My mother wanted money for her cooked food

Deputy Governor Tolga Polat, 45, of Hat, accused of killing his mother Afiyat Iqbal Polat, 66, and his lawyer brother Altug Polat, 42, with a pistol, was tried in Adana’s 14th High Criminal Court, where he was twice sentenced to life in prison. Imprisonment is tried. The court board decided to continue Polat’s detention and adjourned the hearing.

The incident took place on August 11, 2020, at around 22.30 in Kurtulus Mahalesi, Sehan District. Allegedly, it was decided to share 300 acres of land and 4,000 sq m of land in the family with 1 million TL of father, Sheraf Polat, a retired geography teacher in the bank. However, Deputy Governor Tolga Polat severed ties with his mother Afiat Iqbal and his lawyer brother Altug Polat, with whom he could not agree on a division of property. When Sheriff Polat wanted to give the money and most of the property to Tolga Polat, the mother and lawyer brother filed a guardianship lawsuit, claiming he was “not mentally stable.” Father Polat, Adana said before the trial. He received a report from Ekram Tok Mental Health and Disease Hospital that he was “mentally healthy”.

He handed the rope to his mother and sister

Tolga Polat, on the other hand, arrived at the apartment where her mother, father and brother lived on the evening before the trial. Polat shot and killed his brother on the third floor stairs. He then went to the 6th floor apartment and shot his mother, who had locked herself in the bathroom in fear. Polat was caught by the police who came to the spot. Polat, who was transferred to the court at the end of his process at the police station, was arrested. An indictment was prepared by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for Tolga Polat, which demanded two more life sentences. Following the acquittal of Adana in the 14th High Criminal Court, the trial began.

“Mainly responsible for the incident”

Defendant Tolga Polat, who defended himself at the first hearing on January 22, 2021, said he regretted the incident and said he tried to commit suicide after killing his mother and brother, but was stopped by his father. Polat, who claimed that his brother Altug Polat was hostile to his mother during the dispute, said: “My mother is responsible for this. My mother did not like me. I was with my father and Altug with my mother. By the end of high school, I was abused by my mother. My mother didn’t do my laundry, she used to say ‘don’t eat my food’. We haven’t talked to my mom since 1997. He’s been insulting me all the time lately, “he said.

‘My mother and brother abused my father’

In his defense, Polat claimed that the main reason for the incident was not “inheritance”, and that his mother and brother physically abused his father, Sheriff Polat. Noting that he had a hard time finding out what had happened to his father, Polat said: My mother was smaller and heavier than my father. My brother weighed about 130 kg. Physically, my mother and brother were much stronger than my father. That’s why they physically abused my father. I repeat, I regret this incident, “he said.

In the final trial, he accuses his mother

At the 2nd and 3rd hearings held at Adana 14th High Criminal Court, witnesses were heard and included in the file. The fourth hearing in the trial of accused Polat was held on August 2. Defendant Polat, who took the floor at the hearing, said he repeated his statement at the first hearing and said, “I want to tell you that our family relationship is not a normal level. In 2019, when I saw that my father was upset, I asked him why. My dad said he had a problem with my mom. He told me that my mom told him to pay for the electricity. I said, ‘Dad, what? I have paid the premium and retired him, he has the salary, he can pay it. When I eat at the plate of food at home or wash my laundry, your mother asks for money to wash it. My mother never loved me. I saw violence. She couldn’t get along with my father. My mother asked my father for money for food, even for the food he cooked at home. He even asked for money for the laundry he was washing. He said.

The court decided to continue the detention of the accused Polat and adjourned the hearing till October 12.

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