Dr. Turgut Tarhanlı also emphasized the following in his tweet: ‘A real “empowerment” goal is to protect the rights of the individual through the Basic Functions and Values ​​Act of the human rights law and rights protection system. Using this slogan as a plugin and using it as an instrument is a violation. “

In their statement in the 866th week, the mothers on Saturday gave the following information about the disappearance of Hussein Toraman, “We have been asking for 30 years” about the fate of Hussein Toraman, who went missing in custody:

Hussein Toraman, 24, was taken from the front of his home in Istanbul / Kokamustafapasa on the morning of October 27, 1991, to the White Torres, armed with a radio, white attire and 34 ATZ 56 plates. Nearby residents and Hussein’s wife witnessed the incident. According to the locals, the police of Chinar police station left the spot without taking any action. Father Ali Riza reached out to the officer-in-charge of Toraman Chinar police station and asked, “Why didn’t you intervene in the case of those who abducted my son?” He asked. The police chief said Hussein had not been abducted, but had been detained by political police, so they could not intervene. Baba Toraman took audio recordings of his meeting with the police chief.

The family immediately appealed to the Istanbul Police and Prosecutor’s Office. Despite audio recordings and witnesses, Hussein’s detention was denied. The family’s vigorous search brought the incident to the press and public agenda. Breaking the silence in the face of public pressure, the Istanbul Police Department issued a statement on 5 December 1991 stating that Hussein Toraman was wanted by police but was never taken into custody.

On Saturday, the mothers said that despite the enforced disappearances by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and various convictions and rights violations of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) report, their families were detained in the custody of their families. ” They emphasize every opportunity

The mothers of Saturday, who gathered in Galatasaray Square to inquire about the fate of their forcibly disappeared relatives and demand justice for the perpetrators, list their demands for peaceful protest as follows:

Pleads guilty to disappearance in custody,

Announcing the fate of the missing in custody, handing over their remains to their families,

End of impunity that protects criminals and those responsible for disappearances in custody and ensures justice,

Legal measures must be taken to control, prevent and punish disappearances as a crime against humanity. Don’t let anyone get lost in custody again,

Turkey has not signed, and ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, signing, ratifying and implementing the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Dispute.

Tomorrow they will act for the 7th time. They will try to tell us about another lost person. They will continue to question the harm of crimes against humanity. I hope one day justice will come to this country too. I hope grieving mothers will feel this sentence in their hearts;

‘Mom, we’re here …’

I am a person who defends the right to life. I believed and will believe that the state should protect the people. Let’s continue to stand with mothers on Saturday and against those who violate the right to life.

Let me repeat it so that it is not forgotten; ‘Protest is the denial of reset and condemnation of silence.’

* Human rights activists

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